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The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
lop guest
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01-01-2017 02:47 AM


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teach The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of

By Anna Von Reitz

The Ancient Language of Our Kind and the Web of Trusts.

The ancient language you are heir to is mathematics.

The letters (and the sounds we translate them into and use to communicate
verbally) are just symbols in the same way that numbers are symbols.

Our brains are hard-wired to function mathematically and our bodies are hard-wired
to function according to vast networks of mathematical formulas and within set
parameters of probability.

The atoms and the molecules they form all follow and derive their order and
structure and meaning from mathematical structures interacting first with
electromagnetic energy to form templates and then with the awe-inspiring leap into
material existence.

If you can grasp Einstein's simple (and somewhat incorrect, but you will get the
point) equation--- Energy equals Mass times the Speed of Light Squared--- and stop
and think about how much "mass" is represented by your body or a tree, much less
a mountain, you will begin to have some idea of how much energy it takes to create
and maintain and preserve the planet called Earth.

Anu:hotep means literally "House of God" --- in the same way as we might speak of
the Lawful House of Smith or the Lawful House of Fisher. It refers to God's Family
House, which is, of course, vast and peopled by many kinds and forms of beings.
In a prior post I talked about the Eight Covenants expressed in the Bible--- why
covenants are valid and contracts are not, by nature.

One of those Covenants is the Adamic Covenant which creates the First Divine Trust.
You, by virtue of your physical form and being, are automatically a beneficiary of the
Adamic Covenant as described beginning at Genesis 1: 26-28. We are all considered
sons and daughters of Adam.

You may be born into God's Family or you may be adopted, but in any event, you
may also accept and become a beneficiary of the Second Divine Trust.

And then something happened. Pope Boniface had a brainstorm and got greedy and
overstepped his role as Trustee, asserting responsibilities no man has and rights to
go with them
, in the formation of the Unam Sanctum Trust, 1302. This trust seizes upon the Earth and all three jurisdictions of it defined by the trust--- air, land, and
sea---as property owned and managed by the Holy See.
You don't have to honor this
trust. It's not Divine. It's just another mental construct composed by men and for
men in an attempt to control and organize things.

And as usual when men try to overreach and act outside their pay grade, things
continued to go awry with the Holy Alliance of 1213, in which King John of England
attempted to buy back his soul by "granting" (as in granting a trust) his Kingdom to
the Pope and agreeing to act as a Vassal Trustee himself. This, too, is a manmade
trust that you don't have to honor or be part of
---observe the response of the British
Barons and People in the Magna Carta two years later, also Henry VIII, Oliver
Cromwell, and the entire Protestant History of England, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall,
and Wales.

Because our country started out as colonies pioneered by the British, Spanish, Dutch
and French Crowns (all commercial companies) and because British interests
continued to gain ground against the others over the course of time, at the end of
the day, The Treaty of Paris 1779 created the United States Trust and several years
later The Constitution for the united States of America implemented it; this grant
from the Holy See through the Spanish King, is a uland grant. [Remember that in the
Global Estate Trust scheme of things, the British Monarch was granted control of the
international jurisdiction of the sea
, while the Spanish Monarch was granted control
of the land jurisdiction.] Our individual actual nation-states each have a grant of land
held in the United States Trust, and everything that exists upon that land, including
our bodies, our homes, our businesses, our parks and public resources---all that
rightfully belongs to us as heirs and beneficiaries of the United States Trust.

This, too, is a man-made trust. We are not compelled by our Nature to partake in it.

We can abandon it and in fact, that is what our enemies are trying to claim--- that
we all voluntarily and knowingly abandoned our interest in the United States Trust.

But let me suggest that this is your rightful inheritance and land and country, and
this is your most powerful role and position, enabling you to direct the Trustees of
the Global Estate Trust to act in your behalf and honor your interests, to take back
your legal title from the British Monarch for Breach of Trust, and to return the legal
title from the abdicated Spanish King to your own control, free and clear.

Otherwise, for lack of "known" beneficiaries and claimants, the international Trustees
have no choice but to throw open the doors and hold an estate sale.

The choice is yours.

