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Aqueduct of Turkey
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05-04-2016 01:54 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Karnak temple complex, Egypt NO4 

[Image: 20071110212751.jpg]
Photo by Mr. I

I was told as follows.

"A human being is very small compared with Stone humans."
A small statue by the legs expresses a human being.
Stone humans dried out and became smaller though they are too big
compared with a man.
But when Stone humans were alive and moisture-containing their
bodies were bigger than now.
His real face was not completed because his main consciousness is
subconsciousness (consciousness from the star).
Things which he crossed on the chest express tools for threshing
ears of wheat and for pulling wheat.
They express that Stone gods created food for human beings and it
tells human beings to grow wheat.
A pot on the head was used for accumulating the soup
(melted Stone gods) .
A thing like cloth under ears was used to hear sounds and it is
also the apparatus through which the soup flows down to the body.
Pillars behind are a kind of Stone humans.
They held hands and sent energy to an independent Stone human.

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Karnak temple complex, Egypt No5 

[Image: 20071110214112.jpg]

Photo by Mr I


Egyptian Hieroglyphs show atoms of Stone gods became things like these
(food and parts of body) for human beings.
They are small editions of Nazca Lines.
Hieroglyph like waves expresses inside the intestines.
One like a spool expresses a nerve.
One like an eel expresses a sperm.
One like a circle with three lines inside expresses food.
I understood it was a pomegranate after I had asked about it several
A pomegranate expresses that a lot of seeds (Stone humans) were born
from inside Stone gods.
There are many Hieroglyphs of birds and owls because bird seat taught
the structure of the internal organs.

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The religions were given to humans to cause conflict.

By Takashi(Sennari)

I thought while young, religion would make humans peaceful.
Therefore I didn't know why there are many conflict between religions.
However I have been given terrifying information about them.

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The religions were given to humans to cause conflict

Religions have been given to humans by the Ruler's Stars.
The Ruler's Stars can rule humans by the power of bad dragons which controls religious believers.
Those who believed in religions eagerly while they were living, have to go to the stars like Pleiades where only snakes and dragons live when they die.
Therefore those atoms of the human bodies who believes in religions earnestly hate the deed of the believers and if atoms judge this person will never stop believing in the religions while he or she is alive apt to make him or her the cancer patient or cut the brain vessels of him or her and recover the soul to the world of subconsciousness compulsorily.

Please refer to the below site about more.

Vision and Jesus


The snake in the Old Testament

The project in the universe


Why nature gets angry

The religion and the canaries in the cage

The question of evil

Abnormal weather

The vision showing the earth is covered with water | The earthquake in Russia | Stone gods in Siberia region

Stone humans were solidified by Snake charmer seat|The earthquakes and the clouds|Italian stone statues

Ethnic strife

Religious issues(by Mr. I.W)

Tibetan Buddhism

From the late Yasin and the terrorist woman

Two sets of twins|Jesus and Muhammad

Two sets of twins NO1 and NO2

From Jesus

"You fellows" story

The more detailed story of Islam from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA

The more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO1

The more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO2

The thoughts of the war dead | From the the conscious mind of the earth which came to have unbearable anger | The earthquake in Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

The aggregation of Christians' subconscious mind,

John Lennon and aliens

What "Think" means | Ball of light


Mexico City, Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe 1-5

The meaning of Laocoon and His Sons| Pink aurora | The lie of Greek myths |The mail of the change of angel of black clothes

The law of the universe | reincarnation |The anger of the earth |sea urchin

The being which take advantage of the fear for their energy source 【Postscript】

Those who eat without working |Australia | Stone god Tour |The vision of two earth

The subconsciousness who suffered from the excution by burning | terracotta army (clay figurines found near the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor in China) | Stone statue | Tragic incidents are increasing under the influence by the protection of evil god

The suffering of the earth

Pains that can not move

The signal to the body | The center of the earth | Noah | Habitable zone | Imperial system

A mail from the man who has learned various religions and have engaged in channeling

Ramesses | The meaning of the Egyptian mural | The energy body of World Religions Conference | SS | Served monk | The bad planets in the solar system

From Stone gods | Omogo Valley | The figure in twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

How is this information conveyed by the beings from the sky?

