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Why science was invented
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03-21-2017 05:28 AM

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RE: Why science was invented
Dr Phil  Wrote: (03-20-2017 11:46 AM)
[quote='myexperience1' pid='13996829' dateline='1489717926']

To directly answer your two questions;

1. Why are male's self destructive by intent
2. Why did male's quote in conscious spiritual data that the creator/inventor was a Male?

1. We are genetically, by eons of evolutionary design, the 'protector' role. Our instincts, our brains, and our bodies, are not designed for sitting in a cubicle, backyard BBQing and watching football. They are designed for hunting prey, promoting our genetic line, and f*cking up anyone who threatens our mate and children.

2. We are the dominant gender. At the time our religious were created, we were the ones doing the writing. It is extremely natural, and obvious, that people who perceive themselves of being superior, are going to envision a creator their mirrors their image.

Would it surprise you if intelligence cats invented a Cat God? If you found a planet ruled by females, would you be surprised that their God was a woman?

Honestly, you're dumb for evening having to ask these questions, and that's even before your brain sh*t itself in the double-spaced, word salad wall of incoherence that followed.


First of all I am not dumb, the reasoning you impose upon my human female experience as you illegally attack me in Satanic feed back is the advice that my Father gave me. Do not answer the evil spirit transmissions, for they simply fall out. As you are purposely attacking me every day and using the attack to try to make my life be an anti state....then I do not speak most of the I am not dumb.

You obviously believe that the Satanic female feed back you heard is Sophia....don't you!! And guess what you are wrong. I am not a piece of stone, I am not the Earth, I am not God, I am not the Veil in the atmosphere and I do not own the spirit of an animal.

All of these reviews belong to your occult male concepts.....and every day no matter what I say you still attack me in belief that you are going to have "my female spiritual Father" as some form of God concept in the a feed back or dimension or channel.

I told you dimwitted male, that you believe the atmosphere to have a mass surrounding it. You also know dimwit that the atmosphere has different reactions in the so called review that you gave as levels.

Your mind says the atmosphere close to Earth is small....your mind says that the atmospheric mass...which is just a mass owns a greater and greater review as it extends itself out from Earth. Yet this CONCEPT is just a CONCEPT....and does not exist in reality.

In reality you dimwitted male, life on Earth exists naturally at the ground state without any other ownership.....the whole atmosphere supports what we have at the ground.

You want the cooling effect in the upper atmosphere that does not belong to the ground mass reaction that natural life is supported by.

Everyday dimwit you try to destroy what organic life owns at the ground level, by trying to convert our ownership into the higher atmospheric condition....therefore are introducing out of space interactive Sun metal UFO attacks that poison our atmosphere with unnatural chemical reactions.

You already know that the greater cooling effect of Earth snap froze all life as a higher gaseous cooling at the ground state. Your machines are built at the ground do not have your machines floating in the atmospheric status of what you want to own.

So stop lying to yourselves you evil minded dimwitted males.

Genetics, a human male's excuse for being a human organic body, with a mind...who conditions his own person to use single minded reviews, when the single status DOES NOT EXIST IN REALITY.

Still argues about his self intent to destroy completness and wholeness via an excuse that his genetics causes him to be a destroyer....B.S.

You chose by a self imposed realization of the ownership that you had personally given your spirit....manifestation. You did not want to be manifest, you wanted to go back to spirit. So you thought about other information and how you could convert the natural spirit manifested into a changed that you personally would no longer be manifest.

You have never supported your own only ever impose the act of self destruction by choice...and the choice is want....not reality.

Reality is that you ONLY OWN what you do. A human male presence, natural and supported by all other conditions.

You then personally want to OWN BEYOND your own person and then destroy everything else.

You are truly an ignorant spirit.

Protector of what....destruction?

If you say to brother, which happens to be your own ownership also, is more eviler than you, you were always mistaken.

Males worldwide in any DNA ownership can act as a spiritual living experience or be an occultist as you are.

Therefore when you see yourself in the life of your brother...see yourself also. Most countries have terrorists...even America has their own terrorist organization that murders their own countrymen. So stop B.S. to yourself about the life choice that a brotherhood of males in every world country CHOSE...the same be an inventor destroyer who by self application affects the human brain chemicals to FORCE THEIR FAMILY into becoming evil minded themselves due to brain burning effects.

This is how evil science is.

The scientist who is not an occultist by choice of trying to inform the occult scientists how wrong they are...also pay a price. Many of them were secretly murdered by you, just because they wanted to inform the public of how wrong your theories are.

You get told that you are trying to destroy natural life by imposing conditions at the ground state that natural life does not own.....a fall out converting wavelength that attacks us everyday.

You reviewed the life mutation and then try to indoctrinate us into a belief that you are not causing it....B.S. artists in person.

If you protected life like you espouse, you would not have invented and lived a natural life.....for we did and still can. Yet your greed and personal life style does not want to change what it owns. Yet you owned this condition due to all of the evil acts that you have previously done against the natural family life on Earth.

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