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Make your voice heard, be a part of the local government! Do the right thing!
LoP Guest
lop guest
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01-26-2016 02:39 PM


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banana Make your voice heard, be a part of the local government! Do the right thing!
Anna Jo Surber Running For Commissioner In Harney County Oregon - #OregonFront

Great video! Awesome!
(Note: Start to watch the video at 2:40 min. in to watch. Before this, Pete is fumbling around with the video recording.)

Anna Jo Surber for County Commissioner!


What is the first thing she wants to do as County Commissioner? People in the County need to abide by the Constitution. Anything not according to this needs to go.

Pete: Speaks of nullification - cancelling out anything that is not constitutional. This is what she would love to do. Make your voice heard, be a part of the local government! Do the right thing!

Things need to be done in the community to benefit the people, bring them jobs. The Constitution is of utmost importance. One does not need to be a scholar to defend what is right or wrong. The economy has benefited much from this Constitutional opportunity, it has been fabulous for the County, Anna says.

If you see things happening in your community, and you are not happy with them, you should go to the Courthouse, and see if there is a position there that you can fill, Anna says. Being transparent is one of two things that are important to me. Pete: Awesome! That´s great! Good luck to you in your journey and like I said, I am very proud of you, thank you. You as a community member, have the power to effect change in your community. Anna Jo is setting that example right now as a leader by her own example. She works at the narrows as a waitress, and she has just as much power, if not more so with The Constitution in her hand then the judge himself, who is burning it on the side. So I have to say that. Stay tuned, we will have more updates, thanks for tuning in...Be sure to support Anna Jo Surber here in Harney County!

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lop guest
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01-26-2016 02:41 PM


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RE: Bill proposes sit-lie ban on state land
This as well is unconstitutional:


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