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President Reagan was a horrible anti-semite! (Video footage)
LoP Guest
lop guest
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01-12-2017 02:45 AM


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President Reagan was a horrible anti-semite! (Video footage)
Look at what president Reagan said:

He must be an evil white supremacist or something.

LoP Guest
lop guest
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01-12-2017 02:46 AM


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RE: President Reagan was a horrible anti-semite! (Video footage)
Hoax Warning!

That video was 1967 abd was about VietNam War

“I challenge your history again. There is absolutely no record that six million people were put in concentration camps. They only have 16 million to begin with. Now, I’d also like to challenge something else about the supposed evils of the Diem regime. I do approve of Diem’s land reform in which he took from the great mandarin holdings, and began to make land available to the peasants and to the people of Vietnam, who had never owned land before. But also, I would like to call to your attention that a team from the U.N. was sent to Saigon, Vietnam, to investigate the charges against Diem’s regime They did investigate those, but as they returned to this country, Diem was assassinated, which I think was one of the great tragedies of this whole conflict; and the United Nations report, which they declined to make official because they thought why bring anything up now that he’s been killed, has on the other hand, been published, there has been public access to it, and the United Nations report completely cleared the Diem regime of any of the charges that had been brought against him.”
The Sailor Man
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01-12-2017 02:53 AM

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RE: President Reagan was a horrible anti-semite! (Video footage)
Bogus. Hoax. Garbage.

I yam what I yam.
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