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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 373362
04-20-2017 01:59 AM


Post: #1
Very interesting perspective on many things.. imo..

"HyperNormalisation wades through the culmination of forces that have driven this culture into mass uncertainty, confusion, spectacle and simulation. Where events keep happening that seem crazy, inexplicable and out of control—from Donald Trump to Brexit, to the War in Syria, mass immigration, extreme disparity in wealth, and increasing bomb attacks in the West—this film shows a basis to not only why these chaotic events are happening, but also why we, as well as those in power, may not understand them. We have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. And because it is reflected all around us, ubiquitous, we accept it as normal. This epic narrative of how we got here spans over 40 years, with an extraordinary cast of characters—the Assad dynasty, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, Patti Smith, early performance artists in New York, President Putin, Japanese gangsters, suicide bombers, Colonel Gaddafi and the Internet. HyperNormalisation weaves these historical narratives back together to show how today’s fake and hollow world was created and is sustained. This shows that a new kind of resistance must be imagined and actioned, as well as an unprecedented reawakening in a time where it matters like never before."

For those who havent seen it already.. enjoy Heartflowers
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Open Your Eyes
lop guest
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04-20-2017 02:00 AM


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RE: HyperNormalisation
Blame the Adderall

Rubio did you quit yet
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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04-21-2017 06:47 AM


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RE: HyperNormalisation

I see now.. after searching for this post/thread.. that its been posted a few times by others here already.. some interesting comments about it in their threads.. for any 'still on the fence' about a few hours of 'time' well spent..

Definitely an interesting film.. and plenty of the pieces 'fit'.. so to speak..

I admittedly watched it twice.. as I was distracted on and off the first time.. and will likely watch it once more I imagine..

..a lot of it makes sense in regards to current and past events.. and its a nice 'synopsis' of many of the things that quite a few of 'us' seem to be aware of already..

..needless to say.. I am convinced we are 'f**ked'.. seemingly because 'we' want to be.. and have decided to be..

..humanity will keep on though.. because all civilizations fail.. yet the species does not.. 'weve' kept this one going a long time now anyway.. and there is no 'they'.. never has been.. never will be..

..I am more certain than ever that I will NOT BE HYPERNORMALISED!!

..who knows what will become of me as such doomed

Sigh Heartflowers
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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04-21-2017 06:48 AM


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RE: HyperNormalisation
Is it to go entirely with hyper-inflation? Seems like it all is perpendicular.
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