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Aqueduct of Turkey
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03-26-2016 12:37 AM

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Aqueduct of Turkey
Aqueduct of Turkey 

[Image: 20060507064117.jpg]

This Aqueduct was once ten and several km long(?), and some of it have been remained firmly.
It is impossible to imagine it was made only for supplying the water for the bath.
I was told by the beings in the universe that it had been made by Stone gods' multiplying ability.

The following is the page of Great Wall of China.

Great Wall of China
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04-15-2016 05:22 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The first human NO2 【Postscript】 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

I woke up at midnight as my stomach was itchy. 

"I am the first human.
Small humans came to increase since then.
As water was needed for the human, the round big thing(Stone god of Wave Rock) became flat and told me to drill a hole on the flat part.
As the round big thing was soft, it was easy for me to drill a hole.  
I told the humans to drink the water which was accumulated in it."

April 4, 2002

Teeth of mine breeze.

"I was the first human that was created.
I have something to tell you.
It was too hard to have a body in all aspects.
It was too difficult for me to walk as I was a huge giant.
I found it the hardest to find food after I was born as a human.
The beings in the universe were kind enough to send down much manna like mushrooms, but I really could not have enough."

* )I am going to sleep from now.

*Ms Taeko Shiraki is usually woken up for channeling at night when she is asleep.
After she writes down what was told through the channeling on the bed, she sleeps again.
Therefore she writes "I am going to sleep from now."

I woke up as I felt itchy around my mouth.

"I have something to tell.
As my body was too big to support my body with food.
Therefore the big round thing(Stone god) taught me what to eat.
The food was the thing like rats which were running around there. -------------------------------------------------------- >

(=Does it mean Quokka of marsupial in Rottonesu Island in Australia? Please refer to the below image)

[Image: quokka2.jpg]

The beings in the universe told me to eat them. 
Therefore I became somewhat healthy.
Big rats gathered around me, because the beings in the universe were kind enough to gather them. 
That is why animals move today led by beings in the universe.
We talked with Stone gods in Egypt with telepathy.
We asked them to make the things which will serve as the evidence about our existence for the future humans.

(Are they the giant statues of Memnon?)

[Image: lrg_10420499.jpg]

Because they told me there are lots of food (wheat) in Egypt and Stone gods were healthy.
I found another giant of opposite sex.
Children were born between me and her.
Many were born at a time.
Though they were the ancestors of humans of today, they were not so wise.
Therefore I asked the beings in the universe to do the operation of the brains of them so that they could do the necessary movement for their living. 
Therefore the number of humans increased.
Even though we might die and turned into the subconscious mind, we were much anxious about them.
Therefore we taught them various matters with telepathy from the world of the subconscious mind.
Our bodies decomposed and disappeared after we died.
But the big round thing were left in the real world as it had turned into the rock.
Stone gods and their children, Daidarabotchi, mythical giants are the same beings."

After a while

"I recall our children were small but they could move more freely.
When they were born, they could walk by themselves.
They grew up by eating fruits. 
When they grew big, they ate the rats which I had eaten. 
Children were born to them, too.
Children of humans gradually got smaller.
The thing which humans were the most pleased was to drink water accumulated in the hole. 
Therefore we made rivers.
As the round big thing was kind enough to make the mountains, we, children of them, made efforts to make rivers.
That's why humans came to be able to drink water all year round."

(* It means rivers were not made by Stone gods but made by giants. )

After this channeling, I had a dream of the mountain on fire in an instant.

"Wildfire occurred.
Lightning came down, when we were in the river.
Large rats were burnt after burning for a while.
We found them delicious when they were burned with fire."
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04-15-2016 05:28 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

[Image: 20070111053250.jpg]

Stone passage is laid in this manner.
You can find ruts on the stone passage.
Maybe stone might be soft in the early days.
There are lids in places, which may lead to the basement
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04-15-2016 05:34 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Stone pavement of Rome 

[Image: 20060105092459.jpg]

The whole town of Rome is laid cobblestones.
Stone of the mind-boggling number are arranged in an orderly manner.
When I asked why the stone pavement is not bumpy, the beings in the universe answered as follows.

"Because stone pavement is the skin of Stone gods ."

