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Thank God Hillary did not win
Captain Emo
gobble gobble
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03-29-2017 03:01 AM

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RE: Thank God Hillary did not win
[Image: CB6A46A9-366D-4EDF-9535-EB8A4B1D24C9_zpsrxoajenz.jpg]

LoP Guest
lop guest
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03-29-2017 03:45 AM


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RE: Thank God Hillary did not win
Channelings said she wanted to star a new war with Russia because her handlers wanted cull of the world population to a 20% of actual number.

But humanity doesn't want any more war, so the future has her in prison now.

Everything that is happening, even if it seems very bad, will show as the right path to our great future. Don't worry at what is happening, this chaos will have a very optimal result with complete win for the Light.

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