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Aqueduct of Turkey
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04-18-2016 03:27 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The Charitable Society for Caring & rehabilitation Iraqi Children 3 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

Nov. 27, 2012

[Image: 20121127221039.jpg]

Introduction was given about 『The Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth 』

The following is the mail from the Charitable Society for Caring & rehabilitation Iraqi Children.

best greetings

we hope you a great day ..
we attached with this e-mail some photos and the final report..
we used $1200 to purchase stationary (as shown in photos) and the rest of the amount we used it to buy sweets and juse for the festival we organized to distribute for children who they enjoy it very much and extended their thank and grateful for you and the members of NPO..
we thank you indeed for this donation and we hope you like our work and you enjoy the photos many thank from the administration of primary schools and the children families who come to our headquarter and thanked us very much for the gifts .
we hope to keep on doing such project in the future and we are appreciate your support
On the occasion of World Children's Day the Charitable Society for Caring & rehabilitation Iraqi Children received 60 school students from Al- Sha'ab district north of Baghdad and distributed through the gifts provided by the Japanese organization NPO (stationary) the festival included : songs, fancy clothes, jokes, game and Japanese animation cartoons ..
the students have enjoyed and at the end of the ceremony the staff of CSCRIC and the students their thanks and gratitude to NPO organization for decent care for them .

media Dept.of CSCRIC


Nov. 27, 2012

The Charitable Society for Caring & rehabilitation Iraqi Children2

[Image: 20121127204354.jpg]


Nov. 27, 2012

The Charitable Society for Caring & rehabilitation Iraqi Children1

[Image: 20121127204020.jpg]

Money was donated to 'The Charitable Society for Caring & rehabilitation Iraqi Children' with which we have contacted from previous days.
Money was sent instead of gifting stationeries from 『The Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth 』
(As there is no shipping service to Iraq and it cost too much by air, we sent money.)

The stationeries, sweets and juice which were bought by the money seems to have been presented to children.

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04-18-2016 03:30 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The mountain near Mt. Sumon-Dake(At Tochio in Niigata Prefecture)---Lingering snow of the mountain which represents stone circle 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 16, 2005

The mountain near Mt. Sumon-Dake(At Tochio in Niigata Prefecture)

A reader in Niigata Prefecture shot this photo.
You can find the lingering snow which looks like the stone circle in the far away mountain.
As the mountains have consciousness, they often represent their expressions with snow, the color of the three, or the fallen trees, and so on.
The mountain in this photo shows interesting shape of the snow.

[Image: 20050616222550.jpg]
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04-18-2016 03:34 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Delicate Arch No1 

[Image: 20100218222003.jpg]

This photo was sent by a reader of . "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

The reason why it is made at the edge of the bowl-shaped place with sharp bluff is Stone gods feared a lot of humans would visit there and try to break it, was told through channeling.
Alter egos of Stone god are looking at it from a distance.
The rocks of semicircle represent Stone gods and there are a lot of semicircle rocks here and there in Grand circle.

NABS collected a lot of arches all over the world.
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04-20-2016 02:40 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Soul, spirit and subconsciousness

According to the information of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, soul, spirit and subconsciousness have the same meaning.
They ascend to the sky when people die.
Some of our souls go back to the star from which we had been sent to the earth.
We are apt to think we think with our brain when we are alive.
It is not true.
The consciousness is put in a certain area of the sky and it is sent to our brain.
Our brain is nothing but the relay organ to move our body.
Therefore we keep consciousness in case of near-death experience just like when we are alive.
After death our consciousness ascend to the world of subconsciousness.
One more thing we have to note is that subconsciousness is sent from the stars.
Therefore the subconsciousness of each person is different from each other because some stars are good-natured and some ones are vicious.
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04-20-2016 03:38 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The meaning of atoms and molecules (Why were water, iron, silicon (Si) , and so on produced?) 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Feb. 23, 2010

The meaning of atoms and molecules

Why were water, iron, silicon (Si) , and so on produced?

[Image: 20100223082807.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLtGKSHNyBslozNkZwNzh...MWf9RIRFrg]
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04-20-2016 03:51 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The response to those who are concerned about the pesticide of some degree and radioactivity 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

It is out of the question it is not good to use excess pesticide or use underground oil for food.
This is the response to those who are concerned about the pesticide of some degree and radioactivity.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

Dear Kam

You wrote as follows.