Stone pavement is continued to suburbs.
I thought the road had been paved by many people before I really saw it.
However I found the stones covering the surface of the stone pavement is too many number and I thought it was impossible to complete by human hands after I really saw it.
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04-15-2016 05:36 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey

[Image: 20100105170144.jpg]

I saw a vision which showed a staircase of the gentle curve with more than 30 steps(?) on which large pillars standing along the circular in 1998.
It is a magnificent building which does not exist on the current earth.
I was told it is the building of Atlantis through channeling.
I was looking for something similar if there is somewhere on the earth.
The person who is familiar with the spiritual world at the time told me we can find it in Delphi.
Therefore I wanted to see it once.
According to the channeling info, it does not look like(shabby?)compared to those of Atlantis.
However I was told the buildings which look like the ones of Atlantis were made to leave on the earth even a few.
Therefore I thought it was worth visiting it.
The building can't be seen exactly by the shade of a tree from the amphitheater, because it represents Atlantis sank into the Atlantic ocean and disappeared from view.
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04-15-2016 05:38 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey

[Image: 20100105163609.jpg]

Del・phi=It means 'sigh comes out'.
The above meaning was told by atoms.
As it is far from Athens to come here all the way, we may be able to agree that sigh comes out .
Moreover we can't reach there without climbing the slope.
It seems to have been built in cooperation with Jupiter, bird seat and Pleiades.
It seems to be like the girl of Stone god who competed with Demeter.

It is the familiar landscape and there is the ruins which I have wanted to see at the lower right.
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04-16-2016 11:44 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Vatican Square 

[Image: 20060105095926.jpg]

Stone statues are standing on top of huge stone pillars.
Stone pillars seem to represent giants and Stone humans.
My tongue started to move at night and channeling started.

"herd, herd ・・・I was looking at(human)herd.
No one noticed stone statues were Stone humans. ・・・"


Though people greeted enthusiastically the preaching of the pope no one noticed about Stone humans, were told to me sarcastically from Stone humans.
There is a fountain whose shape is like Mastigias papua.
There is a statue similar to the swirl and the evil countenance of it seems to represent the meaning of this place.
Decades have passed since I visited Vatican for the first time, when I thought no church is so sumptuous and gorgeous built with the money collected from poor believers.
However I do not feel the gorgeous light this time, since the lighting is dropped.
Incidentally Jesus got famous as he could communicate with the dead.
He told people to cherish the communication with the dead when he came here but the authority got angry at his claims, was told through channeling.
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04-16-2016 11:47 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Vatican【Postscript Dec.25,2012】 

[Image: 20100302220144.jpg]

All are made of marble.
Is it possible to carve it by the chisel?

Vatican【Postscript Dec.25,2012】

All the statues seems to have changed into marble with the lifted up big cloth covering the top of the stone box .
The feeling of the fabric seems to be very gorgeous and thick.
I noticed just now that Stone woman on the left is holding a baby Stone human in the arms.
It shows Stone humans were made in the stone boxes, which were often told by the beings in the universe.
This is one of the photos taken in a hurry as there are too many stone statues there.
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04-16-2016 11:50 AM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Stone humans who blended into the wall 

[Image: 20100312012509.jpg]

【Postscript Dec.25,2012】

Half body of Stone humans blend into the wall.

The pattern, such as the countless Egyptian hieroglyphs now stand out in relief.
One of the readers who went to Egypt saw the vision in which those Stone humans blended into the wall.
After that I noticed the stone statues which buried half in the wall.
Stone humans are the chunks of atoms which are the same with the ones of walls.
We can find they have many components of silicon (Si) which have the relationship with Sirius.
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04-16-2016 12:03 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
【The vision of chick. A chicken was born earlier than an egg.】 

I saw a vision like the cartoon.

"Chicks turned into chickens, two chickens ride on the truck train(?) and goes ahead.
Next the cartoon which shows the scene with the semicircle made of pebbles turned up."

The meaning of the cartoon is

"The egg was not born before the chicken, but a chicken was born before the egg.
It shows grown up creatures were born first. Humans are the same with the above pattern.
The adult was created first and a child was born next, by which the number of humans increased.
The semicircle shows Roman type theater(at the Mediterranean coast) and tells humans were born in the semicircle."

