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Aqueduct of Turkey
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05-03-2016 09:54 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The posting by an US person

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/28/2016 00:26

I'm not so sure the atom itself would have consciousness, but it could certainly have some form of consciousness within it.
I've always thought atoms could be entire solar systems unto themselves complete with a sun (nucleus) and planets (electrons/neutrons), and even moons (quarks). Clusters of atoms could be galaxies, and clusters of galaxies could be universes, and so on.
If bigness is infinite, then so must be smallness. The real question is where is the line that makes a distinction between what is big and what is small.


The reply by Ms Taeko Shiraki

> The real question is where is the line that makes a distinction between what is big and what is small.

I don't know why the line to make a distinction between what is big and what is small is needed.
If we have to tell it, it would be the earth, because I have been told it is the only star on which the things can be taken concrete shape in the universe made of subconsciousness .

Consequently vast amount of various information which have been told through the movement of my mouth is connected with each other.

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05-03-2016 09:59 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The mystery about the human history 

There are many mysteries about the history of mankind which has not been elucidated yet.
They are biological mysteries how mankind were born.
Is it really true about the folklore mysteries of ethnic origin and the theories which have been gone down to posterity?
In addition there are the mysteries of history which tell ancient human civilizations were made by humans.
For example there is a saying 【A tooth for a tooth】and 【An eye for an eye】 in the Code of Hammurabi as an example of what is being transmitted to posterity.
They say the original meaning of it was different from what is believed now.
【Eye for an eye】 meant "If you get a beautiful thing to see, please return the ones which look beautiful." 【A tooth for a tooth】 meant "If you are given food, please return food for the gift."
It taught you should not hog the things which were given by God.
If the meaning of the original teachings is that you should not monopolize the wealth of the earth, then your descendants must have been able to get along with even more peace of mind.
Is it really true that it is now reported on the development of civilization?
Ancient Egyptian civilization was said to have started about 3000 years BC ago, but was it really possible to have a civilization that can keep the skill level of making pyramids then?
It is said that the 2700000-2800000 stones with the average 2.5t each were stacked in the world's largest pyramid of Khufu.

[Image: e1.jpg]

Each stone of 2.5t must have been neatly stacked within four minutes if all of them were stacked neatly in twenty years.
Would such an accomplishment really possible? If 20 years expanded to 40 years each stone must have been stacked within eight minutes.
If 20 years expanded 60 years each stone must have been stacked within twelve minutes.
Furthermore they must have spent 24 hours a day, 365 days a year yet.
It would be impossible to make up so fast even with the latest heavy equipments.
Did the same humans as ones of today really make pyramids?
They might have been built by another beings. Isn't it natural to think great unsolved mysteries may be hidden.
Today Jews and Palestinians have the different religions, but we have the info that they were born in the same country and they were good friends originally.
We would like to elucidate further about those matters.
If Jews and Palestinians are the fellows, there should not be such violent and miserable conflict like the present ones.
Will you be able to quell the conflict with violence?
The answer is negative.
The conflict can never be quelled.
Because the violence incurs the violence.
It has been proved by history.
『The Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth 』of ours think it will break and open the road to peace if we unravel the mystery of the history of mankind.

