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Trump Supporters Finally Fighting Back Against
LoP Guest
lop guest
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04-07-2017 01:29 AM


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RE: Trump Supporters Finally Fighting Back Against
LoP Guest  Wrote: (04-07-2017 01:22 AM)

The judge Navarro is hiding from the jury the fact that the BLM and government hired illegal mercenary armies to come against the protestors, forbidden and illegal under the law.

- At the Bundy protest in Nevada 3 years ago, the BLM had a uniform that on one else had seen before - MERCENARY ARMIES being used against citizens is forbidden by law under the US Pinkerton Act! So Judge Navarro is saying that resisting ILLEGAL MERCENARY ARMIES is being called a crime! People at the event have informed that the uniforms of these mercenary armies looked clearly like BLACK WATER uniforms! According to judge NAVARRO, IT DOESN´T MATTER.

Judge Navarro wants to cover-up and hide the fact that these were illegal mercenary armies, being used against the law against law abiding American citizens on US soil - forbidden by law!

Also, everybody knows about law officers being impersonated. The law says they must show you identification to show they are an officer, a badge or something. But judge Navarro is making rulings contrary to what the law says, saying they do not have to present any identification!

MERCENARY ARMIES ILLEGALLY POSING AS BLM FEDERAL AGENTS. Hired by Obama - part of Obama´s private army of illegla mercenaries.

If you get pulled over by an unmarked vehicle, you can dispatch 911 and ask for a regular black and white vehicle to show-up. THIS IS THE SAME SITUATION". Judge Navarro & the prosecutor falsely said: "It doesn´t matter - you don´t have to know whether or not that is a Federal agent. They tell you they are "police" in a broad name" - so she is saying it doesn´t matter if they are mercenaries. But it does! IT IS ILLEGAL! And, contrary to what the judge is saying, all agents must identify themselves! This is exactly to avoid impersonation by non police people pretending to be agents or police, as happened at Bundy ranch!

There were people that questioned this before judge Navarro - are these people mercenaries? Are they Black Water Who are they, are they actually BLM - no names and no patches on their uniforms! So nobody knew who they were!
Judge Navarro answer: "It doesn´t matter anymore" is what the judge and prosecutors said! IT DOES MATTER, IT IS ILLEGAL!



- According to witnesses on the scene, these mercenary armies were acting so out of character to be BLM or Federal agents. Who would ever believe you would have a standing army of 200 people - who pose as federal agents that would come into a little tiny town and take it over the way these mercenary men did.

Brand Thorton spoke with a trooper in Mesquite after they left & spoke with metro officers. Those 3 officers came-up to him and shook his hand & congratulated them - the officers were happy. The officers started telling them all these horror stories that the BLM was doing in their little town - they were speeding around that town, going through red lights, going through stop signs, travelling in groups of 12. If the first one made it through on a yellow light, the 11 behind would go through on a red light. A trooper had a multitude of BLM officers pull a M-15 on him and his children!
That is the type of information that the public is not going to know. They want to keep it covered up!

The mercenary armies who came swarming into the Bundy ranch came so out of character with what one can consider lawfull, rightful, up-standing people and representatives of the law. They came in with an ATTITUDE & with a BIAS: "To hell with doing the right thing or the correct thing - And that was all DAN P. LOVE - the man they will not allow the defense to bring forth to be cross-examined in the trial - THE NUMBER ONE KEY WITNESS, THE ACCUSOR OF BUNDY AND THE PEOPLE. The judge is covering him up and not allowing him to come in knowing they will loose if he testifies, since he is under criminal investigation. Thus, THE DEFENDENTS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO FACE THEIR ACCUSER! Dan P. Love is the man that came against the people at Bundy ranch and accused them in the first place ! ( Your 6th amendment right thus is also down the toilet).

All you need now is to loose the first and the second amendment and you have lost them all!

The BLM set-up FREE SPEECH ZONES on the Bundy ranch. Those are illegal and unconstitutional. The Federal government still thinks those "Free speech zones" were legit! People, you need to reailze what is going on here! You are loosing your God given Constitutional rights - they have all gone down the toilet! Practically, you have no more Constitutional rights in America!

If Bundy and the protestors in Nevada loose these cases, your Constitutional rights are history! Gone also are all your civil rights!

- The defendents have lost all their rights to bring-up witnesses & any witness willing to come forward for the defense are being intimidated by the Federal government with a threat of indictment & arrest if they testify! THIS IS ILLEGAL! The government and judge Navaroo is committing a crime here. They are saying anyone who showed-up ou there (up to 200 people) to help the Bundy´s, whether they knew them or not - if they saw it on FAcebook and clicked "like" and showed-up there, you are a "co-conspirator" - an "un-indighted co-conspirator" and all of these also are being threatened with arrest.

They told each and every witness that was going to get on the stand that they needed an attorney and that they were under investigation for indictment & arrest over this case for wanting to testify This sounds like communist China, Russia or modern day North Korea!

If any officer of the so called law violates your Constitution or your civil rights, he becomes a dangerous felon. They are saying this dangerous felon, which is going to take your life or take your liberty - you cannot defend yourself against that man! You have no right to defend yourself agany any rogue law enforcement! (Look to what they did to the young man - Christian family band member in Cottonwood Arizona in the Wallmart parking lot- executed by an officer at point blank, shot in the head simply for trying to save his life from those who were trying to shoot him!) People, it does not get any worse then this!
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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04-07-2017 03:53 AM


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RE: Trump Supporters Finally Fighting Back Against
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lop guest
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04-07-2017 04:36 AM


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RE: Trump Supporters Finally Fighting Back Against
More updates on the Bundy ranch injustices here, hot off the press!

Read this please patriots, inform yourself & help the innocent men being accused & being brought before a kangaroo court!

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LoP Guest
lop guest
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04-08-2017 01:43 AM


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RE: Trump Supporters Finally Fighting Back Against
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