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lop guest
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11-06-2016 11:32 PM


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The 139 Articles:


1. The Republic shall be restored.
2. The original Constitution of 1793 shall be restored – not the organic constituion of 1871, which is illegal – absolutely illegal ! A Constitutional convention to put the original constitution back into effect shall be implemented, as well as a convention of the states, once the new representatives are put into place, appointed truly by and for the people.
3. A Republic dollar shall be printed under the original Constitution. The dollar will be backed by Gold and by the wealth in the Global Debt Facility. All the illegal national debt, which has unconstitutionally made Americans indebted to private banks and to the Rothchilds and to the British Empire is paid off by the wealth in the Global Debt Facility and any such future debt to the private bankers is declared to be illegal. All the fake Treasury dollars currently printed and sitting in warehouses are burned and considered illegal. The statues of LSM666 is given back to the people and removed from the hand of controllers who may declare it to be their own. All foreign illegal debt of bankers or any private banking system which created money out of thin air is cancelled. Only the legitimate debt is paid off with the wealth of the Global Debt Facility. The amount to be paid off is as follows - Only money lent to the US by foreign countries (Such as China) and money lent to the US legitimately by private foreign banks which can prove their money is legitimate and not empty fiat currency void of any legal value. It must be money backed by solid value, such as gold or lent to the US by solid investors, such as those which purchased government bonds and the like. All inflated money and inflated debt is put to an end. Banks which have illegally engaged in inflating debt, inflating bonds, created junk bonds, junk debt are investigated. All those which have created derivative bubbles are tried in the courts. It will be forbidden for the government to rescue private banks which have created derivative bubbles. The use of public money to rescue such banks and institutions is herein forbidden. The scam of the National Debt to private bankers and private banking families is hereby brought to an end. All wealth accrued unconstitutionally by private banking families is seized and used to re construct America and make America great again.
4. Anyone who tries to murder any new president is considered an act of war against the American people and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In the case any president is murdered, a full investigation shall be done immediately. The publicly issued national currency dollar, issued by the US MINT and by and for the people shall be protected. A president who defends the constitution of 1793 only can assume office. No president working for the private bankers is allowed to be put into office or running for president.
5. Any decree or law which declares that private banks can seize the funds in banks accounts of Americans, in the case of another banking failure or derivatives crash, or a crash of the bonds market, is declared illegal and/or unconstitutional. (As it violates the law or right of life, liberty, individual property). Before re structuring, all banks must first return the depositors money to the owners of the funds, the people and businesses. If they do not have money to do so they will be closed down permanently and the wealth in the global debt facility, and/or new public bonds of publicly traded venture companis stock shall be issued to depositors to pay them back. Those banks which illegally lent the money out and cannnot cover the depositors are declared to be criminal banks and all the owners of such banks, the legal board and staff and those in charge arrested and thrown into FEMA camps, until the Rothchilds and guilty families/banks/ foreign or domestic institutions pay off and return the stolen money to the bank accounts of the depositors.
6. All foreign or domestic enemies, who have accrued fortunes at the expense and cost of the people are prosecuted under the full extent of the law, including members of the judicial system, banking system, political system and those with titles of nobility operating unconstitutionally on US soil.
7. The US Treasury will be separated and no longer a part of the private Federal Reserve banks. Once the national debt is paid off by the Global Debt Facility, private bankers are forbidden from issuing the currency and the Federal Reserve System is taken over by the people and is aligned with the constitution. Criminal bankers charging usury on debt are indicted. The meeting on Jeckel island which led to the private banking system currently in place is brought into question as well as any unconstitutional decree by any past president. Private banks are forbidden from issuing any currency in the US.
8. The FDIC is brought under scrutiny and check and revamped.
9. Organizations such as Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac are brought into scrutiny and check.
10. US INC and it´s various corporations are brought under check and constitutional review. Any corporation found to be owned by foreign banks or foreign powers are closed down and substituted for new ones owned by and for the people.
11. The Federal Reserve system is audited and brought into check. It is analyzed by the states and residents of the land and by the New Continental Congress in light of the original Law of the Land, The original Constitution for the united States of America of 1793.
12. New laws shall be made forbidding the central banks and private Federal Reserve from rigging the stock market, as currently is the case.
13. New laws shall be enacted allowing local communities or States to form their own currencies and means of barter/exchange of goods and services for goods or services.
14. The notion of Executive Orders and a Supremacy Clause is brought under scrutiny in light of the original Constitution for the united States of America of 1793.
15. The current Maritime Law courts and Admiralty Court System brought into scrutiny and evaluation by the people. The fact that the Constitution is banned from such Admiralty courts is brought into question. The original system of Grand Juries of and by the people shall be restored, encouraged and propagated. These Grand Juries will be formed truly by the common people, and not by the Admiralty Law Maritime court and judges serving the Temple Bar, as currently is the case. All citizens are thus restored to the law of the land and are removed from the law of the sea.
16. America severs ties and frees herself from the foreign interests and powers that have enslaved her!
17. All US land seized unconstitutionally and in violation of the rights of the heirs of the land is returned to the States and to the rightful original heirs/ owners.
18. Agencies that are abusing the population, stealing the land, making an illegal profit off of the land, enriching those with titles of nobility, killing the animals and destroying the environment are closed down, such as the BLM. Illegal unconstitutional BLM land seizures cease and all land seized illegally by the BLM is returned to the States and/or the rightful original owners.
19. Enrichment of politicians is forbidden. The formation of private charity entities by politicians is forbidden. The use of such organizations such as the CLINTON FOUNDATION for drug trafficking, human trafficking of children, personal enrichment and to favor the private bankers and the interests of the private bankers, for money laundeing, weapons sales and the like is expressly forbidden.
20. The original constitution is restored as well as all the amendments ratified by the States which never went into effect, especially pertaining to foreign nobility holding public offices. Foreign nobility is vetted from holding any public office in the judicial, political system. Any person holding a title of foreign nobility is forbidden from holding any public office, per the previously states ratified amendment to the constitution. All those holding a foreign title of nobility are immediately removed from public office.
21. Those holding the position of Vicar Generals, subjecting the country to the authority of any religious organization or foreign religious power are removed from their offices and sent back to their country of origin. They are forbidden to continue enslaving the American public to a foreign power and violating the original Constitution for the united States of America.
22. All those holding public offices and which have not been directly elected by the public, but rather appointed, are immediately removed from their positions and elections are held to appoint the new representatives of the people.