We would like to continue to unravel the mystery for that, and want to do educational activities for peace.
Where did humans come from?
It is often said in general that mankind has evolved from a monkey.
This is a concept based on the theory of evolution represented by Darwin.
All living creatures are thought to have naturally occurred and the ability to adapt to the environment has been preferentially survived or species are thought to change by mutation according to the theory of evolution.
Even though it may take a long time, is it really possible that monkeys turn into humans by the repeated mutation?
There are other theories about the origin of living organisms.
According to the theory of creationism, God had created everything.
The theory of creationism has been accepted by Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
It seems to be considerably supported Christian state in America.
Doctrine of creation science that tries to approach more scientifically, says "Creator (God)" who created all the existence and describes "Creator (God)" as "the greatest intelligence."
It tells the universe and the earth was designed and created by this intelligence and it is also known as the theory of ID.
The theory which tells non-human beings created with the will is taken up in the world of science should be focused.
There are many stories that tell the history of mankind and human birth in such as legends and myths.
There are theories that God created the man from the dust of the earth, and the goddess made a man from mud.
Daidarabotchi, mythical giant or something similar to that have remained at least more than 15 locations around the Kanto district in Japan.
There are many legends about giants in Northern Europe, Greece, South America, and Asia.
The ruins that seem impossible to build by the current human physical ability have remained around the world. However, if there were really giants, then these mysteries might be explained without any wonder.
There is an information here "Man was created at first in the stone circle."
It is told in "The document about the human birth in THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA(Star and Sky Publication) This information makes it clear about the mystery of human history and the answers about the mystery of the ruins.
At the beginning of the universe there was darkness.
First of all, the consciousness was born in the darkness.
It was "What?" Something with "What?" was the origin of the universe, the Ohmoto(the central). The Ohmoto was lonely.
So it tried to look for others.
At first his consciousness started the action catching something like castanets.
So some consciousness, which didn't want to be caught, were born.
They escaped from the Ohmoto(the central). And it started to run after them.
But they stopped running because they wanted to know who was chasing them.
And they both got together.
They became the consciousness of Love.
Then something was born.
The things which were born were tiny things, "Atoms".
Some consciousness which were being chased by another stopped.
They became atomic nucleuses.
And chasing consciousness became electrons.
They continued to chase another because they like chasing and didn't want to stop.
Many new atoms were born like that.
And they filled the universe.
This is a very important part which insists there is a consciousness to "atom".
Please refer to The story of the earth about how the earth was born.

The earth was boiling hot at first and wandering the universe, when the body of the consciousness which is called "Stone gods" came down from the universe.
They wanted to make the earth "Star of Hope".
Therefore they solidified the earth by forming plates and mountains.
Some Stone gods turned into the giants.
After that, the predecessor of the human, Stone men were made.
Human beings which have five senses were made and they were the best work of the stars in the universe.
In addition giants made waterways and ponds so that humans could live in comfort and gave humans a lot of help.
Those that existed before the "human" is the protagonist called Stone gods and Stone men which were referred to as myth.
The myth is not a mere myth.
Though "Stone men" or "Stone gods" helped the "human" greatly, they do not exist in this world in the form of living things now.
As proof that they indeed existed, they turned into those things such as ruins and rocks.
Moreover their subconscious mind are active though they are unseen.
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05-03-2016 10:01 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Stone gods 

They are the beings who came down to the earth with humans in their
bellies from Sagittarius long, long time ago, and they are so to
speak extra-terrestrials.
They were not the creatures of three dimensions when they were in
Sagittarius but they were spiritual body.
When they made humans they turned into the beings of three dimensions
and humans and Stone gods descended together to the earth.
Stone gods were different in size but some of them were big enough
like mountains.
They were like too soft rice cakes and the part of their bodies which
tricled down from their bodies by the power of gravity were called
'the dropped part'.
Stone gods made their children of alter egos of them out of 'the
dropped part', which turned into the food, rivers and mountains, and
so on for humans.

[Image: yam0075-009.jpg]
Stone gods became mountains and rivers,etc.

Stone gods and Stone humans tried to get the energy of the universe or
tried to dissipate the gravitation by the pyramids .
They made a lot of strange shaped rocks as the sign to humans.
Humans in those days knew the existence of Stone gods and Stone humans
with whom humans communicated through the telepathy.
However human's consciousness of today got weaker and only a small portion
of humans have the ability to communicate with Stone gods.
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05-03-2016 10:03 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The project in the universe 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

The project in the universe

Space is not pitch black dark with nothing.
There are those with awareness of the non-human.
There seems to be unimaginable existence as the spiritual body
even without the star shape.
It seems that there is a large celestial body called Goldielocks
whose jurisdiction is over every star in the universe.
The information which humans didn't know was reported to me
through the channeling from that star by the atoms from the
sky over 13 years.
The star tells repeatedly the equality is the most important
principle in the universe.
However the principle of equality has been broken by royalism
and imperial system or authority which monopolize the wealth
of the earth.
The importance of the equality has been told by me repeatedly
around the world including each government, but there have been
no change at all.
The earth has been filled with too much strife and I was told
through the channeling the voice calling for help have reached
as far as the end of the universe.
Therefore the meeting was held at the center of Goldielocks and
the project to make the earth return to the original flat star
was planned, I was told.

[Image: 20021015125002.jpg]
The earth was flat at first like these rectangle box-type stone.