The terror of channeling


The letter to Linda of EARTHFILES (Postscript and correction in May 2005 【Sirius】)

The salt in the regions like Death Valley

【Postscript】Salt | The pain of Stone god

Land of the Dead | Hot spring

The patience of atoms(elements)

The beginning of conscious mind

Vicious spiritual bodies

The story of Shaka and Buddha in 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' Postscript on Oct. 4, 2006 "The meaning of a1l is vanity"

The caution in case of channeling Adding and correction on May 30, 2007

Vicious energy body and religions

The most important problem about channeling

The matter which I want you to let people know absolutely

Why do atoms give notice one after another?

Equality is the most important in the universe

Why atoms get angry.

The role of announcements from the stars

In order to attain the world peace

The Email about the memoir in the world of subconsciousness

The earth which wants to be flat

To religious people

Interesting things take place at the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.

Reply by Ms Taeko Shiraki to the posting of the person in Ukraine

The posting by US person,One day earth may rebel and pay us back for all the damage we have done.


60,000 Antelopes Died in 4 Days

The posting to Godlike Production

The posting by US person to Godlike Production

The hidden reasons of the rituals which are done by the consecraters and the priests who exorcise evil spirits

Why terror attack incidents take place

Bad Message given to me

Five myths about Emperor Hirohito reported by Time
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05-05-2016 04:33 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
About the information from Cameron Day  

By Takashi

As someone posted long text to Godlike Production about Cameron Day, I tried to understand what is written there.
But it is too long and hard to understand what is written.
Consequently I made the Japanese page in my HP and tried to read it with the help of translation soft.

Now I found he is also deceived by the channeling information as he writes about Meditation, Higer Self, Ascension,Kundalini, and so on, whjch are characteristic words of the information given by stars which wanted to dominate humans.
Atoms repeatedly tell Meditation is too dangerous, as stars which wanted to dominate humans can make sounds resound in the humans brain by the big sound .
Please refer to the below site about more info.
The most important problem about channeling

The terror of channeling


The religions were given to humans to cause conflict

To religious people

The hidden reasons of the rituals which are done by the consecraters and the priests who exorcise evil spirits
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The story of Atlantis and Lemuria

May 10, 2015 

The story of Atlantis and Lemuria

(Now At Work)

Atlantis was made by the giants of Stone gods who carried the soil and
rocks of the region of the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic ocean by
passing through Straits of Gibraltar.
They made a big continent(Atlantis).

The scheme made by universe planned to make both the feet in the
Mediterranean Sea.
One was Italy and the other was Greece.
However Stone gods in Greece hated to become the shape of a foot and
took a selfish behavior.
Therefore Greece didn't become the shape of a foot like Italy.
Consequently Stone gods in Turkey got angry and often launched wars
against Greece.
However Greece didn't become the form of a foot in the long run.

The giants of Stone gods worked for carrying the rocks and soil which
existed in the region of the Mediterranean Sea.
Those giants were given the things for the remuneration of their working.
Those things which served on behalf of money have been left as remnants
even now in Italy and Morocco.
In Atlantis, Stone gods and Sirius pursued the beauty of the appearance
which reached the highest level.
However they found there is no fun any more as there remained nothing to

Meteora in Greece

Therefore atoms which had formed Atlantis decomposed in unison.
It is the collapse of Atlantis.
However some of the civilization of Atlantis were left around the coast of
the Mediterranean Sea and there remained stone statues and masonry in
Greek and Roman era.
The name At-lan-tis is decomposed to three parts.
"At" means "later" and "lan" means "turbulence" in Japanese. 
As the name of Atlantis shows, the beings in late age of Atlantis were
divided into two groups.
One is the group of the beings who ruled others and the other were the
group who were ruled.
The beings who were ruled lived in the country of Lemuria.
However the beings of Lemuria began to feel the complaints gradually as
they were always ruled.
Their feeling of complaints reached the limit of complaints.
Therefore Lemurian continent moved to the South Pole and it kept being
confined in the ice as it was.
The spirits of those who stayed under the ice possessed the people who
visited the South Pole and they went north when the visitor of the South
Pole returned to north and informed various matters to humans.
However they wanted to go up in the sky earlier and they started to inform
by being born again into the creatures like fish, and so on and they are
apt to inform to humans by trying to play large number of deaths.
(This story is Now At Work)


Jan. 25, 2013

Sardinia coins?