It will be done. No use in resisting this new movement.
No shills allowed.
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lop guest
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11-06-2016 11:36 PM


Post: #2

23. All foreign owned, unconstitutional agencies are closed.
24. The true history of the US and of the world is taught in the schools, which we know is not the case at the present time.
25. Theories such as evolution are taught in the schools as they should be - as a theory only and not as a fact.
26. All troops engaged in foreign illegal wars for profit are brought home.
27. The use of mercenaries overseas and at home is expressly forbidden. All mercenaries on US soil are immediately removed. (See Pinkerton Act and other laws).
28. All UN troops on US soil are asked to go home, we don´t need you. All UN troops currently on US soil are asked to immediately leave the US. All plans of Obama or any administration to subject the US residents to martial law or throw them into FEMA camps is declared to be an act of war against American citizens and all those who conspired to prepare such plans are thrown into the FEMA camps they created. Restrictions shall be put on the power of the UN to act within the US, to avoid a violation of national sovereignty. UN FORCES currently on US soil shall be asked to go home. They shall not be allowed and only if approved by Congress and when needed.
29. The Council of Foreign Relations – CFR shall be brought into check and control. It has become a mammoth out of control supporting globalism and the interests of the elite and we question it ´s value in serving America truly. The same applies to Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and such UN agendas.
30. The underground tunnels under wallmarts are scrutinized. The underground trains with shackes on them are blow up. Secret underground tunnels being used by Supremacists to enter states and execute actions using mercenary armies are declared illegal and a threat to the sovereignty of the states. Access to such tunnels is restricted and no longer freely given unless jurisdiction can be proven. The federal government is no longer permmitted to use such tunnels to violate and infringe upon the sovereignty of the states. The Pinkerton Act shall be upheld and mercenary forces on US soil prohibited and asked to leave immediately, such as those employed in Harney County Oregon during the Oregon stand off.
31. All undergroud based doing illegal human cloning or seizing children are either closed down, taken over by the white hats or blow up if needed. All secret nazi underground bases, such as those in Antarctica are blown up by an international coalition of forces. All bases which are not a national security threat are reported to Congress and the activities therein scrutinized. No longer can underground bases and tunnels be used to harass the people and to violate state sovereignty of infringe upon the power of the states. No longer can they be used for actions where the jurisdiction of the federal government cannot be proven, upon the surface of the land or in the air, in violation of state sovereigny. They will only be allowed to exist to preseve the security of the union or where national security is at risk. All illegal activities in such bases and underground tunnels is stopped, including any human trafficking or trafficking of drugs and illegal substances.
32. All gun sales contracts with countries at war, made illegally for the enrichment of politicians are immediately cancelled.
33. All American oil in US land is to be immediately fully explored and priority is given to US oil production over the importation of Opec Oil. America is set free from Saudi Arabia, and any political influence they exercize over the US and it´s corporations.
34. The dollar is no longer backed by oil but is now backed by immense fortune and wealth in THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY. All the unconstitutional illegal national debt incurred by the unconstitutional private Federal Reserve bank is paid off in full by using the wealth in the Global Debt Facility, if the debt can be proven to be genuine and legitimately owed. The Wealth in the Global Debt Facility is turned in benefit of the citizens and inhabitants of the earth for reconstruction projects, as it was intended. It is used to pay off the national debt and for infra structure re construction projects.
35. Criminals enriching themselves illegally through the banking system or preventing the development of the US economy, industry or natural resources are sent to jail, such as George Soros.
36. Criminals in the judiciary system or in the political system are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including Loretta Lynch, Bernie Sanders and/or any other found to be engaged in criminal activities which supported the CLINTON FOUNDATION cartel and criminal activities.
