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Women are on a Collision Course with Hell
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01-19-2017 07:04 AM

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RE: Women are on a Collision Course with Hell
AMAZED!  Wrote: (01-18-2017 03:26 PM)
myexperience1  Wrote: (01-16-2017 06:33 AM)
The occultist waiting for his personal belief that ADAM and EVE are going to be created by his machine application....pretty sad really.

The review stated that GOD...being the Earth stone created ADAM and EVE...and your machine is never going to artificially copy the presence of stone.

I hope you don't think I am like those that you call occultists...

Where are you getting all this Earth stone stuff from... Are you referring to the earth stones on the salt lake temple?

The oppression of women by the Abrahamic religions has been a pathetic failing of what GOD would have wanted and ALL Abrahamic religions and offshoots within have failed women terribly.

My advice to women... LEAVE! Cheer


Speaking spiritually our Mother would love to leave....but the human male never allowed her to leave. He could not bare the thought of existing by himself....yet he has never considered the female his matter what religious belief he holds.

When you review occultist conditions...religion itself as a review of creation and its acts used for conversion via ancient models....pyramid/temples and modern models...nuclear fuel power plants/collision machines......the life gets attacked.

The male who begins to notice that his life is attacked thinks about the total whole and why did I allow the science application to be considered by my person and why did I choose to convert my life?

All he had to blame was the presence of the female.....because since when would he blame himself...when he believes that every choice he makes is the right choice...the very reason why he argues with his own self...other males.

When you review his religious retort...having sex was considered by his mind to be an evil act.....yet does he stop having instead he made laws that forbade sex outside of marriage, yet never complied to the law.

This is how the male psyche acts....I am the writer/considerer of the Law....I however do not consider my own self party to the Law.

Therefore the males should finally agree to allow the human female to write the Law....and maybe you will then agree to own it and follow it for the right reasons.
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