Things got a bit confused and dodgy thanks to the Civil War and Franklin Delano
Roosevelt's Administration--- a Rump Congress acting without authority and a
private corporation's administration that should have been called "Fraud, Inc." ---
managed to do two things:

(1) establish the Public Charitable Trust as a welfare trust for displaced plantation slaves following the Civil War and

(2) for FDR's part, trick everyone into seemingly "voluntarily" pledging all their interests and assets to the Public Charitable Trust and thereby remove them from the United States Trust.

Well, as we all know now, that is completely fraudulent and bogus and thanks to a
lot of hard work by a great many Americans it isn't hard to prove that we are the
lawful beneficiaries of the United States Trust, we did not knowingly or voluntarily
place our assets in the Public Charitable Trust, and we are in fact victims of Breach of
Trust by the British Monarch, who thereby forfeits his office.
We have suffered great
and incalculable damage because of this Breach of Trust, damage that can never be
repaid and thus must be forgiven; but we are not liable for this circumstance and
won't continue to suffer and be misrepresented.

Let this and all other posts to this page serve as Public Notice of our claim to our
natural estates and our land, notice that we reclaim our rightful place among nations
on the sea, and that we sue for the protection of our lives and being in the
jurisdiction of the air from those evil men who have misrepresented us and betrayed
us by fraud and venal self-interest in Breach of Trust.

Let our names be scribed as living men in the Book of the Living and erased from the
Book of the Dead.

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01-01-2017 02:53 AM


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teach RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.

The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts

Let not anyone on these forums deceive you with fake trusts or lies about the thirteenth amendment, which indeed was ratified by the states but unlawfully removed from the original constitution, forming the fake organic constitution we have today. All those who hold titles of nobility also are in breach of trust and in breach of The Thirteenth amenment! The British having sovereignty of the law of the sea - Maritime law, proves that we are under British rule, under the law of the Sean and not currently under the law of the land = The constitution. That is why the constitution is not admitted in US courts - as they are Admiralty courts under the law of the sea, under British control and rule. The Vicar Generals also rule at the County level in every County in the US States.
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01-01-2017 02:56 AM


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teach RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
This is why also someone would vote one star on threads such as this - we expose the evil lies of the controllers. So they use paid shills to 1 star any thread which tells the truth which TBTB do not want you to know or access.
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01-01-2017 03:12 AM


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teach RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
Le Neu Republique, or is it La Neu Republique----? "La", I believe upon
reconsideration. The French have the habit of considering all things that are
changeable and secretive, like governments, to be of the feminine gender. Who knows? Perhaps they are right.

Anyway, the Truth of the matter is that the French Government allowed itself to be used as an accomplice by the British Government back at the end of the Second World War. Both countries owed a lot of money to the Americans so they were both hot to find a way to defraud us. And they did.

The French charted both the UN Corporation and the International Monetary Fund doing business as the IMF (which is an agency of the United Nations) well before the United Nations Charter was ever signed.

Think about that. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The UNITED STATES Inc., (which sponsored all the STATE OF OHIO and STATE OF OREGON and STATE OF WHATEVER ELSE franchises, all of which have been busily providing us with "governmental services" since 1944 --- and providing us with a lot of services we never ordered and not providing services we did order and basically overcharging us for everything possible, is owned and operated by the IMF, which is in turn owned and operated by the UN Corp, which is owned and operated by the World Bank, which is owned and operated by Jacob Rothschild who is the pimp for the British Crown Conglomerate.

The French supplied the corporate charters to hide the British aim, and the British provided the mechanisms and the manpower to carry out the fraud scheme against the Americans. The whole fraud of registering our births and creating these bogus corporate entities and operating them in our names and buying and trading them on the stock markets of the world is pure British crime at its best: press-ganging, inland piracy, semantic decent, reverse trust fraud, identity theft, credit theft--- all brought to you by people you thought were your friends and Allies, people you trusted to run
the court system for you. (Under the law of the sea, or Admiralty Law, Maritime Law).

The problem for the French is that because they chartered these infamous
corporations, they are responsible for their lawful operation and functioning.
Rather than own up to their responsibility and admitting their guile and culpability, the French Government is attempting to continue to usurp our lawful government and keep all this crap under the rug, by booting up another French "governmental services corporation" and (falsely) advertising it as the "New Republic".

The advantage of the "New Republic" from their standpoint is that if we are stupid enough to go for it, they can then use it as a means to force us to pay off the odious debts owed by the first French corporation known as the UNITED STATES, Inc. And they think nobody will be any the wiser.