37. It is expressly forbidden for federal courts to force Americans into plea bargain agreements, in order to force a conviction. Any such activity on the part of the court system will be considered illegal and unconstitutional and a violation of human rights. All Federal prisoners which were illegally coerced and forced into accepting plea bargains, who have committed no crime, will be immediately set free.
38. The three government power structure of executive, legislative and judicial system has been corrupted and now is in the hands of a few, part of the elite, who manipulate it to their favor and advantage, as needed. This is a violation of the spirit and intent of the law. The three power structure, complete with a system of checks and balances shall be fully restored.
39. No longer will US Marshalls be allowed to operate with no supervision and control, outside the system of checks and balances, as currently is the case.
40. No citizen can be arrested on any federal charge without an arrest warrant. We know that the men from the Oregon standoff were arrested with no arrest warrant, denied their right to bail, denied their right in some cases to choose their own lawyers and held in jail illegal declared guilty until they were declared innocent by a jury. This shall end. To achieve this, a complete overhaul of the judicial and law enforcement system is needed. Those conducting illegal road blocks or murdering American citizens shall be prosecuted under the full extent of the law. No longer will the FBI be given immunity to murder, as in the case of LaVoy Finicum. All those who conducted such murder will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law, and any files classified on this case shall be unclassified, to allow for public scrutiny. No longer will they be allowed to declare the evidence against them a national security secret, and ship it off to their headquarters in Washington, while acting outside their lawful jurisdiction. Federal agents and/or government agents shall be prohibited from acting or prosecuting without being able to prove jurisdiction, as is the case currently.
41. No Federal charge or arrest can be made outside of Federal jurisdiction, or where Federal jurisdiction cannot be proven. No court case can proceed before federal jurisdiction in the location of the event is proven. In the case of the Oregon stand off, federal prosecutors were allowed to continue the case and continue the prosecution even with the 9th circuit appeals court declared that evidence of jurisdiction must be proven before the case could go forward. Judge Anna J. Brown and her Admiralty Maritime administrative court ignored the decision of the appeals court, and illegally proceeded with the prosecution. The men were subsequently delcared innocent by the jury, as we all know. This shall not be allowed to happen anymore. Secret juries not open to the public, were recording is forbidden, where the public is not given access, shall be forbidden by law. Only public grand juries, where all can come and participate, shall be allowed in the New Republic.
42. VICAR GENERALS currently in power in the US are acting unconstitutionally. They rule secretively and hold the true power behind the scenes. This is a subjection of the US to the Vatican and to foreign powers. This must end. Vicar Generals shall be removed from office and power shall be given back to the people.
43. The Federal government shall be brought into check, in the spirit and intent of the constitution and power shall be given back to the states. A central powerful Federal government owned by foreign bankers and interst groups will no longer be allowed, as it is in violation of the spirit and intent of the constitution, where the power rests with the states, and the federation of states is only to guarantee the stability and safety of the member states, not to rule over them with a rod of iron, as currently is the case. The system of government, as defined in the constitution, shall be fully restored.

More to come. And so it will be done.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 356239
11-07-2016 12:01 AM


Post: #3
It´s about time something like this be put into action.
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lop guest
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11-07-2016 12:10 AM


Post: #4

75. Grand juries of, by and for the people once again are allowed to open up. It is forbidden for grand juries to be formed or opened up within any maritime court system. The Maritme court system is revamaped, closed down and the citizens are set free from slavery to the foreign powers of England and the Rothchilds via their banking cartels. They are set free from the Jesuits, from the Vatican and from the criminal New World Order System. Maritime courts are declared to be unconstitutional and a violation of national sovereignty and supremacy of the residents of the land.

76. The Judicial System, DOJ is forbidden from prohibiting the prosecution of those involved in the Clinton e-mail scander and from interferring in justice. The DOJ is brough under scrutiny and all those blocking the implementation of justice are incriminated and put in jail.

