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McCain Flies to Syria and Bang! Nerve Gas & Bombs on Syria! Who Stole My Presiden
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lop guest
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04-08-2017 02:08 AM


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horn McCain Flies to Syria and Bang! Nerve Gas & Bombs on Syria! Who Stole My Presiden
McCain Flies to Syria and Bang! Nerve Gas & Bombs on Syria! Who Stole My President & Why’d He Do It? False Flag

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump stated multiple times that he would ‘stay out of the Syrian conflict.’

link to image:

However, yesterday’s events reveal that he went back on that promise. In retaliation for a nerve gas chemical attack on the Syrian people that was falsely attributed to Assad, Trump decided to send 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles to the airbase in Syria that was “reportedly” home to the warplanes which carried out a horrible chemical attack on the Syrians. As a result, six people have died.

Multiple Trump supporters, including myself, are left scratching our heads as to why President Trump would do this. Especially considering his avid stance against it and the fact that it was an obvious false flag.

History shows that multiple chemical attacks have already been falsely pinned on Assad, only later to be discovered it was ISIS and Al Qaeda.

So why engage? Why send bombs? And is Trump still on our side? In the video below I reveal all that and more….

UPDATE- Now Russia is responding… Here’s that breaking report…..
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