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Umbilical cord blood from babies could help bring back memory for dementia patien
Dr. Feel
lop guest
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04-21-2017 06:35 AM


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heart RE: Umbilical cord blood from babies could help bring back memory for dementia patien
LoP Guest  Wrote: (04-20-2017 11:17 PM)
Dr. FEEL  Wrote: (04-20-2017 07:24 PM)
Actually there is a secret with regards to the umbilical cord blood that they do not want you to know or more so with regards to the fetus in general.

The reason umbilical cord blood is valuable is it is different from mothers and fetus blood.

I call it transitional plasma blood.


Because the placenta is more that a filter it is in fact a transformer.

But one must think of this transformer like in an electrical inductive current transformer.

The reason I try to provide the visual as reference is that there is a gap that exists the prevents the blood of the mother and the blood of the fetus from mixing.

This gap is within the placenta that prevents or filters everything from transferring over to the fetus.

So you maybe asking then if everything is blocked, what gets across to the other side,

like the electrical transformer, it is the fields of energy, in this case field plasma, not blood plasma.

But similar in theory to a step down electrical transfomer, where a high voltage goes in, and it steps down to a lower voltage out, so it is similar to the working of the placenta.

So how is that achieved the step down for the fetus?

Cord blood plasma.

On the other side of the gap is the chord blood, the transitional blood, that receives the field energy and reduces it to a level for the fetus.

This cord blood known in the industry as Vascular or Arterial cord blood is highly prized for its levels of Copper Oxide and Zinc Oxide plasma of Amino Acid,

Arterial blue in the cord is green and it stay that way, vascular blue is purple in the cord, prior to oxygen interaction outside the body.

Arterial being linked to the Zinc and vascular being linked to the Copper.

But such a conclusion, attacks the theories of how the fetus gets all that it needs, nutrients, oxygen, removal of toxins to survive in the womb.

I just attacked the foundation of biology in away only a lunatic would, Srjceahd

Why, who do I think I am a GOD, no, I am a lunatic, chuckle

I worked many years ago on devices that would cut the cord and capture this blood in one device, I still have my drawings and applied patents for this device, that is one of my specialties, biomedical devices.

But it took me 35 years after the fact to understand what was so important about this blood.

That connection to dementia is the amino acid plasma of the Zinc Oxide that is within the cord blood that is the link to the emotion.

But since now we can easily create the same Zinc Oxide plasma without the need of cord blood or devices to extract and store, and finding a way to administer it according to the fda, this is old technology for blood letting with leeches type thinking.

Since it is proven that dementia is a emotional illness, the administration and interaction with Zinc Oxide plasma has easily reversed the symptoms.

That Emotion cause the person to become demented, and they will most likely refuse to reverse it, for they wish to end it all.

It is the same with Alzheimer's, the forgetting disease, they want to forget, so they create the condition in the body, to forget to live and they die.

But now for the families the Zinc Oxide plasma knowledge is available to all for free and the cost to create it is almost free.

But will doctors want to use it, will pharmaceutical companies want this to be known?

Not if they will loose money or profits, or have to agree to learn a new technology that will go against there education and money making corporations of control and greed.

This is not fantasy or fiction, this is truth though a new science, and I can prove everything I said is real.

But do I need to, or does the knowledge that I shared spark an interest in seeking the truth, because someone you love has these illnesses or you worry that you might suffer from it also.

Not to worry clinical trials and scientists and doctors that see the promises in this new technology are working to prove the results and document them so that any Jury or Scientific Medical examination by regulatory or industry decision makers will be satisfied with the scientific data such that is beyond reproach in standards practice and accepted data collection methodology.


If not then laughter is the best medicine for Dementia, you hope, chuckle

How can one take that? Can you purchase Copper and Zinc Oxide and take it by mouth? If so, what age should one start? Thanks for the report.

Currently the easiest way is to mix it with distilled water and harvest the top water to drink it.

To say you do not consume the oxides but the water that it came into contact with, like the transformer analogy, the fields of the oxides are transformed to the water, it transforms H2O into H3O or H2O and Deuterium strength oxides or Isotopes of the Zinc.

This technology still suffers from proper definitions to diferentiate it from current science and technology.

It is the new field of Plasma physics and science technology.

It is easy enough to create Zinc Oxide GANS and only cost a couple of dollars to produce as much as you could ever need.

Since most cancers are also as a result of emotional issues, it works to reverse cancer with no negative side effects.

What we have found is that regular maintenance of consuming Zinc oxide, has reversed depression, anxiety, and drug addictions, ALS, Dementia, Alzheimer, and now cancer.

This week all the clinical trials data was presented, the scientist from Tokyo University did the clinical trials and the results are amazing.

Zinc Oxide, Copper Oxide, Iron Oxide, Carbon Dioxide GANS is going to change everything we thought we knew about alot of things.

This is the new technology of ZNO GANS, CUO GANS, CH3 GANS, CO2 GANS.

Here is the thread on cancer:

If only peace in the human could be so easy.
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