77. Voting fraud is put to an end. An ID is required to vote.
The voting of dead persons for the Democratic party is vetted and forbidden. The use of electronic machines to promote election fraud is forbidden. Any electronic voting machine or system found to be fraudulant or manipulating votes is destroyed and any such company engaged in such activities is prosecuted under the full extent of the law and banned from selling their machines in the US. Voters cannot be bused or taken by van to multiple locations to vote by the Democratic or any party. EXIT POLLING IS ENCOURAGED AND DECLARED TO BE REQUIRED AT ALL VOTING LOCATIONS, TO AVOID VOTER FRAUD AND GUARANTEE THE FAIRNESS OF ALL ELECTIONS. All voters must be given a paper record of their vote, with the date, time, location, name of the person voting and the candidate for whom they have voted, printed out with privacy and as a record for the voter of their vote. Illegals are forbidden to vote. Only residents with legal papers and a legal ID to establish their status are allowed to vote.

78. No longer will the bankers and the elite be allowed to dictate and control the activities of the various US intelligence services, nor bar investigations by the use of co opting, coersion, extortion, blackmailing, threats, intimidation by money or the threat of force, murder and violence. All racketerring, extortion and such practices on the part of the elite and rulers shall be brought to an end. Any officials involved in any such activity must immediately reign and/or shall be removed from their positions.

79. The tax system is revamped. Not only are taxes lowered, but made favorable to new industry, business ventures and enterprise. Industries and companies which have moved production oversees are encouraged to come home, with a favorable tax system in all states. The formation of small family businesses and ventures is encouraged.

80. The president is no longer the CEO of a private corporation, but rather is a representative of the interests, desires and aspirations of the people and of the common man.

81. Interest rates shall be kept low and never allowed to rise again to extortion level.

82. Unlawful seizures of American homes shall end. Banks re-selling and re-packaging home mortgages, who have a void or invalid title to the homes will not be allowed to re-possess the homes and continue this scam any longer. All Americans having their homes taken by criminal banking schemes will have their mortages protected.

83. It is declared illegal for the political practice of favoratism to continue, the handling over of political offices to elite families, to elite blood lines, to secret societies and their members who have conspired to seize the leadership of the country. Organizations such as Skull and Bones, Rothchilds, Vatican, Jesuits, Bilderberg group, committe of 500, and such shall be fully audited and vetted from holding a monopoly of power over the country or over political candidates within the New Republic. They shall be investigated and prosecuted in public grand juries, if needed. The elitists and globalists shall be brought under control, as well as the programs they have created, such as Agenda 21, 2030 and so forth. The globalists and bankers promoting an apocalyptic NWO of a global central structure of power and control shall be removed from power. Bankers will no longer be allowed to create wars. Power shall be given back to the people to decide if they wish to participate in such organizations and treaties or not. Any deals and treaties such groups and organizations have reached, wish do not represent the wished and desires of the people, shall be brought into question/ and/or rescinded. The Rothchilds shall be investigated and prosecuted by grand juries formed by the people, as is being done in some European countries. The Bilderberg group shall be kept under watch, and, if needed, shall be forbidden to meet and conspire plans of global domination within the US.

84. The sovereignty of China and of Russia shall be respected. War games shall end.

85. New better policies on human rights and better foreign policies towards other countries shall be implemented.

86. All private lolita islands owned by the elite shall be closed down and the politicians involved prosecuted under the full extent of the law.

87. Those who have murdered their political enemies within or outside the US shall be brought to justice, such as those who have murdered presidents to support the private banking cartel. A stop shall be made to all the political assassinations by the elite and secret societies currently happening on US soil and abroad as well.

88. And end shall be made of secret chemtrail programs, which are spreading carcinogens upon the earth, the land and the public.

89. The wealth of all these groups or of any group which has enriched via the private banking system issuing public currency shall be seized by the people, where racketeering, extortion, the formation of criminal cartels and such crimes is clear and present and can be proven. One such example is the fortune of the Rothchilds, amassed at the expense of the tax payers and via the private banking system issuing public currency. This corrupt system shall be seized and the weath theirin shall be handed back to the rightful owners, for the re building of America and infra structure projects.

90. The criminal bankers shall be put in jail, using the model of what was done in Alaska as a role model to be applied in all places.

91. Those creating bubbles, mortgage fraud, derivatives fraud, banking fraud, bonds market fraud and the like are prosecuted to the full extend of the law of the New Republic.

92. Banks are mandated to hold sufficient reserves in gold or bullion to cover the deposits. Fractional reserve banking and fiat money is ended. Money is backed by gold and backed by the tremendous wealth in the global debt facility.

93. New immigration laws shall be made to control the flood of illegals and those from terrorist countries.

94. New anti – trust laws will limit the acquisitions and mergers and the mega trusts which are exploiting Americans and the world with their monopolies.