[Image: 20130125214446.jpg]

They are the objects which were discovered at the bottom of the sea and characters are engraved.
The channeling told me they are the money for the Stone humans who dug down Mediterranean sea and carried the soil to Atlantis.
There were also a lot bigger than these.
Previously in Morocco I saw on TV, lots of circular stone money were
piled up.
I was told through the channeling they were also the coins which had
been given to Stone humans who helped to cross the strait.


July 20, 2008

The king of Atlantis

[Image: 20080720231646.jpg]

The head of Johan Shun Sen

I was told to see this statue previously.

Johan Shun Sen has the meaning as follows in Japanese.
Shun Sen= ; S E T sail

I was told that means Johan Shun Sen went to the sanatorium in the
Mediterranean Sea from Atlantis at midnight.
For Atlantis, it has been written in detail in "The message from
the stars", which was informed in detail in 1998.

Postscript on Feb. 23, 2010

You can see the square hole is opened in front of the ear of the
There is the snail tube near it and it is the incarnation of the
Ohmoto(the central) in the universe.

Those who have Melasma between the right ear and the right eye
show their past lives were in Atlantis.
Liver =It is the organ which show Atlantis.

The rocks which express the parts of human body


Jan. 6, 2010

Atlantis=The world only for viewing

Atlantis created the most splendid figures as the works like this.
However only viewing the works didn't bring about more effect.
Even though they might make up the works, those works remained the
same shape semipermanently.
Therefore atoms of works decided to decompose once and tried to be
born into another things.
Some of the beings in the universe condemned Atlantis as Atlantis
which accomplished the splendid world decomposed.
Therefore those beings condemned and gave the warning representation.
However atoms of the works can experience more lives than staying in
the single thing semipermanently.
Therefore big intention of atoms was rewarded and right.
Consequently there is no reason to be condemned.
People are apt to emphasize only the look currently.
It is the work which shows that we can well understand the world to
be viewed only is too vain.

[Image: 20100106070717.jpg]
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The king of Sagittarius |From Stone gods of Delicate Arch|NABS 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

I would like to offer sincere sympathy to those who became the
victims of the typhoon.

Sep. 28, 2004
When I am reading "You fellows" story which I am editing now,
I felt uncomfortable in the right chest.

"The king of Sagittarius(in Middle East)speaking.
I was wrong.


(He told me he had wanted to dominate humans, since humans
indulged in fight.)

You are going to issue a book (booklet) about Stone
gods, aren't you?
That's why I gave a signal (I felt uncomfortable in
the chest)to support you.


I woke up that night by coughing out when I was sleeping.
So I was thinking about the booklet and channeling started again.

"Some of the people understand the meaning of the booklet.
However the weak are afraid of changing their mind so far.
(They do not try to understand.)
They are also the same as those who run to the teachings of
the revenge of Islamic terrorism or also accuse this information
by convincing this info is religion.
As this information denies the teachings of many which have been
believed until now, there are few that accept it.
However if they read the booklet, they will understand even if
they are children.


(Is it because comic is contained?)

This booklet which tells Islamic teachings of revenge is wrong
was sent to Arafat through Palestine children.


(It may be the event only in the world of the subconscious mind)

Therefore he told "Even prophet was wrong."
That's why suicide bombings (in Palestine) had subsided for
a while.
Recently, the battle got fierce again since no info came in
from Japan.
Therefore they think the info (in this booklet)which they got
previously is a lie and they are in the interpretation of revenge
as before and have started the revenge. 
If you look at the booklet, even children can understand the
outline of this information.
Though the road of learning is steep you must always pass it to
be happy.
Those who know this information, will see why various religions
began from around the Dome of the Rock (the body of the king of
Stone gods).