There had been no big earthquake after Genkainada earthquake as
this information was transmitted from Japan, because Goldielocks
thought many of Japanese people would accept this information.
However most of Japanese have ignored it and some of them showered
with verbal abuse in the internet world.
Stars have watched those scene in silence.
Therefore it was decided to make the earth return to the original
flat shape after the meeting at Goldielocks where spiritual bodies
in the universe gathered together.
The first project was carried out on March 11, 1211.
It was the Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake which caused big tsunami
and destroyed nuclear power plants.
The day before of March 11, 1211 when the big earthquake and tsunami
hit Japan, I had felt the acute pain of signal from the beings from
the sky in my body and was urged to tell Japanese government the
I told it to the government.
However the warning was ignored at all.
Therefore the project was carried out at last.
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05-03-2016 10:05 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The mystery about the ruins of the world 

The people of the site of Let's solve the enigma of the earth made NPO and
continue to work to send stationery to the poor regions of the world.

This is from the page of The mystery about the relics of the world of
『The Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth 』


As world Heritage came to be taken up at the TV・Media, attention has been
paid to the various ruins around the world.
Owing to the further spread of the Internet, researchers, photographers
and travelers can now put photos of the ruins on the website.
Therefore we can see the ruins which can't be seen even on the tour
guide until now.
There are many ruins which can't be made even with modern technology and
machinery among those ruins.
The typical one would be Egyptian pyramids.
If you actually see the pyramids, you will be surprised at the size of
the each stone and the steep slope.
However, if a professor at the university say in front of the pyramids,
"This is man-made" TV programs are made based on his remark, and people
will not mention any more to the theory of man-made.

If pyramids had been man-made , something similar must have been made
one after another.
However the construction of a huge pyramid has stopped some time as a boundary.

The 12 pillars of 23m height, 15m high pillar of 122 pillars has been
built in the temple of Karnak in Egypt.
Moreover the 30m high obelisk has been built.
There are pillars of the thickness, which are said to be eight people
with open arms are needed to round the pillars.
Paintings and hieroglyphs are carved on each of them.
There is no roof over the pillars.
No roof seems to have been remained around the pillars.
Therefore the pillars seems not to have been built in order to support the roof.
These are also the BC-era buildings which were made in the era when no
machines existed.
Cutting out of giant stone, transportation and stacking by accurate survey
is needed to build those buildings.
Moreover the technology to ensure that the pillar would not fall was also needed.
Where have those technologies disappeared with those people who built them?

[Image: DSC_0181_s.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0150_s.JPG]

[Image: DSC_0177_s.JPG]

[Image: DSC_0159_s.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0166_s.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0189_s.JPG]

[Image: DSC_0190_s.JPG]

Human statues are standing on the 135 spires in the Duomo cathedral in Milan, Italy.

[Image: siena09.jpg]

[Image: duomo03.jpg]

It seems to have been made in the 11th century when there were no machines.
If you attached statues of men on top of the towers they must have fallen over
the years to come.
However they have remained the original figures until today.
The pyramids were built in the age without heavy equipments and with much
less population.
Moreover ruins have remained all over the world such as pillars with no roof,
amphitheater, and the aqueduct .
"The Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth" would like to provide
information on the point of view which tell what they are showing rather than a single
point of view which insists they were made by humans.

What remains tell.

Ruins tell some beings had existed before humans existed on this planet.
Those beings brought humans up and made humans live independently.
Moreover they are watching humans even today.
As humans are susceptible to vision, those beings which had made up the earth
decided to leave ruins as the evidence that show they had been there.
They had made the ruins which were impossible to make for humans in the size
and sophistication.
However, humans have claimed every ruin including pyramids were made by humans.
Moreover humans associated ruins with religions and they have been pressing the
convenient interpretation of their own.
It was the influence of the Ruler's Stars which prefer to fight.
Those Stars wanted to conceal how the universe was originated .
Moreover they wanted to rob the initiative from those who had created the earth.
That is why they wanted to dominate the humans.
Atoms with the subconscious mind that had created the Earth could talk with atoms ,
could send the instructions and could change into any thing.
Those are the things called relics or ruins today.
They turned into stones, stone pillars, stone buildings, wooden buildings, bell-shaped
bronze vessels of the Yayoi period in Japan, clay images or various things.
In addition they turned into mosaics or pictures.
Stone statues of humanoid types in Europe and etc and wooden statues in Japan and etc
were moving at first as their coupling of atoms were loose.