The Brits are eagerly backing this plan, too, because God-forbid that their seedy underbelly and sanctimonious fraud be exposed to the rest of the world. We might then all have the good sense to throw off centuries of British Crown domination and fraud and criminality---especially their dominance of the banking and legal industry, the criminal manipulation of which is their main source of income.

We have been snookered senseless by our "Allies", and that is the sad fact of it.

General Dunford has perhaps been drawn into the net or perhaps thought he had no choice but to accept the newest con as a remedy for the old con. I certainly cannot and will not answer for him, nor even presume that he has actually agreed to play a part in this scheme. There seems to be no credible confirmation one way or another from him.

Somehow, it never occurs to crooks caught red-handed up to their shoulders in the cookie jar that they need to admit their crime. They need to come forward and just say--- we were bombed out after the Second World War, our land ravaged, our cities in ruins. We had to borrow from the Americans and we did--- but we did it in a dishonest way, because otherwise the debt involved would have crushed us and reduced our people to generations of misery. So that's what we did and why we did
it. Can we be forgiven?

I think the answer is--- yes, but only if you straighten up your act, stop doing this crazy stuff, and finally deal with the bankers and lawyers who have been allowed --and indeed, instructed--- to promote all this criminality and fraud.

Otherwise, it is inevitable that the people in all these countries throughout Europe and throughout the world are going to wake up and start tearing down banks brick by brick and gibbeting lawyers on street corners.

We have finally grown up enough to understand that these are not political, ethnic, nor religious issues. These are issues of self-interested crime being promoted by members of society in positions of trust, both public and private.

So, thumbs down on the French Neu Republique. What we need is our old American Republic fully restored with no further questions or obligations.

This and more articles can be found here -
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01-01-2017 03:43 AM


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teach RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
The Missing 13th Amendment

In the winter of 1983, archival research expert David Dodge, and former Baltimore police investigator Tom Dunn, were searching for evidence of government corruption in public records stored in the Belfast Library on the coast of Maine. By chance, they discovered the library's oldest authentic copy of the Constitution of the United States (printed in 1825). Both men were stunned to see this document included a 13th Amendment that no longer appears on current copies of the Constitution. Moreover, after studying the Amendment's language and historical context, they realized the principle intent of this "missing" 13th Amendment was to prohibit lawyers from serving in government.

So began a seven-year, nationwide search for the truth surrounding the most bizarre Constitutional puzzle in American history -- the unlawful removal of a ratified Amendment from the Constitution of the United States. Since 1983, Dodge and Dunn have uncovered additional copies of the Constitution with the "missing" 13th Amendment printed in at least eighteen separate publications by ten different states and territories over four decades from 1822 to 1860.

In June of this year, Dodge uncovered the evidence that this missing 13th Amendment had indeed been lawfully ratified by the state of Virginia and was therefore an authentic Amendment to the American Constitution. If the evidence is correct and no logical errors have been made, a 13th Amendment restricting lawyers from serving in government was ratified in 1819 and removed from our Constitution during the tumult of the Civil War. [/quote]

Since the Amendment was never lawfully repealed, it is still the Law today. The implications are enormous.

The entire structure of the current court systems, Maritme Law Admiralty law courts, under the law of the sea and the lawyers guild is based on a fraudulant claim and on the use of a foreign title of nobility in violation of The Law of The Land.

Thus, our entire judicial system is violating the 13th amendment.

When every year Congress renews the state of martial law and the maritime courts of the sea put you in their courts, they are also violating the constitution. We do not have a Republic any more nor a DeFacto government. It has become DeJure, subject to the power of the Crown of England, to the Vatican and to the Rothchild bankers via the private Federal Reserve system.

The legal DeFacto government has been replaced by a fake DeJure government, in all the countries these banksters have implemented their fiat banks and subjugated nations to the pope, the Vatican, the crown of England and the banksters.

What we have is a DeJure government, one put in place by the Rothchilds, the bankers, the pope and the Queen of England, as William Mount explains in this video:


The FBI is a French foreign owned charterd CORPORATION, AS IS USA INC.

It has no authority to opearte on US soil, no proof of authority. It serves the bankers and the Crown of England, and the interests of the law of the sea maritime law courts. US citizens are considered enemies of war lost at sea. That is why the FBI is useless and only serves to place fear, intimidation and to murder innocent people, as it did to LaVoy Finicum.