I am going to sleep from now.

* Ms Taeko Shiraki is usually woken up
for channeling at night when she is asleep.
After she writes down what was told
through the channeling on the bed,
she sleeps again.
Therefore she writes "I am going to sleep from now."

Sep. 29, 2004
In the early morning

"Please tell people the words which I told last night. 
I'm the king of Sagittarius.
Earth was kind enough to tie us.
The thoughts of the king of Sagittarius in Middle East reached
the queen of Sagittarius in US and the thoughts were represented
by the eruption* which were ordered Stone gods near to erupt
by the queen of Sagittarius in US."


* It means the eruption of Mount St. Helen of the West Coast
of the United States. 
The article of EarthFiles.

27/09/2004 Earthquake swarms at Mt.St.Helens,Washington

* M6 earthquakes have occurred in California this morning.

When I was dozing off in the daytime,

"I am happy to find the rock of my knee is informed to people.

【Delicate Arch】

[Image: 20040725235608.jpg]

I made this work to show that humans should have legs.
I had made many of them until this work was completed.


(There are two rocks which look like the leg-like rocks. )

The rocks which formed only the legs had been made by other
Stone gods before this work was made. 



It was made because I thought less energy to walk would be
required by if humans had the knees.
The instep was made to make the body fix more easily.
I made rounded toe because I saw the vision of the future
when humans are wearing shoes.

The reason why I made toes(only two of them ) beside the
shoe was I could see the future when humans would be wearing
sandals on the feet.


(Though I often appealed to Stone god who made this work,
I had no reply. )

When I found my work had been informed of to people, I wanted
to tell anyway the answer of the mystery of the shape of shoes,
sandals and foot.
I was frustrated as my first piece of work was not introduced
to humans.
Delicate Arch was the third piece of work which I finally finished .
I had a hard time in making the first and the second one, too.
I put it on the foundation in the bowl-shaped place so that it
would not be fallen by the human rope.
Those who are dominated by the stars that had sent scorpions to
the earth may fall the arch.
Therefore I intended to complete it in the place which was hard
for humans to approach it before humans reach to the level that
can understand the meaning of the rock of this leg.
The next big rock of the leg rock represented the alter ego and
the smaller one represented the giant.
The rock which is looking in the back is myself of Stone god.
The foundation which is in the bowl-shaped place is made up of
other bodies of Stone gods."


As no words were spoken for a while I(Taeko Shiraki)asked,
"Is that all that you want to say?"

"I still have something to say.
Most Stone gods made each work in order to represent their thought.
We want humans to know anyway we Stone gods made the earth on which
creature could live.
However humans forcibly rationale, all the mountains and rocks were
made naturally.
It was found that there are many human beings who insist (like
science bulletin board believer Y) there is no such a thing told
in this site, even though there are no evidence for their claim.
We Stone gods have intense anger for it.


(Abnormal occurrence such as typhoons)

I know clearly in the world of the subconscious mind why do they
oppose to the info about Stone gods .
Because those who oppose the info about Stone gods have the
subconscious mind of " the star which had sent scorpions to the earh".
They have been hated even in the universe.
Th reason why the star is so reluctant to admit Stone gods
meaninglessly is it is "Seneni".
"Seneni" means the being who wants to take the position of the top,
while he does not want to work."


NABS gathered arches around the world.

a half-made arch

[Image: StanJones-CarrotTopArch.jpg]

[Image: StanJones-CarrotTopArch2.jpg]

[Image: StanJones-RainbowTrailArch.jpg]

If we see these arches, we find it is hard to imagine they were
made naturally.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Prof. Hironari Yamada in Ritumeikan University claims atoms have consciousness 

By Takashi

Prof. Hironari Yamada in Ritumeikan University in Japan who is the authority of
quantum mechanics and who invented many Quantum Beam Science machines claims
Atoms have consciousness.

