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Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
lop guest
User ID: 466055
10-10-2018 12:06 PM


Post: #256
RE: Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
Disturbed  Wrote: (10-09-2018 08:25 AM)
#QSentMe  Wrote: (10-09-2018 08:12 AM)
Thanks either way.

But since you are here, what do you
make of Melania wearing that dress
a few days ago, which clearly featured
a large Q on it?

If you don't want to respond, that is fine.

Either way, appreciate your effort to
keep the spammer off the board.


Coincidence probably.

I also don 't rule out trolling from the Trump's lol.


I was just seeing if *you* knew that I was trolling
that baboon. After watching his poo flinging antics,
I figured a little taste of his own medicine might
give him a brain aneurysm. And that photo was
just the right dose.

Hey "QSOURCE": I'll bet 1,000 FEDRES NOTES
that you were screaming at the monitor and
flailing around the room trying to stick the
remote control up your butt.

I'd also bet another 1,000 FED RES NOTES that

Why is it that ALL of ANTIFADA, MOST of the SJW's
and FEMINISTS, and the vast MAJORITY of the LEFT
with TDS, ALL LOOK LIKE their eyes are CONSTANTLY
POPPING OUT of their wee-little psychotic heads?

And to my dear friend, QSOURCE:

Although I was shooting for your full out brain aneurism,
I sincerely hope you enjoy your NEW, permanent,
neurotic twitch.

Add it to your crazed, Sanpaku eyes.

Compliments of,


BTW, since you like my hashtags so much,
I decided I would add a couple ten more.










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10-10-2018 12:07 PM

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RE: Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
pooky  Wrote: (10-10-2018 05:19 AM)
And what's with this Melania with a Q dress? I haven't seen that in Q's drops.

It's a pretty dress.... but it's not a Q. The Q was photoshopped.


This is the photoshop image.

[Image: DnF6_2UVsAAMcwT.jpg]
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User ID: 361628
10-10-2018 12:08 PM

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RE: Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
if anything.... the dress is a big O, in honor of you know who.

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User ID: 361628
10-10-2018 12:10 PM

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RE: Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
I'm not a moderator. I'm a unicorn.

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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 467218
10-10-2018 06:47 PM


Post: #260
RE: Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
#QSentMe  Wrote: (10-09-2018 08:05 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (10-09-2018 07:29 AM)
when is Q gonna expose Israel?

Answered by Q on March 10, 2018, drop #916
We are saving Israel for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


#QSentMe  Wrote: (10-07-2018 10:42 PM)
Here is a simplified flow chart of who controls
DEWS, (Directed Energy WeaponS).


I am operating on the assumption and hope that Q
has dismantled and executed the treasonous elements
of the MIC which also had access to these technologies
and may have been using them for nefarious action.


When President Eisenhower gave his farewell address,
he warned the American people to beware of the
partnerships formed with the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL
Americans faced being ruled over by a technocracy.

This current CABAL, is the continuation of the NAZIS
who infiltrated the OSS/CIA through Operation Paperclip.

The same NAZIS were/are deeply rooted in NASA as well.

It is imperative to understand that Germany lost
the 2nd World War, but the NAZIS didn't. The
Nazi hierarchy knew the war was lost, and had
already made plans to escape.


The Nazis created the very idea Kindergarten.

They would home-school and GROW an entire
generation of children who would lay low and
slowly infiltrate the U.S., slowly seizing power,
turning America into a Police State and finally

The current CABAL began with NAZI "sympathizers"
like Prescott BUSH (caught laundering NAZI money
through UBS), his NAZI son George H.W. BUSH, the
Harrimans, the Dulles bros. etc.


All members of Directed Energy Professionals Society,
(, along with Boeing, Raytheon, Booz Allen
Hamilton, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin,
General Atomics, Electromagnetic Systems.

But if you are looking for WHO had the technology
to bring down the Twin Towers, look no further:


Would you believe that the heads of these very companies,
whose technology was used to cause the molecular separation
and collapse of the Twin Towers, WERE ALSO ON THE NIST
PANEL THAT COVERED UP 9/11? Well, that is the FACT.

Specifically, SAIC, ARA, and SPIE. It was SPIE that is
responsible for creating the QUASI-CRYSTAL that was
used for the HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION of 767's
onto the DRONES that hit the Towers.

FACT: 767's cannot fly that low at 500 m.p.h. do to AIR VISCOSITY.

Watch the video. This angle and background did
not work well with the holographic projection, and
you can see that the object that hit the 2nd tower
is NOT a 767. It is a DRONE approximately 60 feet
in diameter.

Go all the way back to the Northwoods Document
Document acknowledges the plan to fly A DRONE into
a building, and blame the terrorism on Cuba.

Yes, readers, they had DRONE technology
well over FIFTY YEARS AGO. That is FACT.

Do you remember all the Conspiracy Theories
regarding "something attached to the bottom
of the 2nd plane"?

It is quite the opposite. The hologram of the 767
was projected using QUASI-CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY,
and was attached to the DRONE.

The escape of the Nazis via the OSS and ROME,
is likely what established the relationships that
later forged OPERATION GLADIO.

Do you remember when George H.W. Bush
gave his infamous "NEW WORLD ORDER"
speech on SEPTEMBER 11, 1991?

The George H.W. Bush's CIA/Deep State,
George W Bush's Shadow Government,
and the current CABAL; all of their efforts
to create a NEW WORLD ORDER are simply

My departed friend, Jim Marrs knew this ALL TOO WELL.

Look at a map of countries invaded by HITLER.

Then look at a map of EU countries.

What is Germany's position in the E.U.?

Do you see the pure IRONY of the LEFT calling
POTUS TRUMP and his supporters, "NAZIS"?

I am personally uncertain as to whether the
current CABAL subscribes to Nazi Ideologies,
but it is abundantly clear that THE CABAL was
conceived and born from the infiltration and
technologies created from Operation Paperclip's
Nazi scientists.

And we are living under the TECHNOCRACY of
which President Eisenhower so wisely forewarned,

Three short years after that speech, THE CABAL
KILLED PRESIDENT KENNEDY, because he intended,
and stated, that he was going to "Shatter the CIA

We can only hope that Q and POTUS succeed
in achieving what JFK was attempting to do.










The bad guys are still using the tools for nefarious reasons, I hope Q does dismantle them very soon.
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User ID: 361628
10-11-2018 05:17 AM

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RE: Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
LoP Guest  Wrote: (10-11-2018 04:48 AM)
More is explained HERE and the full history of the Q movement is important to know. Anyone wise as yourself can see through it just as we can. The fake image of MELANIA is just another example and proof that the Q people don´t know what they are talking about and have been blinded. In fact Sather is the one behind all of this together with the Patriot´s Soap Box. FAKE Q ANON IS COMING TO AN END AS MORE AND MORE PEOPLE BEGIN TO REALIZE IT WAS ALL A LIE AND A LARP. In the end, truth speaks louder then lies and wisdom is proven right by her deeds. The ARMIES OF FAKE Q BOTS waste tons of people´s time and trick many who have no clue what is going-on. Thank you again for the nice find and I hope you have a wonderful day. Anyone wanting to find the truth can look at all the information that has been posted and find-out for themselves. It is not worth one´s time to heckle with those who have been blinded.

Why did you plaster my name all over 8chan?

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lop guest
User ID: 5
10-11-2018 10:33 PM


Post: #262
RE: Q and The STORM versus The Cabal and The Farm
They must be really concerned that Q might be right chuckle
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