The CIA also belongs to The British Crown and has it´s headquarters in Geneva. It also has no legal charter to be fully operational on US soil, but is also restricted in it´s ability to distribure fake information. That is, until Obama made recently a law allowing it to do so... All “Federal” agencies are in fact foreign owned and have been contracted to provide services to Americans. When they over step their jurisdiction of Washington DC, they are trespassing on your soil, such as done in the Bundy ranch. And with Obama turning the land into a national park, this also is a gross violation of the legal heirs of the land.
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01-01-2017 06:51 PM


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RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
The Destruction of the constitution.

By Anna Von Reitz

As part of the settlement following the Revolutionary War, King George III was given control of American affairs in international commerce (not trade--commerce) on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

The actual Constitution further refined the details.

The federal government was given control of certain activities and functions, including the regulation of certain "controlled substances"----- firearms, tobacco, and fireworks--- as a source of income and to provide for a uniform policy regarding these potentially dangerous substances. The creation of the Federal Districts overlying the borders of the states marked the creation of administrative units to perform this function.

The truth of the matter is that no American is restricted in their ability to produce any substance----for example, we can make wine, beer, gin, or any other alcoholic beverage to our hearts delight, so long as we don't sell or distribute it for profit or transport it across state lines.

Much of the confusion about this is that Americans have been routinely misidentified and mischaracterized as United States Citizens and held accountable to the foreign statutory law of the Federal Corporation and their "federated" States of States franchises and "County of......" franchises.

We're not naturally "United States Citizens" of any kind and the federal corporation is grossly trespassing upon our private property when it claims otherwise, but it remains our role to object to such presumptions and to uphold our separate nation and identity.

Thus, many Americans engaged in otherwise lawful activities--- growing hemp, for example, have been arrested and charged and imprisoned under "federal law" prohibiting such activities and claiming that hemp is a controlled substance, even though it is not a controlled substance for any American to grow or possess hemp in any American state. These arrests are taking place and charges brought and sentences executed under the presumption that the victims are "citizens of the United States" because the victims have not objected on the record of the courts and claimed their identity as American State Nationals.

Do you see? Hemp is a controlled substance for United States Citizens and "citizens of the United States" but not for American State Nationals. The only control over any substance for us is the obligation not to horn in on the federal regulation hegemony on the international/interstate manufacture and sale and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Congress has no ability (and no authority) it create any new for-profit regulatory role for itself so far as we are concerned.

And as for the "Federal Districts"--- that's just their internal organizational map, designed for them to carry out their duties and functions. It's actually a good thing for people to be able to see that there is a separate entity there, especially since the line between the actual States and the incorporated "States of State" franchises has been blurred by the incorporation of state and county governmental services functions in recent years.

The Washington State is not the same thing as the State of Washington (a foreign municipal franchise corporation), and just because you live in the United States (Continental United States) does not mean that you are a United States Citizen (Federal United States).

And just because hemp is a "federally controlled substance" for United States Citizens, be aware that the only "federally controlled substances" so far as American State Nationals are concerned are alcohol, tobacco, and firearms--- and then only with regard to their manufacture and sale for profit, and transport across state lines.

See this article and over 200 others on Anna's website
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01-01-2017 07:13 PM


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abduct RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
We Are The Destroyers of the NWO!
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01-01-2017 08:34 PM


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RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
There IS No National Debt Owed by Americans

There IS No "National Debt" Owed By Americans

I keep running into this idea that we have a huge nineteen trillion dollar debt to pay, and this is totally FALSE. The IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., a governmental services corporation in bankruptcy owes $19 trillion and has falsely named us as its "sureties"--- think co-signers -- for its debts. They've tried to swindle us the same way the Federal Reserve Banks swindled our parents and grandparents back in the 1930's.

Only this time we saw them coming and repudiated the false claim and the odious debts -- debts amassed by process of fraud against innocent people who did not benefit from the fraud.

In a debt-credit system, a debt creates an automatic equal credit and a credit creates an automatic equal debt. Put another way---If there is a "National Debt" there is also an equal "National Credit" in the same amount---but the banks and politicians never tell anyone about the National Credit, just the National Debt.

That's because they siphoned off the value of your National Credit and want to leave you holding the bag to pay what is actually their debt to you on top of it.