95. We shall bring companies and industry back to America.

96. All black budget projects and secret technology which could benefit the public will be made open source and for the benefit of humanity – such as free energy technology and a new automobile industry employing these technologies. With current technologies now available, there is no need for the burning of fossil fuels. The power of the oil industry and the wars it creates shall be broken. Only those technologies essential for national security will remain classified. All portable movable or fixed HAARP and DARPA platforms and programs shall be brought under control and into check.

97. The control of the internet within the US shall be handed back to local power and removed from the hands of the UN, which is a violation of national sovereignty.

98. The ability of intelligence agencies and police departments to spy on innocent people shall be restricted. Americans shall again be granted privacy.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 356239
11-07-2016 12:15 AM


Post: #5
It would be good if Trump sees this.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 391808
11-07-2016 12:22 AM


Post: #6
Whoever gets into office, except Hillary, can implement something like this. For sure Hitlery is a globalist, she would not do it. I can see Trump implementing some of these things. I truly believe Trump will be our next president, it is just a matter of time. If he needs to contest any results, he will, and the fraud will be revealed. The crimes of Hillary will come out into the light as well and Americans will not put up with it any longer. She will be impeached before she goes anywhere.
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lop guest
User ID: 391799
11-07-2016 12:29 AM


Post: #7
It is for the people who are fed up and tired of Bush, Obama and now who know Hillary is a criminal to implement this.



99. The dollar will no longer be backed by oil, which has caused wars, but rather will be backed by the enourmous wealth and gold/treasures in the global debt facility.
100. New transportation systems shall be implemented.
101. The banking system and laws shall be revamped and reformed, together with the currency.
102. The political system shall be reformed.

103. The formation of Washington D.C., as it stands now today, is actually unconstitutional, as it takes the right away from the states and centralizes the power in the hands of a few men and into one centralized agency or office. It was done at the time that the citizens were then subjected to Maritine law. Thus, the present form of government must and will be reformed. It is and will now be a government of, by and for the people. The three city state structure serving the crown of England, and serving the Knights of Malta or the Temple crown will no longer be tolerated. America shall be made free and independent of this system of control.

104. As Trump has proposed, the terms of Congressmen shall be limited.

105. All foreign owned public agencies, which serve foreign powers and which serve a three city state of international bankers shall be shut down. These agencies will not longer be allowed to be foreign owned – such as the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the FBI, the BLM, the IRS, the Federal Reserve system and all the hundreds of agencies which currently are foreign owned.

106. Prayer in schools and in classrooms shall be restored and permitted. The separation of church and state does not equal religious persectution or the banning of optional prayer. Evolution will be taught as just one more theory, unproven, among many theories that possibly explain the origin of the species and of life on earth. All theories will be taught as theories until the day where there is sufficient evidence to prove any single one of them as absolute fact, which is not the case currently.

107. The President will no longer be able to declare war without the approval of Congress, except in the case of a national emergency of being attacked. Although the law has stated so, this has not occurred in practice, but now will be fully applied. Only the new revamped Congress will be allowed to declare war.

108. Lobbyists and the lobby industry shall be brougtht under control. All the hundreds of laws which have been passed by extreme lobbyists employing a disproportionate amount of money to get laws made which benefit only private interest groups, which represent a small portion of the population, shall end. Only laws which benefit the majority will be approved. All past laws which do not benefit the public and only benefit the forming of a cartel of lobbyists shall be brought under revision.

109. Internet pornagraphy shall be brought under control as well as pedophelia etc. It shall be more highly regulated and restricted.

110. The Hollywood industry and the ownership of the same shall be investigated for crimes.

111. Land which the constitution forbids the federal government from owning shall slowly be given back to the states and to the original heirs and rightful original owners in a tiered manner, from whom it was extorted by various means. According to the Constitution, the Federal government can only own lands for Forts, Ports, river transportation infru structure and as laid out in the Constitution. All land which has been unlawfully seized, stolen and swindled from the American people shall be rightfully restored to the original owners and/or the states.

112. Selling of uranium rights, or of the mineral rights on land extorted from the public shall be made illegal. Agencies such as the BLM creating parcels of land to sell at a profit shall be decreted illegal. The BLM thus shall be closed down for it´s illegal activities in this area. Also, the activities of the killing of thousands of innocent wild horses shall stop and be considered illegal. Minerals on public land will remain and belong ot the people and be for their benefit and the improvement of their local states and communities. The minerals will stay in the hands of the states or be returned to the original rightful owners, in the cases where they were obtained and swindled by the use of excessive federal force, such as in the case of the BLM. (Bureau of Land Management).

113. No longer will the BLM be allowed to round up and kill thousands of innocent wild animals and horse. Rather then destroyed, as the BLM is doing, animals and species shall be protected. Endangered species shall be monitored even more and protected, such as whales, dolphins, marine as well as land life, mammals, birds and so on.