I am grateful to the atom boys for cleansing the Monsanto poison from the land we have been much troubled by the common use of these human developed products.

I know Monsanto a little.
However the way of thinking by the SKY (SORA), the universe, is a little different.
Fukushima nuclear power plant became the terrifying situation.
Nevertheless there was Onagawa nuclear power plant near the epicenter of the earthquake.
However there was little damage on Onagawa nuclear power plant even though we might consider bedrock was strong.
The radioactivity contributes to humans a lot depending on how to use.
In spite of that, people emphasize only the harm of radioactivity and they deal with radioactivity as if they were villain.
Moreover they hardly thank to the work of the radioactive substance.
That is why Atom-boys of radioactivity get too angry.
Moreover people never acknowledge all the atoms of the earth which are kind enough to cultivate the earth have consciousness.
Today's people think everything is made naturally and they think only humans have consciousness.
That is why atoms moved my mouth and often told they were not able to stand any more.
And the earth has sought help to the universe from previous days.
Consequently the scheme to make the earth return to the flat one was made.
Though many don't know, the earth was flat at first and everyone was equal.
The scheme was tried to run and it was 3/11 the Great East Japan Earthquake.
However if the true scheme should try to be run, no one could live and all would perish, I thought.
Consequently I have asked to the atoms so that the scheme would be postponed to the future.
(Now I feel the signal to the left side of the head as if they are like morse symbol)
Although talk returns back, the housewife who was the reader of Let's solve the enigma of the earth was engaged in the work of cleaning in Onagawa nuclear power plant at that time.
She always thanked to Atom-boys of radioactivity.
Though she suffered the damage of big tsunami her family were all safe including her.
After 3/11 the Great East Japan Earthquake, she came to be more blessed with her life than the commonplace one in many ways.
Atom-boys are kind enough to form the soybeans made by genetic recombination.
And insect repellent is made of Atom-boys,too.
The insect repellent are the things which were made against the atoms which do the mischief.
Consequently please don't decide prematurely as insect repellent is villain and you should ask them to help you with the less side effect.
You are expected to talk to drug or the crops of genetic recombination so that they would not do mischief.
If you talked to them, they would not do such a big mischief.
Though the way of Monsanto is dirty for sure, the concealed evil is surely seen by the SKY (SORA), the universe and they will be informed by some ways.
The long and short of it, we should not turn our eyes to the bad points of the opponent.
That means we should not have a lot of trouble for our living but we should see the splendor of human life as the human life is short.
We are expected to turn our consciousness to the splendor of human lives.
As I was grown as a child of a farmer,I grow a small amount of vegetables.
I find it very hard to grow vegetables without drugs and fertilizer however often we might talk to the soil.
By contrast, I sometimes find too many mini-tomatoes grows. (LOL)
I feel sorry to say cheekily idealism to the person who makes a living on agriculture but it must be sure that good fortune will come after the bad things.
You are expected to think everything is helped by Atom-boys and spend your time turning good things into consciousness, then atoms will think they should help you more.

Yours sincerely

Ms Taeko Shiraki
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04-24-2016 12:57 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Rock of Ollantaytambo(six pieces of folding screen)

By Takashi

When we see the following site, we can't help wondering the greatness of the megalithic civilization.

Rock of Ollantaytambo (six pieces of folding screen)

[Image: b81.jpg]

It is the Archaeological Site of Peruvian Inca empire which thrived from the late 15th century through the 16th century.
A piece of rock is 4 m average height, 2.5 m width are arranged in a horizontal row.
Weight per piece is said to be 80 tons to 50 tons.
This rock of folding screen is being built on top of a hill about 150 meters height.
The place where it is thought to have cut the material is in the mountains on the other side of the river under the hill.
Moreover the place is 330 meters high.
Many huge stone ruins have been left in the Inca Empire and processing technology of them remain mysterious and many of the surface of the stone has been processed very smoothly.
It is near impossible to cut out the rocks of 50 tons or more, and carry them from a distance and build them side-by-side.
It has not been elucidated how ancient people made it without using machine.
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04-30-2016 10:42 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The Megalith, Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage) in Nara Prefecture, is famous in Japan. 

