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What was Brennan (CIA) so afraid of?
lop guest
User ID: 461909
09-14-2018 02:43 PM


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What was Brennan (CIA) so afraid of?
Why did Brennan attempt to stop Trump?


FEAR that CIA-FBI operations would come to light: what is Project Slammer and who is Julianne McKinney?

Could Trump make good on his opening up on the bogus CIA-FBI fiction known as 9/11?

Does that lead to OK CITY as false flag?

Could the NWO script writers have planned on "throwing The CIA-Bushes-Brennan" to the wolves?
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lop guest
User ID: 444579
09-14-2018 02:45 PM


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RE: What was Brennan (CIA) so afraid of?
Malaysian Airlines for a start
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