Prof. Hironari Yamada in the department of science and technology of Ritumeikan
University in Japan discovered atoms have consciousness from the point of view
of quantum mechanics and published the book titled "The meaning of existence,
will and life --- What are you going to do if electrons have the will?"
And in 2015, he also published the book titled "The quantum mechanics
which brings about the true peace on the earth."
The summary of the book tells as follows.
This book tells the quantum philosophy which was led by quantum mechanics.
It forms the final theory which leads to realize the lasting peace.
It sets our new sense of values which can be shared by all the nations
and all the humans, free.
In addition, it will become our sense of values which can be shared
by any life.

[Image: yamada2.jpg]
Prof. Hironari Yamada in Ritumeikan University in Japan

Department of Photonics Quantum Beam Science Laboratory

Professor's career

Professor's profile

Prof. Kousei Yamada in Ritumeikan University in Japan
got a prize of Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education,
Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in April 2007.

His scholarly publication is shown in the below URL.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Jacinta de Jesus Marto of fatimah, adverse effect of religions, Warning from the earth, Lemurian continent, Kilauea 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

May 10, 2015

I woke up at night and the channeling was started.

I'd like to hear children's song.
I'm Jacinta de Jesus Marto.
I was deceived by the the bad villain who claimed Maria.
Now I'm under the dark stone.
Please chop the spirit of the villain as I want to go up to the sky.
My miserable life showed humans would have the lives like the mine
if they were deceived by the bad words of villain .

[Image: 400px-ChildrensofFatima.jpg]

The words given to me through the channeling was from the girl who got famous in the prophecy of fatimah.
She led a miserable life as she was ruled by stars which wanted
to dominate humans.

The stars which wanted to dominate humans showed the scene of the
terrifying hell and told Jacinta de Jesus Marto she would have to
lead such a terrifying life in the hell if she would not have
followed their instructions.
It is the typical way of the religions.
They scare people that people would suffer such miserable lives if
they didn't follow their instructions.
As stars which wanted to dominate humans had very strong power,
they were able to work many kind of miracles.
Though it was written in the story of my experience, I was showered
extreme terrifying words by auditory hallucinations when I was ruled
by the queen of Pleiades in 1998.
I was scared I would have been baked in the eternal flame of the hell
if I had not followed her instruction.
I think it is the same experience of Jacinta de Jesus Marto.
Fortunately I had not seen the visual hallucination though I heard
the words.
Moreover I worked at psychiatry and I knew the word 'channeling '
in the inner world information.
Consequently I was able to return to the normal state by any means.
However I would have been hospitalized all my life as a mental patient
if I had been shown firmly the view of hell by visual hallucination.
I remember the terrifying words which I was given then.
I was scared I would suffer the same symptom of hemorrhagic fever of today.
As I was told I would suffer the strong contagious disease, the town
of Kyoto would be filled with the corpses.
I think the miserable situation of hemorrhagic fever in Africa thereafter
is the same as the situation which I was scared by the words of the queen of Pleiades.
Though I have digressed from my theme, I think many infectious disease are sent to the earth by the beings in the universe who try to afflict humans.
Visual hallucinations and auditory hallucinations can never be elucidated
by modern science.
Those who see visual hallucination and hear auditory hallucinations are
abandoned as mentally abnormal but they are taken advantage so that it will be convenient for religions for many years and they are made believe religions.
In the universe there are consciousness bodies who rule obviously and trifle with humans.
However religions admire those consciousness bodies as gods.
When we read the experience of fatimah carefully, it is clear that villainous consciousness bodies in universe ruled the children.
Stars which want to dominate humans also want to be worshiped.
However people believe them even now without knowing the truth.
Consequently the earth is heading for the collapse, which seems to be shown by the last prophecy of fatimah.
In summer of 1998, I was heading for the Mediterranean Sea in Mykono by bus.
The view was bleak.
Suddenly Jesus descended to me and began to tell.
I was much surprised to hear what Jesus told.
Jesus told Israel in Jesus 's time had had the bleak view and he also told
he was surprised find the town was filled with his crucified statues and
He seemed to have much surprised to find those things as he saw the view with human 's eyes.
He asked me to tell Vatican to stop selling his crucified statues and
pictures at any cost.
Though what he told was surprising to me, I thought it might be true
because there are too many cruel crucified statues and pictures in Europe.
I thought I could hardly bear to look at the dreadful goods for the
unfamiliar person like me.
Consequently I felt crucified Jesus told the truth.
Therefore I wrote the sequence of events to Vatican how my channeling
had started and wrote Jesus wanted to stop to putting up the figures
which show he had died by suffering much.
Moreover I wrote Jesus wanted not to make that kind of goods or pictures.
I wrote I was told that he wanted to stop to make people worship him.
I sent a letter in which I wrote the above matters to Vatican.
Of course I got no reply but the activities of Vatican have weighed on my mind.
Then Vatican started to exchange the relations with Russian Orthodox Church with which it had broken off diplomatic relations as long as 450 years.
Moreover I found fellows of religious people began to try to unite.
As it is the biggest religion which holds hundreds of millions believers
I thought it was as a matter of course.
I have watched the change of religious world.
However I found there are too many people whose way of thinking is not different from the one of one thousand years ago.
There are too many adverse effect of the religions and the world of
subconscious seems to inform people by the behavior of extreme Muslim.
Moreover most people ignore Atoms have consciousness even though they form the earth, air and water and bodies which are indispensable for human lives.
However most humans appreciate only energy bodies of religions which
want to be worshiped.
Consequently atoms of the earth got extremely tired and they seem to
have started to warn by abnormal phenomena, abnormal weather, large
number of deaths of creatures like fish.
Moreover the big accidents of vehicles and conflicts among fellows of
religious people start to happen in sequence.