*)Is this the image which tells the heart is made first?

The above image was sent from the reader in Nagoya, Japan.
Previously I was told the heart is made first, and other organs of the body were made one after another.
However I was not able to have the imagination of it in reality.
As the air is filled with atoms, it seems to be possible the creature is produced as if they had been floating like this.
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04-16-2016 01:38 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Got to love lsd

conspiracy theorising is a philosophical and investigative mind-set that searches for truths.

The problem in searching for the truth is the amount of lies you must endure for that one truth
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04-18-2016 02:40 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The biggest(?)stone chamber in the world in Japan 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The below site is the animation of "The secret of stone" which show the stone walls and stone chambers in Maine in US.

Judging from the above site, there are many stone chambers in Maine, US.
However it is likely it is empty inside the stone chambers.
Maybe people in the US don't understand how they were used, because they have little chance to read the information of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, don't they?
They will never think Stone men were made in the stone chambers, as most people don't know the information of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
The following is the information of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.

The name is Tachibana mound tumulus.
Another one is named Aya mound tumulus.
There may not be a huge stone chambers of lateral holes formula as big as this one in the world.
Does it mean this is the biggest stone chamber in the world?
The height of the ceiling may be as high as two persons.
The size of the stones shown in the upper two images are unimaginable.
It is too heavy to lift them up even with the heavy equipment.
When modern people see these huge stones, they will stop thinking how ancient people piled them up.


May 1, 2013

Tachibana mound tumulus No 4 in Miyako-town,Kyoto-Gun, Fukuoka Prefecture , Japan.

[Image: 20130501181059.jpg]

Another is Aya mound tumulus.
When viewed in the photo, it looks like normal stone chamber.
However the stone used in this stone chamber is the biggest compared with the ones used in other stone chambers which I have viewed until now.
They are huge rectangle box-type.
It is big enough for a man, of course, that seems to put the car in it.


May 1, 2013

Tachibana mound tumulus No 3 in Miyako-town,Kyoto-Gun,Fukuoka Prefecture , Japan.

[Image: 20130501180904.jpg]


May 1, 2013

Tachibana mound tumulus No 2 in Miyako-town, Kyoto-Gun,Fukuoka Prefecture , Japan.

[Image: 20130501180837.jpg]


May 1, 2013

Tachibana mound tumulus No 1 in Miyako-town, Kyoto-Gun, Fukuoka Prefecture , Japan.

This one looks normal size, but it is huge enough for the car seen over there in.

[Image: 20130501180715.jpg]


May 1, 2013

Aya mound tumulus NO 3 in Miyako-town, Kyoto-Gun, Fukuoka Prefecture , Japan.

[Image: 20130501180538.jpg]

The side stones and ceiling stones are too huge.
The lid of the sarcophagus was broken.
Maybe it was opened while it was soft.
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04-18-2016 03:05 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
The equality in the universe 

by Takashi

I got the mail with no HN from the reader of my site.
As the mail says very good and may be helpful to your understanding
of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, let me introduce the summary of
it to the reader of this site.
The sender of the mail told me in his mail as follows.

------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
As THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is got through channeling, it seems
like a kind of religion.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

He added as follows.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
According to the psychic acquaintance the longevity of humans
is decided.
Those who are destined to die will surely die.
Moreover those who are destined to live will survive no matter
what disaster may happen.
All we have to do is to live indifferently.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

Therefore the caretaker of this site(Mr.Sennari=Takashi)summarized
his mail and added the response to his mail.


By Takashi

Thank you for your mail.

You wrote as follows.

------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
As THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is got through channeling, it seems
like a kind of religion.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

What you say is almost all the readers of my site may think when they read
I have often got the mail which told about Let's solve the enigma of the
earth. when I didn't know about THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
I read it, but I was not much impressed then.

I was just like you of today.
However I can't be impressed whatever info I may read besides the one of
Previously you said to me , "The channeling says good first but its info
get worse later."
To tell the truth, I addicted to the shady channeling which you told
However I put an end to the channeling info at last , because I came to
know the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Let me write the gist of the channeling.
There seems two types in the channeling.