114. The consumption of meat and the disaster it causes in the cruel treatment of animals shall be brought into check. All shall be encouraged to move away from any meat or slaughter houses which induce torture and the suffering of animals, which has grown to an epidemic. All slaughter houses employing inhumane practices shall be closed down and their owners thrown into prison. The contribution of the consumption of meat to the green house effect and gases has been established and the full extend of the law shall be applied to bring this global criminal activity in check, which is also threatening the earth. Animals shall be raised for productive activities which do not encourage the death of the animals in these slaughter houses.

115. Ranching, logging, farming, local industry and production shall be restored to the states, such as in the case of Oregon, where it was robbed from them by the BLM.

116. At the present moment, the Constitution is banned from the currenty Admiralty Law Courts. The judicial system shall be reformed and the new courts shall uphold the constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land. The new courts shall be built upon the original Natural Law, upon which the Magna Carta was built.

117. Currently, the DOJ is blocing the prosecutions related to the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. Thus, it is protecting criminals and not truly serving the interests of justice. The DOJ thus shall be audited and brought under control, and all members of the DOJ involved in this obstruction of justice shall be prosecuted fully.

118. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the right to individual property shall be given the top priority it deserves.

119. All constitutional amendments which were in the past approved and ratified by the states, but which were not applied in practice, shall go into full affect. Especially the one pertaining to the prohibition of those holding titles of nobility from holding public offices. All British and British royalty agents and those with FOREIGN TITLES OF NOBILITY shall be barred from holding public offices.

120. The American Bar Association shall be reformed and/or closed down, as it currently serves the foreign interest groups, the crown of England and the Vatican and not the American people. Judges will no longer be allowed to be members of the American Bar Association, a clear and cut conflict of interest, as they are in so doing, serving the foreign interests and classes of nobility and not the American people.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 356239
11-07-2016 12:37 AM


Post: #8
James Comey is not serving justice. Hillary has committed tons of crimes. Congress also has been bought out by the bankers. When Trump gets in, he will need to reform the entire government.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 391809
11-07-2016 12:41 AM


Post: #9
To implement such a reform, the DNC will need to be either abolised also, or complely reformed as well. Who can accomplish such a task? Certainly not one man. Now, if the people wake up, if America rises and wakes up, well that is another story.

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lop guest
User ID: 391799
11-07-2016 12:46 AM


Post: #10
Yes, Trump will be President.

But it is the people of America who will rise up and implement this, I agree.


121. Currently, every year Congress renews a permanent state of martial law upon the country. With this action, the country is considered to be in a permanent undeclared state of war, and its residents considered lost at sea, under Admiralty or Maritime Law, and considered either spoils of war, or lost at sea/ considered dead. Their fictitious business entity created in their name remains active however, and representst them. (This is how they use the name of dead people to vote?) The All caps name created in the name of the residents of the land does not represent them under The Law of the Land, but rather is a fictitious entity name, used to exploit them and prosecute them as enemies of the state, lost at sea, within the war courts or the Admiralty law administrative courts. This is not true justice under the law of the land. Americans thus have had their constitution robbed from them, which is no longer in effect within the current judicial system of Maritime Law. This current power structure is only serving the British Empire and, since the beginning, has enslaved America and Americans to pay taxes and fight wars for foreign interests and bankers and the British Empire/ Vatican empire and power and the Temple of the City in Rome. Thus, America has always been a British Crown Colony, and also subjected to the power of the Vatican and the elite, except for an initial period of about 8 years, after the Declaration of Independance, then the new constitution, then before the Civil War. Since the Civil war, a new constitution was drafted and the original one destroyed by the British. The current one on public display is not the original one. The citizens were subjected to martial law and Admiralty law law since the Civil War, unknowingly, and their constitution is no longer in effect, unknowingly by the majority of the population. (The Civil War was actuall a war between the people and the government, not a war on slavery. The people lost, and were subjected again to slavery and hidden British rule via George Washington, etc). Before the Civil War, Common Law courts were the norm, and they were not invoked only within the Admiralty Law courts, as is the case today. Today, they can only be invoked within the structure of control of the Admiralty courts and judges, who serve the Temple Bar and the foreign powers. This is a violation of American sovereignty and independance. This shall come to an end. This is the New American Republic and the New Declaration of Independance from British rule. No longer will Americans be tricked into believing they are a free, sovereign and independant. Country. Currently, any form of citizenship, whether to Washington D.C. or to a state, puts the individual in a bad position as ruled not by the constitution, but under the rule of foreign corporations and under the rule of Washington D.C. This shall be put to a stop. Justice shall be done and the original constitution and structure that was in place before the Civil War shall be restored fully.

