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The Muslims you hate created the number system you use.
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06-20-2017 12:09 AM

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RE: The Muslims you hate created the number system you use.
So what's your point?

Democracy was a Greek invention, should that mean we should all be walking around in uncomfortable tunics with sandals? Or have the police go around with sword and shield? Since we like to call ourselves a democracy too?

I completely fail to see whatever point you were trying to make by pointing that out.

How infantile does an argument need to be that you need to go back a few thousands of years (before the invention of islam, may I add) in order to come up with something positive the eastern world ever contributed to progress of world population. The answer is very.
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06-20-2017 02:57 AM

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RE: The Muslims you hate created the number system you use.
the contempt I hold for some people exceeds the words I have for them: no words are left
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06-20-2017 07:30 AM


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RE: The Muslims you hate created the number system you use.
LoP Guest  Wrote: (06-19-2017 02:44 PM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (06-19-2017 08:44 AM)
There were many advanced civilizations that were not white, the Chinese, The Arabs, Hindus, Egyptians, Ethiopians etc... are you [email protected] telling me these were white, you [email protected] piece of sh!t!

Hindus and Ethiopians are technically caucasian. Skull shape is the determining factor, not skin colour.

Nope , that's a [email protected] lie!

East Africa is the origin of the black race.
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06-20-2017 07:52 AM

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RE: The Muslims you hate created the number system you use.
Science, the historical review of which goes back to occult practice.

Occult...what was hidden...the radiation o oooooo UFO metal that previously in ancient review attacked Earth that was still cooling by condition of attack.

Human occult converters then brought it across by changing the gases in Earth atmosphere for unnatural human applied converting sciences.

Why what was hidden was Revealed...the burning of Earth upper gases as UFO lights....various gases burning different colors.

Egypt......inundated with nuclear radiation fall out. Huge populations left due to radiation sickness....plagues and stigmata.

The population who remained became mind changed...the owners/inventors/creators of the sciences......humans mind irradiated.

The nature/mind/behavior of those who stayed denatured....and heavy metal fall out the reason why no religious documents have ever been taught correctly as ancient science occult causation.

The Holy wars fought to regain control of the land ownership to remove the occult practice....pyramid/temple converting model.

The English fall out attack on Stonehenge...the fallout hit in Giza pyramid exploded/toppled...and stone Temples melted....Giza pyramid burnt its stone face.

Science realized for how evil it was.

Some humans in the land ownership status fought with the Holy War participants against their own populous. The mind denatured never knew the truth of what was happening to natural life due to radiation fall out.

The true story never told in the true factors of what science, knowledge, self deceit actually involves.

It was not a war fought to regain land was a war to regain human rights....a non fall out life condition attack.

Who owned the Giza pyramid/Temple model.....the Muslims did...the scientists.

Did a huge Muslim community along with Arabs, Israeli's and also Jews go to England-European continents? Due to the climates being cooler with less fall out conditions?

Yes they did, to escape nuclear fall out conditions.
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