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Cool 3D Printed Villa
LoP Guest
lop guest
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01-30-2018 08:34 AM


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beermug Cool 3D Printed Villa
3D printed villa in the Jiangsu province of China

Future houses may very well be printed by huge machines. The Chinese company WinSun has already begun, and apparently, it only takes 24 hours to print 10 fully-functional houses. The company uses recycled materials such as rubble and glass from existing buildings plus quick-drying cement to print modules that can be stacked on top of each other into five
floor residential buildings.

The printer itself is 6.5 m tall, 10 m wide, and 40 m long. The printed walls are hollow and include an integrated, stabilising zigzag pattern . The hollow walls leave space for insulation and feature an internal network of intersecting beams to support the structure.
3D printed houses are attractive, as the recycling aspect means that 30-60% of the usual materials are saved, whereas working hours and costs are halved. Over time, the company hopes to be able to print bridges and skyscrapers as well.
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