122. All effort shall be made to guarantee all legal residents of the land and of the states 100% full employment. New industries and jobs shall be created. All criminals, military men and unemployed shall be put to work rebuilding the country in the following projects:
- Building solar panels
- Work buiding new transportation systems. Re vamp or re build outdated facilitites and infra- structure. Work on building the new systems of the future.
- Work building computers, items of all types for consumption.
A better new partnership shall be created between private industry and the government, to sponsor employment. It shall not be communism nor public companies. It is a partnership between the public and the private, to create new companies, industries and jobs. Jobs shall thus be brougtht back to America. It will be nothing like the Truman public work projects, which only incur more debt for the bankers and enslave the people even more.
- New high tech companies shall be opened.
- The cities of the future shall be built.
- Projects of education for the minorities.
- All must work for food stamps, there is no free lunch, unless no work can be made available to them in any manner via the partnerships, which may take time to set up.
- New aerospace industry jobs shall be created. New automobile industry jobs, using clean, alternate free energy. The space ships of the future shall be built in this new partnership.
- New defense industry jobs, building the protective shield over America.
- The wealth of the American oil reserves shall supply the world for an infinite amount of time, until the new vehicles are built which run on free energy. America is set free from all foreign dependance on oil, and set free from the foreing controllers, which currently rule it with a rod of iron.
- New infrastructure rebuilding and investment jobs, using the money in the Global Debt Facility to rebuild America.
- Housing projects for the poor and homeless especially, since there are millions currently in America unemployed and with no place to live, while the elite live high on the hog and exploit the poor (as Hillary Clinton has done, the Clintons and the CLINTON FOUNDATION). New housing projects for the victoms of storms and natural disasters, using the wealth in the global debt facility for this rebuilding.
- A new energy electricity grid, using solar, wind, ocean and hidro electric power. This infra structure building shall generate jobs in this new partnership between public and private industry. Priority shall be given to native industry and local jobs.
- New shelter for the homeless projects.
-New retirement homes projects – built to be affordable for retirement, for cheap public retirement access.
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11-07-2016 12:48 AM


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LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-07-2016 12:37 AM)
James Comey is not serving justice. Hillary has committed tons of crimes. Congress also has been bought out by the bankers. When Trump gets in, he will need to reform the entire government.

It will not be an easy task, but with help from above, it will be done.
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11-07-2016 12:54 AM


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This is the final part:


123. For Americans holding bank accounts in foreign countries, recent new laws have only encourged the foreign banks to send US dollars back to the US, thus promoting the devaluation of the dollar and have discouraged those foreign banking institutions from wanting to hold dollars or partner with US banks. Such laws need to be inverted, to promote the flow of money out of the US, or guarantee that the money outside does not flow back in a rush, which also has contributed to the devaluation of the dollar, as too many dollars begin coming home.

124. The goal will be to make the dollar strong again and become again the global currency. And it will be also to reign in the power of the IMF and it´s attempts to steal the wealth and gold in the Global Debt Facility. The goal will be to bring the New World order and global cartel of banks under check. To bring the Rothchilds, and the elite banks (central private federal reserve banks) under check and public scrutiny.

125. New restrictions on the use of oil and the burning of fossil fuels. New cold fusion plants and plants to generate free energy, as the technology currently exists already. Kesh industry technology shall be implemented on a large scale for the benefit of humanity.

126. Higher taxes on the rich and the closing of loop holes but also lower taxes on the middle class, a combination of Democrat and Republican current ideas.

127. The current two party system shall be reformed, with a new political party formed, to allow for the spirit and intent of Nesara to be implemented.

128. A program to reduce the cost of medical care in America.

129. Illegal drug trafficking brought under control, not only with the new border walls but with even more measures.

130. De militarization of the police. This trend is only centralizing power and giving rise to a police state. This trend must be inverted and this enormous power de centralized.

131. Programs of civilian patrol of the streets shall be implemented, so as to reduce the threat of the police state and the violence it is generating. Residents and citizens patrolling their own neighborhoods, guaranteeding thus their own safety and the safety of those around them, carrying legal guns and using them to defend themselves in the case of a citizen´s arrest. The image of a policemen allowed to be brutal, have superior status, above the common man, and to be allowed to abuse them shall cease. The same shall apply to Federal agents. Independent militia forces, as defined and permitted in the constitution, shall be encouraged and supported to co exist with federal forces, with law enforcement agencies, and with the national guard. The legality of their existence shall be affirmed. The power and centralization of the National Guard shall be audited.

