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this "snowflake" crap
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 410307
03-21-2017 06:46 AM


Post: #16
RE: this "snowflake" crap
DirtyAnnie  Wrote: (03-21-2017 06:10 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (03-21-2017 06:06 AM)
You're not wrong, but you voted for Trump, you dumb drunk.

I didn't vote at all this time, and I'm actually a smart drunk
This current annoyance you are experiencing tells me you are SOBER at the moment! Perhaps you should have a few drinks!
And where the hell is BUNNY at?

LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 410307
03-21-2017 06:48 AM


Post: #17
RE: this "snowflake" crap
LoP Guest  Wrote: (03-21-2017 06:43 AM)
You misunderstand the event. The term snowflake, in context, was an artistic expression of our modern culture.

Then, it became commercialized, well politicized but politics is money now isn't it?

So, perhaps some lamentations are in order for the dilution of what was once a very artistic and poignant observation of Americana.
Caugh caugh Bullshit! Ni99ros were calling White Chicks Snowwhite and snowflake 30 years ago! SO this terminology in derogatory form has been around a long long time!
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 138491
03-21-2017 06:52 AM


Post: #18
RE: this "snowflake" crap
That is what their teachers and moms called them, and they still have the same level of emotional maturity and inability to grasp reality - but we were all admonished not to hurt the special snowflakes' feelings.

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