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Fort Peck Lake - Montana
silversides staff
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01-18-2017 08:38 AM

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Fort Peck Lake - Montana
A while back we went to Fort Peck Lake - Montana.
At the time they had a drought and the water was low.
They had to build lower boat ramps.

FDR had 16,000 people building the dam.

They had a rail line and three towns they built for it which are under water.
Also the town of Ft Peck.

Some of the workers are buried in the dam.
There was a accident and no one could find them.

They found dinosaurs, the ones they found are in some muesum.
They have their own museum but the dinosaurs are fiberglass.

Fort Peck Lake - Montana Audience Awards 2015

Here we were in Circle MT and we saw pronghorn and we kept seeing them.
We do not have them in Illinois.

Anyways they are too pretty a animal to hunt.

Pronghorn Hunting: Prairie Perfection (Sabatti 25-06, Bushnell Optics, and Federal Ammo)

J15 Straight Jacket, Circle Montana

The Four Freedoms
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