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The House of Saud
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01-19-2017 11:49 PM

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The House of Saud

The house of saud website:

TANGIER, Morocco — Behind a tall perimeter wall, studded with surveillance cameras and guarded by Moroccan soldiers, a sprawling new palace for King Salman of Saudi Arabia rose on the Atlantic coast here last summer.

Even as the Saudi government canceled a quarter of a trillion dollars’ worth of projects back home as part of a fiscal austerity program, workers hustled to finish bright blue landing pads for helicopters at the vacation compound and to erect a tent the size of a circus big-top where the king could feast and entertain his enormous retinue.

The royal family’s fortune derives from the reserves of petroleum discovered during the reign of Salman’s father, King Abdulaziz ibn Saud, more than 75 years ago. The sale of oil provides billions of dollars in annual allowances, public-sector sinecures and perks for royals, the wealthiest of whom own French chateaus and Saudi palaces, stash money in Swiss bank accounts, wear couture dresses under their abayas and frolic on some of the world’s biggest yachts out of sight of commoners.

King Salman serves as chairman of the family business unofficially known as “Al Saud Inc.” Sustained low oil prices have strained the economy and forced questions about whether the family — with thousands of members and still growing — can simultaneously maintain its lavish lifestyle and its unchallenged grip on the country.

Rise of Saudi Prince Shatters Decades of Royal Tradition OCT. 15, 2016
“The people have less money than before, but the royal family have the same,” said Prince Khalid bin Farhan al-Saud, a dissident member of the extended family living in Germany. “There is a lot of state money which is concealed from the budget, which is determined by the king alone.”

These are anxious times for the royals, led by an 80-year-old who has already had at least one stroke and is likely to be the last of six sons of the founding monarch to serve as sovereign. He must wrangle a band of relatives, from the merely well-off to billionaires, who are accustomed from birth to privilege and plenty.

In his two-year reign, King Salman has upended the traditions of succession, creating rifts after bypassing several brothers to position the next generation — a nephew and a favorite son — in line for the throne. He has ousted prominent members of other branches of the family from governorships and top ministry jobs, consolidating power but sowing some discontent in a family that demands unity.

[Image: saudi-tree-1050.png]

While there are serious problems beyond the borders — a costly war in Yemen, violence in Iraq and Syria, an emboldened Iran — it is the country’s economic troubles that risk roiling ordinary citizens, if their own cradle-to-grave benefits are cut too much. Many royals are wary of any disclosures about their wealth that could provoke public criticism.

Revenues from the national oil company, Saudi Aramco, have long been the lifeblood of government spending. Some in the family have resisted a proposal by the king’s son Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to partly privatize it, since listing it on stock exchanges in New York or London would bring new audits of Aramco and possibly more insights into government funding, and in turn, money for the royals.

That concern has led some senior family members to quietly explore alternatives to the privatization plan, though Saudi officials said it remains on track.

Facing huge budget gaps, the government has cut public-sector pay along with subsidies, sending gasoline, electricity and even water bills higher. The kingdom has begun borrowing by the billions both at home and abroad. And hiring by the government — a large and sought after employer for Saudis — has been cut, instilling fear for the future in younger people who cannot find work.

Saudi Arabia has taken the rare step of executing a member of its royal family after he was found guilty of murder, the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Prince Turki bin Saud bin Turki bin Saud Al-Kabeer was convicted in the shooting death of a man during a "group quarrel," the statement said Tuesday, according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency.
The dead man was identified as a Saudi national.
The execution took place Tuesday. The statement did not include any details about the method of execution. In other cases in Saudi Arabia the death sentence has been carried out by beheading.
The guilty verdict was supported by an appeals court and later sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia. A royal order was then issued to execute the courts' ruling, the press agency reported.
Report: 'Blood money' refused
The Saudi Gazette, an English-language newspaper based in Jeddah, said the victim's family had refused offers of "blood money" and demanded justice be carried out.
It is extremely uncommon for a member of the Saudi royal family to be put to death in Saudi Arabia. In 1975, Prince Faisal bin Musaid was beheaded for assassinating King Faisal.

[Image: saudi%20royal%20family%20chart.png]
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01-19-2017 11:52 PM

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RE: The House of Saud
Filthy golden ticks.

Goodbye cruel world I'm off to join the circus.

Fitting in isn't about what you know, it's what you don't know that makes you a team player.
Radar O'Really
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01-20-2017 01:24 AM

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RE: The House of Saud
Sauds are Thessalonian Jews. The United States has gotten itself between them and the Khazars in Israel, they've both been playing us for fools for generations.

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