The Holy Mother of fatimah

The storm of leopards as big as balls.

Please help the beings in Lemurian continent, southern island.
They were defeated as they destroyed Atlantis.
People in Atlantis suffered the miserable lives around the end period of
The beings who were ruled had the too painful lives.
The beings in Lemurian continent turned into the creatures like fish,
and so on later and they informed their painful lives by a large number
of deaths of creatures.


In addition, I have repeatedly been informed that there is no magma
inside the earth,there are underground cavities and rivers flow inside
the earth.
I woke up and channeling started as I coughed out last night.

"The being who is in the mountain has descended to you.
I'm (the subconscious of) Kilauea in Hawaii.
I was doing the bad things, because villains descended to me
(Mt. Kilauea).
Moreover they made people fight.
Then the villains made humans think there is the magma inside the earth
by making the lava squirt constantly.
As the beings in the underground want to go out, the lava squirt.
When they go out, they burn as they combine with oxygen when they go
out first.
I caused the earthquake in order to let humans know it.

The signal to my body continues. my mouth moves and it tells that the subconscious in Lemurian continent wants to go up to the sky.
One of the subconscious seems to be the Pope 's(?).

John Paul II

Benedict XVI

The story of Atlantis and Lemurian continent was added briefly.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The meaning of the stone pillars of Stonehenge 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

Image collection of Stonehenge

[Image: 20050501082243.jpg]

I was told the inside stone circle represents Stone gods from Sagittarius
and the coupled outside stone circle represents Sirius.
Huge rectangular stones are fitted with the unevenness so that they would not move.
How to make Stonehenge was taught to giants by Sirius.
The stone pillars which were fallen are the Stone gods who were going to turn into the sands.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Mt. Wakakusa-yama, the chain, twin circular mound, the twins, Muhammad and Jesus, various visions.

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"
[link to]

Jan. 16, 2016

Since the time at dawn, I have been given the intense signal to the right hip joint and my mouth moved and said to me, "We want you to go to the mountain."
At first my mouth told me to go to Mt. Katsuragi-san but it changed the destination and told me to go to Mt. Wakakusa-yama as it is Stone god of the child of Mt. Katsuragi-san when I told we went there the other day.
As the signal was too intense, when I thought we will surely visit Mt. Wakakusa-yama and started visiting there the signal stopped suddenly.
[link to]