[Image: 20091101221248a77.jpg]

[Image: 200911012213128c0.jpg]

Tumulus of Isibutai

However there are countless megalithic are left in Japan besides Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage).
Most of megalithic in Japan exist deep in the mountains.
Therefore the general public can't see them easily.
However there are many masonry in the cities of Europe or Middle East.
Stone statues which can't be made even by modern humans exist in the cities.
In other case the beings in the universe have made countless Crop Circles on the ground in Europe by which they try to let the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)= SORA know to humans.
Please refer to Crop Circle 481~500

Crop Circle 1~ 509 which have been introduced in 'Let's solve the enigma of the earth'

Japanese people may not be able to distinguish the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA from the common channeling info, when they hear the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is the channeling info.
Therefore it may be better to explain how the megalithic civilization was made and who made them to the people of Europe and Middle East who usually see stone civilization first.
The long and short of it, even though Japanese people may know about megalithic civilization in their knowledge, they do nothing but wonder Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage) in Nara is great and wonder people in ancient is great.
It is nothing but 'pearls before swine' even though we may try to inform about megalithic civilization to Japanese people.
If we consider those points, the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA may be understood by the people in foreign countries earlier than Japanese, because the people in Europe and Middle East live among megalithic which is one of the main themes of the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
You can find Question-and-answer session in the following part written by Ms Taeko Shiraki who is the channeler and made Let's solve the enigma of the earth .
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04-30-2016 10:51 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
A boy riding a horse=Jesus in Archaeological Museum of Athens 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

I woke up suddenly at midnight, since I had a sign in the right palm then.
The channeling was started.
"Jesus speaking.
I've descended to the earth as the subconscious mind.
'Bethlehem' means (in Japanese) "something makes the different world."
Making the different world means the Ruler's Stars manipulate the humans and make the different world.
I was told round things (=Stone gods)are villains over and over.
Round things are the buildings which represent circle(=mosque).
Fight between Islam and Christianity had begun by this.


(I felt the sign in the middle finger)

(Those Islamic people who gather together in the mosque)wear the headwear and tighten (by cloth)the hair which represent God.
That's why I told Islamic people are villains."

(I felt the sign in the palm )

"I have something to tell anyway.
Those who turned into stones had been working before the another world started.
It means those who turned into stone statues had been working.
As those people noticed they would turn into stones, they remained the shapes which they wanted to be.
However Jesus was semi-Stone man, he could move without becoming stuck.
He went to Jerusalem according to the instructions of the voice.
He had been in Italy (Florence? Rome?).
Mediterranean sea in those days was not the sea but the broad plain.
Therefore he rode the horse to Jerusalem.
Gaza has become the place of conflict forever, because there is evidence that Jesus had been there?
It is in the round thing(mosque?) .
It located in the outskirts of Gaza.

(I felt the sign both in right foot and in the left arm at the same time.)

They were not so large Stone gods.
Two whitish rock buildings are lined happily side-by-side.

(I do not know whether it is true or not in reality, because it may be the explanation in the world of the subconscious mind )

June 4, 2007
I tear out though I did not feel sad.

"The reason why I tear is that I was unleashed at last.
I'm Jesus.
There was a time when the stone spoke.
I continued to be told not to say about it by the Ruler's Stars though.
I could see what other people could not see.
Therefore I taught it to those who did not know the unseen world.

When stones issued instructions, water changed into wine.
Those who turned into the stones made us food.
It was eaten by the people who turned into humans.
Mediterranean was the broad plain, where people of stone statues and
bronze statues who came out of the sea lived there.

Those who turned into the statues remained intact so that they could
tell that they had lived prior to the time of humans.
They divided into bronze and stone people.
The person chose what type of statues they would become by choosing
the component of their bodies.
We had to wait for thousands of years prior to the time when you can
find out that we had been alive ."

I asked again (through channeling) whether the story about the boy
on the horse (in Archaeological Museum of Athens) is Jesus is true or not.

June 5, 2007

"Jesus was born as a child of Maria in the cave of Bethlehem.
When he was a boy, he went to Florence on a horse, as he was
called by Stone god.

The atoms of Stone god were left as a statue(in Archaeological
Museum of Athens) to convey it.
When Jesus grew up, Stone humans got stuck.
Therefore he was called by Stone gods again, and he tried to
go back to Bethlehem.
He went back on a horse as well as he went to Florence.
When he arrived in Gaza, he was called by Stone gods in Gaza.
There were two lined Stone gods who had become white round buildings.
The reason why the fight is going on in Gaza now is they want
you to tell about it."

