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Our Economy ~ Explained in Cookies
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 397455
10-12-2017 06:49 PM


Post: #46
RE: Our Economy ~ Explained in Cookies
LoP Guest  Wrote: (04-18-2017 09:39 AM)
It's energy harvesting/slavery for the matrix so satanic rituals.

That's basically what the gangstalking is. They don't know they're in the underworld/valley of shadow of death, basically. They use the process because you produce additional energy (light) they can harvest for the system + create more victims for the system. Alters + spiritual warfare + ignorance of participant (emotional energy).

Jesus probably should've mentioned this but the gap is that people believe in Christ as a person but not that THEY are Christ. It's basically a program (game) where you become Jesus or any of the other related characters to the walk; some of them at least.

That's your economy.

agreed. Christ is the story of the reincarnational process.
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