When I passed by Mt. Wakakusa-yama, it seemed to hate to be baked at the time of mountain firing but I was not able to cope with it. The word which told it is the mountain that can't visit except for the winter, came out of my mouth.
The above word might mean too many sightseers visit except winter, I thought.
But Mt. Wakakusa-yama seems to inform its feeling of anger by the cold wind. There is a tumulus at the top of Mt. Wakakusa-yama and we were able to reach there by car but it blew colder and stronger wind when we visited there.
That colder wind showed Stone god of Mt. Wakakusa-yama was angry as it is given the mountain firing every year.
I soothed Mt. Wakakusa-yama by claiming that the shape of the mountain can be seen clearly and the shape of the giantkeyhole-shaped mound on the top can be seen clearly, too as the grass and trees are burned away.
I told Stone god of Mt. Wakakusa-yama that the shape of the mountain and the one of the giantkeyhole-shaped mound get illegible if trees and grass were growing much.
And I added that it gets warm by the event of mountain firing because mountain firing is given at the coldest season of the year, .
When I climbed to the top of the mountain, I found the chain surrounding the top of the mountain.
It was the same chain as I saw in the vision.
However it is easy to stride over it.
Therefore I told Stone god there he can go up into the sky easily if he doesn't think he is shut up by the chain.
I was told thereafter by Mt. Wakakusa-yama as follows.

As the Nara basin was the sea bygone days Mt. Wakakusa-yama was the small island.
And there were lots of planktons which were formed by Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms).
Mt. Wakakusa-yama instructed the planktons of Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms) of Sagittarius to become the delicious food after the sea became the land.
Therefore Nara basin became the rich farmland.
However Mt. Wakakusa-yama got angry as humans don't admit it.

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Stone humans 

[Image: 20061206181331.jpg]

This image was provided by a reader who had been to Egypt.
I was told murals were made as Stone humans entered into the wall and got solidified.
The pattern of hieroglyphs were also made as Neus entered the wall after they formed the sh
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The fountain in Rome 

[Image: 20061207124225.jpg]

Stone humans sucked up water from their feet.
The water was accumulated in the pot put on the head of Stone humans.
The stone fountain in various places in Europe seems to represent it.
This is Fontana della Barcaccia in Plaza de Espana.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Unfinished Obelisk 

[Image: 20061028222947.jpg]
The image is from Mr.I

It is the gigantic one.
I was told previously atoms of Stone gods formed the gigantic Obelisk by which they intended to make humans realize it is impossible to make such a gigantic one.
When you see the man far away, you can understand how huge it is.
It is evident how small the existence of humans when you see the other masonry, too.
It is hard to make them even with the modern machines.
It is quite impossible for the humans who lived just after the stone age.
However as there is no way to explain them, humans finish it by relying on the armchair theory.
Humans apt to think they were able to do anything but we should realize the limitations in human ability.
I think we should be more humble to the question asking why.
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Paris | Stone humans of opera house 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

[Image: 20100524193836.jpg]

The image is from a reader

Can modern sculptors make these wonderful sculptures?


Paris・Stone men of opera house

[Image: 20100524193643.jpg]
The photo is from a reader
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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Why are sinkholes made one after another? 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

The big sinkhole in Papua New Guinea.

Two waterfalls full of water fall to the bottom of the big sinkhole
shown in the above youtube and it seems this scene informs people
that the inside of the earth looks like this one. as there are many
underground cavities inside the earth.
Incidentally this water of the two falls shows the sea water forms
the river inside the earth by its being filtered when it goes into
the earth.
Though water of Dead Sea is becoming less it shows it is being filtered
into the underground cavities, according to the previous True SKY(SORA)information given to me.

The sinkholes occurring frequently.

Forty-two sinkholes are introduced in this site.
Though sinkholes were introduced previously, too, there is the
information which tells that more than three thousand sinkholes
are being made around Dead Sea.

The sinkhole which turns up in a minute.

The huge sinkhole in Portugal looks like the shape of the giant keyhole-shaped mound seen in Japan.

The bulletin board tells as follows.
Where did a large amount of the mass of debris of nuclear fuel produced
in Fukushima Accident go?

News(Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant issue: What about the truth?)
There is the following news.
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant causes the new panic.
The overseas researchers and related people of the government are
worrying about.
The worst crisis of underground critical is in progress?

