news Hot Spots: The San Luis Valley, CO/NM
news Could the universe itself be conscious ?
news Dead Satellites Could Be Blasted Out of Orbit With Powerful Magnetic Beams
news Amazon's delivery drones could soon live in giant hives, according to a bizarre new patent
news This Secret Catholic Exorcist Cult in Brazil Is Making a Deal With the Devil
news Roswell conspiracy theory: Expert claims UFO crash did happen
news A second sun dubbed 'Nemesis' once inhabited the Solar System, say scientists.
news China in quantum breakthrough
news Italian soil yields a new antibiotic that can fight drug-resistant bacteria
news More than 460 earthquakes recorded so far in Yellowstone Park swarm
news Jupiter Now Has 69 Moons

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Don't click, I'm useless...
PFA ide master
lop guest
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04-21-2017 12:04 PM


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wall Don't click, I'm useless...
Sure, I'll have some nachos and cheese, HEllary.

:sheepnahh:, try some genetically modified Popcorn instead.
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lop guest
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04-21-2017 01:32 PM


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RE: Don't click, I'm useless...
Compiler error. Please run self-diagnostics and recompile argument.
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