What has happened in fact is that we have exchanged our labor and national resources and products for "promissory notes" --- I.O.U.'s issued by the Federal Reserve System known as Federal Reserve Notes. They received all the benefit of our goods and products and labor, but never really paid us anything but paper in exchange and never paid our debts down, either The Federal Reserve "stood in the middle". They received our labor and goods and services in exchange for worthless paper -- never completed the transactions to actually pay our vendors -- and pocketed the value of our labor, goods, and services for themselves.

They also gave themselves a very favorable fixed "dollar for dollar" exchange rate--- one of their pieces of paper in exchange for one of our United States Silver Dollars defined as one ounce of fine silver. Using this device they cleaned out Fort Knox and spirited away both our gold and silver reserves in exchange for paper promises.

They also "hypothecated debt" against our land assets and took titles to our land under color of law. They even copyrighted our names and claimed to own us as slaves and as chattel belonging to their governmental services corporation.

The Federal Reserve Banks running both the Federal Reserve System and the bankrupt United States of America, Inc., sat here feeding off us like this --- all because of false and completely undisclosed claims made against our grandparents, parents, and us by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration--- from 1933 to 1999.

We were their Priority Creditors by definition. The IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., has just tried to pull the same thing.

When the 1933 bankruptcy finally settled and we paid off all the debts of the United States of America, Inc., so that our land and our assets were released from any further "presumed" obligation----nobody told the Priority Creditors. Instead, the Secondary Creditors involved in that bankruptcy--- including the World Bank and IBRD-- came in and claimed that all those land patents and titles and copyrights and gold and other assets belonging to us, the Priority Creditors, had been "abandoned" by "unknown heirs".

Now, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The Federal Reserve System received undeserved bankruptcy protection and those running that "System" profited unimaginably from siphoning off all our assets for 66 years and then leaving us to pay back their debts for them. That's the bad news. The good news is that we know who benefited. We know where they and their heirs live. There is no statute of limitations on fraud and no protection from any corporate veil involved in malicious fraud tort claims. Such claims also carry an automatic treble damages award to those who have been harmed.

The further good news that that although the IMF tried to saddle you and your assets up again to serve in a similar siphon-your-credit-pay-our-debts scheme, they've been caught at it. The World Bank and IBRD have been caught trying to off-load the American Assets they received as Secondary Creditors via their bogus "claim on abandonment".

Far, Far, FAR from owing any "National Debt" the American people are owed everything that FDR and his cronies stole, everything that the IMF has siphoned off while leaving our bills unpaid, all the gold and silver stolen and confiscated by whatever means since 1933, all our land patents and homesteads and domiciles and copyrights free and clear and returned to us---plus treble damages.

That is what we are owed.
Faced with having to pay everyone back, the vermin decided to invoke the same "Final Solution" they used in Germany: kill the creditors, after taking out million dollar life insurance policies on all of them, and naming their own corporations as beneficiaries. But we found out about that, too.

Realistically, the debt owed to America is a debt that can never be repaid. It would mean enslaving everyone else on the planet just to make things up to us, and that isn't who we are or what we want. What we want is our own property back, free and clear, and the cessation of all false claims against us and our property assets. We also want an end to this entire system of things, so that nobody is ever victimized and enslaved under color of law like this again.

As we head into the 21st Century there has to be a better way to enable and facilitate trade among people and nations than handing everything over to known criminals and hoping for the best.
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01-02-2017 12:49 PM


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RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
FakeTrustsExposed  Wrote: (01-01-2017 02:47 AM)
The ancient language you are heir to is mathematics.

Ok OP, what is your birthdate
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01-02-2017 07:48 PM


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furious RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
Go to hell freaks promoting the fake trusts!

And here is one for the fake Jews -

You lying scumbags have been exposed!
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01-02-2017 08:50 PM


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RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
Wow. How mind numbingly stupid.
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01-02-2017 09:07 PM


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furious RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
LoP Guest  Wrote: (01-02-2017 08:50 PM)
Wow. How mind numbingly stupid.

Retarded piece of sh*t liar, paid by the DNC, Hillary, Soros, TPTB, fake Jews!
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01-02-2017 09:56 PM


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RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
Obama still has a few days to continue to mess things up completely!
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01-12-2017 07:01 AM


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RE: The web of fake Trusts and The Constitution.
those entrusted to take care of us are stealing us blind....

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