I (Ms Taeko Shiraki) asked Jesus whether it was all that he
wanted to tell.

"I have more to tell.
The earthquakes which happened in Greece were the ones which
Stone gods caused in desperation.
Do humans really think those who lived in the stone age could
make the statues which looks as if they were alive?
Do you really think those who had no tools could make megalithic
architecture which are hard to make even in modern technology?
The above are the questions to the leaders (scholars) who insist
those megalithic architecture were made by humans.

From the beings in the universe"

(There happened the freeze of PC twice in just writing this thing,
and I thought the beings in the universe highlighted the desire of them.)

*)Archaeological Museum of Athens

(I=Ms Taeko Shiraki saw the real statue of 'a boy riding a horse'
twice in the museum. )

[Image: greece024m.jpg]

I found the statue in the place where it was a little dim in the museum.
I remember that I thought both the horse and the boy were really alive.
There was also a statue whose eyes are made elaborately as if
they were the modern artificial eyes, though I forgot where I saw it.

*)Stone gods in Greece inform by causing the earthquakes.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The equality in the universe 

by Takashi

I got the mail with no HN from the reader of my site.
As the mail says very good and may be helpful to your understanding
of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, let me introduce the summary of
it to the reader of this site.
The sender of the mail told me in his mail as follows.

------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
As THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is got through channeling, it seems
like a kind of religion.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

He added as follows.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
According to the psychic acquaintance the longevity of humans
is decided.
Those who are destined to die will surely die.
Moreover those who are destined to live will survive no matter
what disaster may happen.
All we have to do is to live indifferently.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

Therefore the caretaker of this site(Mr.Sennari=Takashi)summarized
his mail and added the response to his mail.


By Takashi

Thank you for your mail.

You wrote as follows.

------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
As THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is got through channeling, it seems
like a kind of religion.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

What you say is almost all the readers of my site may think when they read
I have often got the mail which told about Let's solve the enigma of the
earth. when I didn't know about THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
I read it, but I was not much impressed then.

I was just like you of today.
However I can't be impressed whatever info I may read besides the one of
Previously you said to me , "The channeling says good first but its info
get worse later."
To tell the truth, I addicted to the shady channeling which you told
However I put an end to the channeling info at last , because I came to
know the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Let me write the gist of the channeling.
There seems two types in the channeling.

①Ordinary channeling
②Special channeling

①Ordinary channeling is the channeling info which we know well in the
internet world.
This channeling info is given by the energy body of the Ruler's Stars which
is close to the human bodies and it occupies humans ' heads.
When people are lost in meditation, those strong energy bodies intrude
into people's heads and occupy them.
Therefore big voices resound in their heads.

This kind of channeling info is the one in which I addicted previously.
Those channeling info mainly tells spirit theory and sound good at first
glance, but there is no destination however long we may read them.
As you seem to know well about ①, let me omit the further explanation.
The info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is the special channeling info of ②.
Even if we may say "special", how can we distinguish from ordinary ones?
We can't distinguish from the word of 'channeling'.
Moreover there are only few who can do the channeling of② in the world.
It may just possibly Ms Taeko Shiraki of Let's solve the enigma of the earth.
The signal of ② which is sent to Ms Taeko Shiraki is too weak to receive
by ordinary people.
Moreover the signal is not heard in the head as voices, but it makes the
tongue of the recipient move.
Therefore the recipient of the signal has to translate the movement of the
tongue into the words.
There are occasionally some who get the signal of ②.
However translation to words is too hard and recipient can't understand the
story from the short signals .
Therefore Ms Taeko Shiraki may be the only woman who can get the long stories
with the signals sent from the beings in the universe.
For example even if the blind person may be asked to describes the overall
picture of the elephant, it is impossible to describe it with only the touch
of one part of the elephant.
Therefore channeler of ② have to get the long signals to have the meaningful
The common channeling of ① convey only the spirit theory.
It is useless thing which is good for nothing, though it sounds good at first.
They usually say as follows.
If you believe this channeling info, you can escape the catastrophe.
But never to tell others as this info is only for you.
Maybe this is the characteristics which attract people by ①.
I also got that kind of channeling mail last May, which told the catastrophe
would happen in June of 2014 but never to tell anyone about it because it was
the secret information.
Moreover the mail told me many people would die in the catastrophe.
I waited June would be over but nothing happened.