132. Desarment of the BLM, the Department of Fish and Willife and disarment of centralized abusive federal agencies. The FBI will no longer be allowed to act as a military police force, with heavy weapons and guns conducting military style raids, assassinations, executions and police state type raids. They shall, for the most part, be resignated or sent back to their office jobs, where they belong, in investigation and not in enforcement of the law and in the persecution of Americans via secreted patented technology and military grade psy op programs, as is now the case. This is not the spirit and intent of the creation of the FBI in the first place, and it is only fomenting the police state, which must come to an end.

133. De centralization of the power of the police departments. NYCPD and Mayor Giuliani shall be taken as the role model and example to follow and apply in other police departments, in a national effort to moralize and de centralize power in the police departments across the country. The centralization of power, as we have seen, leads to a system of control by a few, and where the DOJ or judiciary system, or WA DC can easily control, spy on, monitor and violate the rights and privacy of all with impunity. This will come to and end.

134. All the hundreds of military generals and men Obama removed from the armed forces, for supporting the constitution, shall be restored to their former positions.

135. All judges which do not support the constitution and which Obama was, is or tyring to nominate to the Supreme Court, shall be removed or barred from the Supreme Court.

136. New laws shall be enacted forbidding former leaders of any governemnt office from creating any type of mercenary army, company or weapons company for profit under military contracts which currently only benefit an inter connected web of politicians, former Congressmen and corrupted public officials, in contracts and wars for profit – bankers wars.

137. New education programs for sheriffs – train them in the Constitution and remind them they are the supreme authority over and above Federal Agents, at the County level. They shall be taugh to stop the invasion and take over of the local power by an out of control federal government, acting outside the bounds and limitations of it´s jurisdiction, as happened in the case of the Oregon patriots stand off, as an example. Sheriffs shall be fully vetted, to see if they are truly constitutional, since we know there are many who claim to be, but are not truly constitutional. Infiltration at all levels shall be combatted. (For example, as the FBI trying to frame the patriots by infiltration in Oregon, illegal).

138. The media shall be brought under control and laws shall be made which forbid it from being biased and bought out by foreign interest groups, bankers and politicians. It it is not telling the truth, it shall be closed down.

This proposal shall be revised and or amended as needed by and for the people of the united States of America, according to the original Constitution for the united States of America.
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All we can do then is pray. And prayer can do miracles.
It is time America wake up and pray.
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11-08-2016 03:56 AM


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Video: Phillip Tilton says White House on red alert!

Obama is being exposed on Wikileaks!

THE CRIMES OF OBAMA - prior to his inauguration, the details of his inauguration were being discussed with Bush!

Obama also was elected by voting fraud!

A transition plan to Obama´s government was being discussed even before the election took place!

Hank Pulson. People were seeking jobs in the administration even before the election!

Wall Street made his cabinet twice.

: FBI used agents as pawns to insulate Hillary & her aids in the Clinton Foundation from prosecution!

The FBI director lobbied against the criminal charges for Hillary after a Clinton insider paid his wife 700,000 !


There will be no indictment, to give Hillary a free pass for the election.
The documents and e-mails released late Thursday by Wikileaks substantiated allegations of child exploitation linked to the CLINTON FOUNDATION with Hillary as Secretary of State And Bill Clinto as UN Special envoy!



See the video Philip Tilton – from the top down

Now Kent Dunn is allowed to tell us what is really taking place.

He confirms the info about the 3 factions – the intelligence fighting the two fascist factions.
The Intel has government & armies behind them. Faction number 3, the Intel will win!


Trump has been informed of this. This is why the armies are moving – all is playing out to bring in faction number 3 to power! The intelligence community staging war with Clinton and Obama!

See also Karen Hudes latest video. The US Constitution has been suspended every year by Congress. Until the US Constitution of 1789 is back in force and effect, the US Electoral College has no legitimate role to play.

Every year, Congress renews martial law and THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT IN EFFECT at the current time.

The American Bar Association is hiding the corruption that has nearly ended the American experiment. Since 1871 a second secret Constitution has been in place. War powers have been exercised against the populace since then.

See the Article: Civil War II – Fourth Turning is Intensifying (Part I).

We have a constitutional government only on appearance.

Video: The Theft of our elections by foreign globalists.


SOROS IS TARGETING VARIOUS SHERIFFS! For example, Sheriff Joe is under Federal indictment for enforcing the law on drugs! The LORETTA LYNCH MOB IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. SOROS PUT HIS VOTING MACHINES IN OUR STATES - the states are under attack by George Soros! He supports this – SEX BEFORE EIGHT OR IT´S TOO LATE! Soros is behind the sex crimes!

The foreign take over of our country. NAZI Soros is involved in taking over our country.


The invasion of the body snatchers.
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LoP Guest
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11-08-2016 04:09 AM


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This thread shows the fraud of George Soros

SmartMatic Voting fraud, DNC fraud and more!
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