①Ordinary channeling
②Special channeling

①Ordinary channeling is the channeling info which we know well in the
internet world.
This channeling info is given by the energy body of the Ruler's Stars which
is close to the human bodies and it occupies humans ' heads.
When people are lost in meditation, those strong energy bodies intrude
into people's heads and occupy them.
Therefore big voices resound in their heads.

This kind of channeling info is the one in which I addicted previously.
Those channeling info mainly tells spirit theory and sound good at first
glance, but there is no destination however long we may read them.
As you seem to know well about ①, let me omit the further explanation.
The info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is the special channeling info of ②.
Even if we may say "special", how can we distinguish from ordinary ones?
We can't distinguish from the word of 'channeling'.
Moreover there are only few who can do the channeling of② in the world.
It may just possibly Ms Taeko Shiraki of Let's solve the enigma of the earth.
The signal of ② which is sent to Ms Taeko Shiraki is too weak to receive
by ordinary people.
Moreover the signal is not heard in the head as voices, but it makes the
tongue of the recipient move.
Therefore the recipient of the signal has to translate the movement of the
tongue into the words.
There are occasionally some who get the signal of ②.
However translation to words is too hard and recipient can't understand the
story from the short signals .
Therefore Ms Taeko Shiraki may be the only woman who can get the long stories
with the signals sent from the beings in the universe.
For example even if the blind person may be asked to describes the overall
picture of the elephant, it is impossible to describe it with only the touch
of one part of the elephant.
Therefore channeler of ② have to get the long signals to have the meaningful
The common channeling of ① convey only the spirit theory.
It is useless thing which is good for nothing, though it sounds good at first.
They usually say as follows.
If you believe this channeling info, you can escape the catastrophe.
But never to tell others as this info is only for you.
Maybe this is the characteristics which attract people by ①.
I also got that kind of channeling mail last May, which told the catastrophe
would happen in June of 2014 but never to tell anyone about it because it was
the secret information.
Moreover the mail told me many people would die in the catastrophe.
I waited June would be over but nothing happened.

The person who mailed me must have consented by being told through channeling
the catastrophe was extended to the later days.

THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA info is given through the special channeling of ②.
Though the info got by channeling ① shows no evidence, channeling ② can show
countless evidences on the earth.
One of the main info given by the beings in the universe is megalithic
The first thing that we have to pay attention is why is the megalithic
civilization left on the earth? .
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04-18-2016 03:11 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Balance Rocks in the world on parade

By Takashi(=Sennari)

I found there are a lot of amazing balance rocks all over the world.
There might be nothing to be surprised in the world if we weren't surprised to see the following site.↓
Balance Rocks in the world on parade

[Image: balancerock2.jpg]

[Image: balancerock3.jpg]

[Image: balancerock4.jpg]

[Image: balancerock5.jpg]

[Image: balancerock7.jpg]

[Image: balancerock8.jpg]

[Image: balancerock9.jpg]

[Image: balancerock10.jpg]

[Image: balancerock11.jpg]

[Image: balancerock12.jpg]

[Image: balancerock13.jpg]

For more info please refer to the following site.
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04-18-2016 03:20 PM

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RE: Aqueduct of Turkey
Stone gods 

They are the beings who came down to the earth with humans in their
bellies from Sagittarius long, long time ago, and they are so to
speak extra-terrestrials.
They were not the creatures of three dimensions when they were in
Sagittarius but they were spiritual body.
When they made humans they turned into the beings of three dimensions
and humans and Stone gods descended together to the earth.
Stone gods were different in size but some of them were big enough
like mountains.
They were like too soft rice cakes and the part of their bodies which
tricled down from their bodies by the power of gravity were called
'the dropped part'.
Stone gods made their children of alter egos of them out of 'the
dropped part', which turned into the food, rivers and mountains, and
so on for humans.

[Image: yam0075-009.jpg]
Stone gods became mountains and rivers,etc.

Stone gods and Stone humans tried to get the energy of the universe or
tried to dissipate the gravitation by the pyramids .
They made a lot of strange shaped rocks as the sign to humans.
Humans in those days knew the existence of Stone gods and Stone humans
with whom humans communicated through the telepathy.
However human's consciousness of today got weaker and only a small portion
of humans have the ability to communicate with Stone gods.

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