The person who mailed me must have consented by being told through channeling
the catastrophe was extended to the later days.

THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA info is given through the special channeling of ②.
Though the info got by channeling ① shows no evidence, channeling ② can show
countless evidences on the earth.
One of the main info given by the beings in the universe is megalithic
The first thing that we have to pay attention is why is the megalithic
civilization left on the earth? .
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04-30-2016 10:56 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The record of visiting megaliths in Asuka village in Nara Prefecture, Japan 

This page is from the site of Kaki in Kyusyu, Japan.

The record of visiting megaliths in Asuka village in Nara Prefecture, Japan
Oct. 25, 2009

Several members of Let's solve the enigma of the earth visited megalithics in
Asuka village of Nara prefecture, Japan.

Asuka village is located in the south of Nara Prefecture, Japan.
There are a lot of tumuluses there.
Our seven members enjoyed visiting megaliths by car or on foot.
Let me introduce the course of visiting Megaliths.
The course of the visit is written to the trajectory with GPS.

Asuka village

[Image: 20091031213934c07.jpg]

Masuda Iwafune (Masuda rock ship)near the top of Iwafune mountain.
I've taken pictures a little above from the top.
The square holes are seen at the top.
It exists in such a secluded place in the mountain.
I tried to go up from a place that looks like a slide on the right, but
it was hard to do it because it was slippery.
I became barefoot and finally mountable.
I climbed on the top from the front of the rock which was craggy.
The size is written as 11m east-west, 8m north-south, and 4.7m height(north).

Iwafune(The ship of the rock)CIMG0093

[Image: 20091031214507b60.jpg]

The picture of the upper side
The upper side of Iwafune(The ship of the rock)CIMG0096

[Image: 2009103121452340b.jpg]

The picture was taken from the place where I came up.
The grid-like groove on the side seems to make sense.

The rugged surface of the lower part of Iwafune(The ship of the rock) CIMG0091

[Image: 20091031214558aea.jpg]

2.Monkey stone
Kibituhimeookimihaka (The tomb of Kibituhime)

This article is omitted as it is not so famous(by Takashii).

3.The toilet for the demon
Who gave a nasty name like this?
The place like this is administered by the Imperial Household Agency.
The toilet for the demon
The toilet for the demonCIMG0107

[Image: 20091101214532217.jpg]

4. The chopping board for the demon
The chopping board for the demon CIMG0112
[Image: 2009110121454395a.jpg]

5.Turtle Stone
According to the legend, Nara will become the sea of mud, when Turtle
Stone faces west.
Turtle Stone CIMG0114

[Image: 20091101220330880.jpg]

6. Tumulus of Isibutai(Stone stage)
The stones on the top seems to represent the babies.
The bottom of it is very deep when looked at the inside.
Tumulus of Isibutai(Stone stage)CIMG0131

[Image: 20091101221248a77.jpg]

Inside of Tumulus of Isibutai(Stone stage) CIMG0138
[Image: 200911012213128c0.jpg]

The passage which leads to the inside of Tumulus of Isibutai(Stone stage)

[Image: 200911012213017d6.jpg]

7.Sakafune stone
Sakafune stone CIMG0151

[Image: 20091101222433bf6.jpg]
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The reinforcement of the arch

[Image: 20031029103905.JPG]

This image and the image below this one are from the work of Mr. Gary Ladd.

The reader of Let's solve the enigma of the earth in US negotiated with him to open
the images to public and got the permission from him.
The leg of the arch is obviously reinforced.
I found legs of many of the arches which were introduced in his book are reinforced.


Before making the arch

[Image: 20031029103104.JPG]

This is the semicircle before making the arch.
We can find the part of the arch is reinforced.
Then the back part of the arch seems to have been removed and seems to have tried
to make the consecutive arch.
The arch which is reflected small in the photograph is Rainbow Bridge which is
huge seen by a human.
A human is too small to be seen in the photo.


Rainbow Bridge No 2

[Image: 20031113122100.JPG]

This is the photo taken from the height of a man.

A huge rock which seems to be the support of the leg is hidden in the right
behind of the bridge.


