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A movie for gang stalkers: "Peeping Tom"
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 401743
03-24-2017 05:19 PM


Post: #16
RE: A movie for gang stalkers: "Peeping Tom"
270110nli  Wrote: (03-21-2017 07:49 AM)
401743- You fuckking rock dude!

as i was reading it i was like now here is some well thought out content.

i was all like damn this guy is good.

edit: and then you id'd

maybe its because i havent been around much for a while, but when i read stuff like this it reminds me......


Failed attempt at love bombing

Bots and stupidity are rewarded: goofballs who are part of the military cult get reviewed and paid based on a quota system that considers the quantity not quality of posts.

Jerkoffs go through the motions with no real curiosity or concern with sublimating past their smug rigidity: when your God's gift, there's really nothing to say or learn or study. The group is never wrong: the ego demands that admissions of guilt never rise to the surface. Wars are created to rationalize criminality

The first signs of a military bait forum is?:

--1) overseas server to abuse section 702;
--2) repetitively stupid and irrevelevent posts by sophomoric children of an adult age;
--3) little interest in any learning, research, mature commentary
--4) Censorship and hijacking of sensitive embarrassments to the fascist pig surveillance state so that power tripping felonies are reduced down to exigencies do what?

Coke and Heroin distribution is still available and protected by cops.....after 9/11Lmao

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