The news is reprinted.

---What does this mean?
The conceivable is that the debris of nuclear fuel changed into the state
which shows the different reaction to the nuclear power plant changed into
the state that shows the different reaction against the traditional water
injection cooling process.
For example the debris penetrated the concrete under the containment vessel
and reached the ground(meltdown)and contacted the underground water.
From the first to the third plant of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant,
the nuclear fuel caused meltdown and was accumulated in the below part of
the containment vessel just after the huge earthquake.
It got apparent by the clairvoyance shooting which was done by taking advantage
of muon that has the strong penetrating power of the substance.
It was conducted for the second power plant from April to July of last year
by Nagoya university.
Furthermore the robot research which was conducted two meter above the
bottom of containment vessel for the first power plant, the debris of
ultra-high temperature of several thousand degrees melted the pressure
vessel and fell down was shot by the traces at the bottom of the pressure
However the accurate place of the debris has not been identified and the
bottom of the containment vessel looked flat.
Then where did a large amount of debris of more than 100 tons?
This phenomenon is the same as many sinkholes which are being made by
Atom-boys recently.
Though Atom-boys don't tell me of their own accord but they reply ゙Yes゙,
when I ask them.
In short, atoms of 100 tons ' debris released the hands and the mass of
nuclear fuel disappeared?
My mouth moved and often told me the truth is that it would become impossible
for Japanese to live in Tohoku district after 3/11.
However I think we should appreciate and thank as atoms have kept today's
situation in which people can live there.
However the SKY (SORA), the universe informs me atoms do evil deeds as
humans demonize them.
The epicenter of 3/11 was near the nuclear plant of Onagawa but the
damage was much larger in Fukushima which is far away from the epicenter.
Though it may be unbelievable, a reader of The True SKY(SORA)Info was
working for the cleaning at the nuclear plant of Onagawa .
Moreover he had thanked to the atoms of the radioactivity by telling
thanks for their working for humans.
Why did the big earthquake, however, happen?
It was because humans never admit atoms have consciousness even though
atoms were kind enough by working for humans.
Therefore they got angry and planned to make the earth previous flat state,
I was told.
However the beings in the outer space acknowledged humans, even though a few,
began to understand atoms which configure the earth have consciousness and
began to give thanks to atoms who were kind enough to work for humans.
Therefore the plan to make the earth flat was stopped, I was told.
The earth was flat previously, though it is round now.
However most humans don't admit atoms have consciousness however often they
might be told.
Moreover they want to focus only on their own interests
Consequently atoms who are supporting the earth start to release their hands
in unison and sinkholes are being made one after another.
The substance can keep its shape as atoms are holding their hands with one
However the substance will disappear in an instant when atoms stop holding
their hands.
It is shown by the sinkhole.
Atoms are making the demonstration exercise by producing the sinkholes.
The truth was that atoms didn't want to cause big earthquake but they know
the domination of the earth by the religions got harsher and harsher.
Therefore the subconscious of the people who are ruled by religions ask for
the help to the outer space and want to be born again earlier.
The subconscious of humans mourn too much if the consciousness of humans
believe religions because religions were given to humans by the stars of
snakes which want to dominate humans.
Those snake stars enjoy the conflict among humans.
People who believe religions usually don't pay attention to the conflict
caused by the difference of religions, for example the conflicts between
Christianity and Islam.
That's why atoms begins to inform humans by dint of causing the big disasters,
I was told.

Not only the appearance of sinkholes but also we humans have come to suffer
the severer weather year by year.
Atoms are appealing to humans by those phenomena.

However the voice of atoms may not reach those who believe religions because
the leaders of religions will surely tell sinkholes are made by Devil and
science believer will tell harsher weather is caused by nature with no
Takashi(translator of my site) often tells moderators of weather forums
usually ban his posting about atoms have consciousness.
Consequently people can't understand why weather gets harsher and harsher
year by year.
I wonder how long can the earth keep the round shape?

The sink holes on parade

[Image: Sinkholesinkhole1.jpg]

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