Rainbow Bridge

[Image: 20031113121709.JPG]

A small human is visible in the lower left corner.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
In the body of Stone gods | Energy body | Earthquake 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler) of

↑When I was reading the upper site, tears came out tattered,
though I was not sad.
"What do you want to tell?", I asked.
After a while the channeling was started.
However only tears came out without getting the answer
through the channeling.

"I recalled the giant that had been moving came to stop moving.
The rock turned sideways in the body of Stone gods so that humans
could clearly recognize."

(I felt the sign in the right leg as if it felt the heartbeat.)


[Image: curverocks.jpg]

The round rock which you see on the left is the place where
I was sitting.

I made the corner of it neatly so that humans don't think it was
made naturally after I came out. *
The small rock inside is the giant who is waiting for the turn and
the big one is alter ego of Stone god.
The three rocks? which look like the tubes represent the stretched hands,
coalesced and made the alter ego.
The right semicircle rock mountain is the child Stone god.
He descended to the earth by being connected with adult Stone god.
The big hole was made in order to put the food like rice cakes which
were made of the soup of Stone gods.

I made a giant child and made shoe and toes of Delicate Arch .
The rocks which are standing side by side are the alter ego and
the giant.
They died after they made them to show they made themselves.
The rocks which stand side by side to the side of the leg are the
alter ego and the giant.
They died standing in the shape to show those rocks were made by them."

(* I was wondering why I saw the border between the floor and the wall in the vision. )

January 17, 2005

One of the readers of my site informed me he has had the
following vision.↓

“The thing like the black trains are rising to the sky.
It came toward me wriggling its shape.
It is made of many brown elliptic things like peanuts.

It decomposed in front of me and each of the parts began to move
and flowed into the unknown thing swirling.
The peanuts which came out of the bottom of the whirlpool turned
into the shape like the dragon made of only white bones and it
attacked me with its mouth open."

(According to the person who saw this vision had a lot of books
about every kind of religions and inner world at home.)
When he told it on the phone, I had the following intuition.

"The thing like the black train was sent by the king of
outer galaxy.
The vicious king of outer galaxy are dominating thousands
of people on the earth.
The brown ellipses show the darkness in the religions and inner
world which came out of the books.
The darkness which came from them lurk in the human body.
Those ellipses came out of the bottom of the whirlpool means
the dark thoughts which are represented by the peanuts-like
ellipses came out of the body.
The brown ellipses are the same as the ugly photos(omitted)
‘The darkness in the light'means that the words in the
religions and inner world represents
their thoughts by the pretty words but the ugly things are
hidden in them."

(The religions and inner world tell their thoughts in the pretty
words but they hide the darkness in the light have been told by
the channeling from the beginning.)

The comet on which the vicious subconscious mind of the king of
outer galaxy came toward the earth, by which those who are dominated
by it seems to have the vicious power.
Japanese archipelago is made like the shape of a giant.
Kushiro in Hokkaido corresponds to the mouth of the giant.
Kushiro seems to have issued a command to the Stone gods in the world
to cause earthquakes in order to protest the comet's coming.
* Seven red circle show the place of earthquakes.↓

The channeling tends to say harsh expressions.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Strange rocks in the world 

This info is from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

There are really mysterious and strange shaped rocks in the world.
These things have been dispensed with 'all could be naturally made',
but Stone gods are very dissatisfied with those way of thinking.
Stone gods and the planets of the solar system made the earth so that
creatures can live on it.
The giants who are the alter egos of Stone gods made the mysterious
and strange shaped rocks as many as they could so that they could make
humans know the existence of them.
Mysterious rocks were made by the consciousness of atoms which formed
the bodies of Stone gods.
They thought "Let's make a form like this."

We think it is important to introduce those rock relics as many as
I launched the topi of mysterious rocks in the Yahoo's board.
However there were many postings that never admitted the existence
of Stone gods.
Many people were kind enough to let me know various rock relics,
I would like to thank those who informed me of mysterious rocks.
I would like to introduce them in my site.

Curve nappe

[Image: earthquake-003.jpg]


[Image: hoodoo11.jpg]

Fallen Arch

[Image: FallenArch.jpg]

Bryce canyon national park

[Image: 20031005201404.jpg]

This rock is famous in the western movie in US.