They led and took care of humans.
When we realize human beings are made up of atoms with the subconscious mind from the
beginning of the universe and any humans are brothers, we are able to feel the joy that
were born as human beings without any fighting.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

[Image: 20060507063238.jpg]

I have often seen mushrooms-type rocks, but the round rocks of this
type seems to have represented Stone god themselves.
We can find the border clearly, and we can find the meaning why the
different rock is caught in the middle of the rock.
I often saw that kind of rocks in other places.
The mushroom-shaped hats represent Stone gods have brain and white
necks represent the truth.


The stone door of underground city of Kaimaruku

[Image: 20060507062106.jpg]

It is said there are rooms in which several thousand people can live.
It may be possible for humans to live near the entrance, but I thought
it is utterly impossible to live in the rooms which are in a little
inner places.
Moreover the wall is too solid and it seemed impossible for humans
to dig them.
Donut-shaped stone tools represents the thoughts of Sagittarius and
Stone humans recalled they are the atoms from Sagittarius when they saw it.
Donut-shaped stone is like the door and it showed itself to the Stone
humans who were going out of the hole by moving itself, was told to me
through channeling.

khoai tây chiên xay nhuyễn
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey

khoai tây chiên xay nhuyễn
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Cappadocia No2 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

I got anxious about Cappadocia like hypogeum.

"Stone god of Cappadocia speaking.
I have to reflect as we created large underground rooms.
Stone gods that were in Cappadocia should all go back to my place.
We will come back to Sagittarius together. We'll rest at Sagittarius.
All of you, please come back."
"The children in Cappadocia is the Stone gods of Vatican.
Stone god became a villain himself so that Mother would not be blamed.
I had no choice because I was threatened by the Ruler's Stars."
(I felt a keen signal in the left ankle when I kept in mind that he should go back to Sagittarius and rest. )

"The one whose shape is round is speaking.
I'm the Stone god of Cappadocia.
Thank you for your telling me.
Nothing, nothing ・・・・ There is no problem.
I was told by the Ruler's Stars if I would make lots of basements, humans would realize the existence of Stone gods.
I changed my body into many basements as I believed what I was told by the Ruler's Stars .
I turned into the rocks whose shape are ones with the hats on them so that they were able to become the landmarks which show there are basements under them.
I told the atoms in the universe to use my body.
Therefore a lot of atoms which wanted to be humans came."
I am going to sleep from now.

"I have still anger even now.
The environment on the earth got the one in which it got hard for humans to live.
Therefore I told atoms which came from the universe to turn into Stone humans with wings but they told they didn't want to be the stone and they wanted to be humans.
I reluctantly admitted their desire.
It caused bad consequences.
As many humans were born and they needed food, food got no longer enough.
That's why strives took place competing for food.
Humans didn't hear what Stone men who took care of them told and they invaded elsewhere without permission. It is the volkerwanderung.
The subconsciousness of humans of those era have born again and caused conflicts."
I am going to sleep from now.

*)Cappadocia=It is the city(?) of the underground in Turkey.
There are rocks on which stones like hats are put.

*)There is a film of water around the Earth in Atlantis era, and the Earth had mild climate anywhere.
However when Atlantis perished, the water film disappeared by which the earth came to have harsh climate.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
'The dropped part' from Stone god 

As the bodies of Stone gods were soft like newly made rice cakes,
some parts of them were pulled down by gravitation and dropped
like trickles.
Those dropped parts were called 'the dropped part' and they
gradually became solid like stones but they were soft and easy
to be processed at first.
Stone gods made strange shaped rocks so that they could show
the presence of them to the humanity in the future .
Moreover Stone gods made huge giants with 'the dropped part'
from them.
Therefore those giants were conveyed as giants or Daidarabotchi
legends all over the world.
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05-04-2016 01:39 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The deep hole of Cappadocia 

[Image: 20060713183310.jpg]

Stone humans with wings were made in the underground and they climbed
up this hole for going out.
This hole is so to speak, something like a test bed for flying.
As the depression is too shallow for ordinary humanity to use for
supporting their bodies.



[Image: 20060714084536.jpg]

Angels of children formed their bodies in the underground and they came up
through this hole.
They were not able to fly up with their wings if they failed to come up
through this hole.
These small holes are bored here and there and it is dangerous for humanity
to live around these holes.
Some of the holes were closed by grates.