[Image: 20031005201303.jpg]


[Image: MA001015LL.jpg]

Atacama Giant desert in Bolivia

[Image: BO001003LL.jpg]

[Image: n_11.jpg]

Guilin landscape Hunan Zhangjiajie China
↑National Geographic

Waffle rock, West Virginia, US

[Image: GridRock2.gif]

Zion National Park, USA Checkerboard Mesa

[Image: 20031005202303.jpg]
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The Turkish story of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA 

The following is written by the reader of "Let's solve the enigma of the earth" and to which supplement was given
by Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler).

Let me tell about Turkey.

Huge ancient structures are dotted on the Mediterranean coast and those are what has changed from the bodies of Stone gods or giants.

Pantheon in Rome

[Image: 20120506221249.jpg]

[Image: 20120124181805.jpg]
Castle in Elche

The castle is said to have been built in order to avoid enemy attacks.
However was it really possible to build such a building on the steep
mountain by the human power?
According to the information from the universe(the SKY), the atoms of
Stone gods turned into those buildings with the objective.
The town is lined with souvenir shops, which look like small toys from above.

[Image: 20120124181048.jpg]
Castle in Elche

There is an old castle which is likely to come out in fairy tale on
top of the steep cliff.

It was Turkish Stone gods that turned into such buildings at first.
Then Stone gods in Greece, Rome and the other regions imitated them and
changed into a variety of stone buildings.
Buildings and so on in which human beings were able to live were formed
under the guidance of Sirius.
They were not made by humans but atoms of the body of Stone gods turned
into those buildings.
Stone gods on Mediterranean coast changed into those buildings because
they wanted to be noticed by the posterity of humans after they died.
You may understand why such huge buildings existed in the ancient times
by this description.
In addition Stone gods created a lot of Stone humans.
Cappadocia was originally named Katsu-pa-to-ki.
"Katsu" means to win in Japanese.
"Pa" means equality, because Pa is represented "パ" by the Japanese Katakana
word and the flat shape of "パ" especially corresponds to equality.
"To" means tomo=friend and "ki" means record.
That means "It is the place which records the equal society always win."
(Acoording to the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, the first characters
were made in Japan.【by Takashi】)

They left a lot of strange shaped rocks which they intended to serve as
the landmark.
Some of them are shaped like mushrooms which represented Stone gods had
brains and semicircle rocks which represented alter egos of Stone gods.
However humans gradually were made to forget the existence of Stone gods
and the true meaning of those rocks by the plot of the Ruler's Stars.
The reason why there have remained a lot of basements in Cappadocia is
some parts of atoms which formed the body of Stone gods exited from them
and turned into Stone humans.
When they went out of the basements as Stone humans, they put the big
round stone as the door of the basements, which meant they should not
forget Sagittarius .
The door could not be opened from outside, which meant once Stone humans
came out of the basements they could never return to the basements.

Those Stone humans were Angels which had various shapes from big humans
to only head with small wings.
The reason why they turned into Stone humans with wings was that Stone
humans had good times in Atlantis and Mediterranean but the Ruler's
Stars started to say a mean.
They complained only Sirius and Sagittarius monopolized the earth.
Sirius taught all the buildings and Aqueducts to Stone gods and cooperated
with them in order to leave those objects.
The Ruler's Stars were jealous about it.
Therefore the Ruler's Stars forced to face them with the choice of being
left as the shape of Stone humans or be born as humans after they decomposed.
Some Stone humans wanted to leave in their own shape and were left as
stone statues.
All the stone buildings under the stone statues were the things which
giants of Stone gods turned into.
As stone statues and the buildings got integrated, stone statues have
stood on the high buildings and have viewed the humans as long as
thousands of years.
The fellow giants of Stone gods remained in the form of mushroom-like
shapes so that future generations of human beings would be aware of the
existence of Stone gods and a lot of Stone humans were born in the basement.

As a reminder that there are basements near there, they left a lot of
unusual stones such as wearing hats on the ground.
The comet I fell to earth after a while.
Since that time, the earth's axis moved and terrestrial environment
rapidly changed.
A large number of atoms in the universe wanted to become humans and
they became humans as they wanted.
As a result of it many humans were born and the food got no longer enough.
Sadly enough the struggle for food began.
Humans didn't follow the advice of the Stone humans who were taking
care of humans and they voluntarily invaded other regions.
That is the volkerwanderung.
The subconscious mind of those humans were born again and they have
still raised the struggle.

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