The stone implement for making into the powder

[Image: 20060714085037.jpg]

Even though atoms formed the shape of Stone humans, they were not able to fly
up if atoms gathered too much and got heavy.
The subconsciousness of those heavy angels exited from the body and only the
heavy body was left without subconsciousness.
In that case the heavy body was ground finely into as small as atoms and the
form of Stone humans were remade.
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05-04-2016 01:45 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The new underground city was found in Cappadocia 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of
the earth

#)They say a new underground city was discovered in Cappadocia.

[Image: ph_thumb.jpg?__scale=w:500,h:334&_sh=0dd0560b20]

The image of the mound looks as if it opened the mouth widely
and appeal something as hard as it can.
The right eye looks as if it were closed by a stone and it seems
to show humans see only the real world with the left eye.
The right half of human body show the world of subconscious and
the left half of it show the real world.
As the information about the underground city in Cappadocia told,
it is too dangerous for humans to live in the underground city
because humans have to see with eyes.
We can't suppose at all humans lived in the underground city of
Today iron stairs are made in the basement and the grates block
the big holes.
However humans can hardly go ahead without a flashlight .
If we use the torch, oxygen will be decreased in the inner part
of the underground city.
Consequently it is impossible to go ahead with the light of
the torch.
Though a little soot is left the torch seems to have been used
later years.
If the residents had been Stone humans, their cells would have
worked on behalf of eyes.
Stone humans with wings were able to go up the deep holes.
When Stone humans lived in Cappadocia, the body of Stone god was
soft and Stone humans were able to eat its body as manna.
Manna served for the source of energy for Stone humans.
However the surrounding of Cappadocia is covered with stones and
pebbles and there is no farmland.
Consequently it was impossible for many humans to live in Cappadocia.
Moreover humans were not able to dig the hard rock and make the
room of six floor in the underground.
Of course there were no stones around Cappadocia which show they
were dug out.



Cappadocia, The stone door of underground city of Kaimaruku

[Image: 20060507062106.jpg]



The deep hole of Cappadocia,Cappadocia

[Image: 20060713183310.jpg]
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05-04-2016 01:49 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The Arabian Peninsula=The boot which shows the mankind's way forward 

[Image: Arabiap.jpg]

The Arabian Peninsula expresses the foot by which the mankind's
way forward.
Dragons which had been in Dead Sea entered into the underground
lake in the Arabian Peninsula and they are harassing Iran with
the thorn at the tip of the toe in order to cause conflicts.
I was told through channeling the beings which sent Dragons to
Dead Sea is Ohomoto (religious sect founded in 1892 as an
offshoot of Shinto) and Buddhism in Japan.
Actually, the being from the sky said that Loyal Families and
leaders of religions of the countries except Yemen in the Arabian
Peninsula support people of Islamism secretly.
They support to fight by Islamic fundamentalism to protect Islam.

I felt a strong sign on my body.
Channeling started:

"The first thing I want to tell is that I was deceived by
bad stars.
So Stone gods became lions and others.
Stone gods of UAE told this to Iran by kicking.
But the Arabian Peninsula which became a boot was controlled
by bad stars later.
It is related to Dead Sea in Israel.
Bad beings of Dead Sea are dragons which came to Arabian
So Stone gods of the Arabian Peninsula became a desert to
protest it.
Bad beings of the Arabian Peninsula harass Iran by kicking
with the foot.
Bad men who like to fight (Loyal Families(?) leaders of
religions(?) in Arabian Peninsula) give the money to bad men.
Dragons of Arabian Peninsula are too bad.
They lurk in an underground lake of the desert
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05-04-2016 01:50 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Karnak temple complex, Egypt 

[Image: 20071110210116.jpg]
Photo by Mr. I

When I was looking at this picture, tears came to my eyes.
I was informed through channeling as follows:

"This is Mt. Teine(the name of Japanese mountain.) speaking.
They are my children.
These Stone humans directed big Stone humans to create
pyramids and obelisks(?).
Their bodies remained as it used to be without being
broken because they worked hard
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Karnak temple complex, Egypt NO2 

[Image: 20071110211922.jpg]
Photo by Mr. I

I was simply overwhelmed with these big and thick stone pillars.
It is regarded that pillars supported the ceiling, but to tell
the truth these stone pillars were not used to support it.
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05-04-2016 01:52 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Karnak temple complex, Egypt NO3 

[Image: 20071110212415.jpg]
Photo by Mr. I

Goats line up on both sides and welcome people.
They express that the first food of human beings was goat's milk.

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