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More Scary Technology
lop guest
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06-18-2017 10:50 PM


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RE: More Scary Technology
Hey psyop agents aren't you going to try to convince the readers that those pictures aren't all the same face. It is so obviously the same face you don't dare touch it. But your ignoring the pictures exposes you. The truth is mthr fker isn't it?
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prosthetic brain
if dysfunction is a function....
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06-18-2017 11:29 PM

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RE: More Scary Technology
BlackGhost  Wrote: (06-18-2017 09:16 PM)
Яudis  Wrote: (06-18-2017 06:19 PM)
Hmmm I wonder if this technology works backwards!
Can they put an image into your mind?

Can your image be replaced with the image of
someone "they" want to lock up and get rid of?

yes it is a two way channel... they have been doing this for years.

--- for example

ever had a really strange dream, that when you woke up you could of swore someone just tested your morals and ethics.

things like a person you recognize but do not know, walks up to you and says we have to go now... your thoughts flip to your family, and you ask about them, the response being ... we do not have time to save them, we need to go now.
how did you respond... did you go or say not without my family...

or another one

you find yourself at a rally where the president is going to be speaking, and you are suddenly surrounded by a group of people who are supposedly your friends, but you cannot recognize them. when suddenly you realize they are plotting to kill the president, and they show you a cache of weapons near by. In the next instance you get picked up and are being asked about this plot.
do you turn in your friends or remain loyal to them...

--- some really scary stuff... but I saw the first instances of this technology in papers dating back to the late 60s, and they were testing material to block certain radio waves, while simultaneously remotely recording brainwaves and feeding them back between subjects... the objective was to see if they could communicate or do thought injection for battle field communications ... this eventually turned into skull to voice tech, just much more reliable and easier to use. the second part was to protect themselves and have an ability to block such signals, what they found was they needed a combination acoustic absorbing and anti static type materials to block it. --- back then very little was taboo to the medical scientific community. they have also been disclosing this for about 10 years now starting with shape recognition, and then written words, not to mention the brain to computer interfaces being promoted as devices to allow those who are immobilized to control things like a mouse or keyboard, culminating into possible brain to speech.

they are just now showing off some of the capabilities they have... casinos in Vegas have had face recognition for decades, written in C and assembly to maximize processing, it also should be a clue as to how old this stuff is.

the pictures though are pretty uncanny for their accuracy. most open literature had this at a really fuzzy level...

ENDX  Wrote: (06-18-2017 09:25 PM)
Lazy law enforcement not doing their jobs of crime prevention as usual.

That's where the automated A.I. and alternate timelines take over.
And, they'll be all like caught in the act, except that's precisely why they want such. To get the copyrighted jump on the criminal competition, for the purpose of cover-up.
First the realization will come that in actuality, we're all seeing things for what they are according to our own perception. What they are doing is trying to cheat that and access a realm where the sight to memory has recorded things the mind does not actually comprehend, as what's really going down is more akin to the mental capacity of a person than pure bio-mechanical interfaced photography can capture.

Then the realization that of what is going on, there are composite persons enacting the villainy. From those composites the persons are unwillingly duressed into such, akin to temporary insanity, as forced beyond their will or capacity into modes they would otherwise not partake of, from multiple points in time from composits of mentality being a conglomeration of multiple persons and factors.
There will be cheats and hacks of all manner.
Faked DNA, And synthetic disguises, and Electronic A.I. disguises, not much more sophisticated than current cloaking technology.

But most importantly they need to dominate this all for the inevitable consequences of the imbalance of right and wrong which will cut the legs out from underneath all their B.S> phoney Heroism while being more the cause by defending and supporting in participation, the imbalance.



"in him who is good envy is never ingenerated about any thing"

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Mr ifnoc nli
lop guest
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06-19-2017 12:20 AM


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RE: More Scary Technology
Sarah  Wrote: (06-18-2017 05:54 PM)
I'm so glad I'm on the home stretch because I don't want to live in a world where this sort of thing is possible.


Me too!
This is some messed up stuff.
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lop guest
User ID: 397629
06-19-2017 12:36 AM


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RE: More Scary Technology
Sarah  Wrote: (06-18-2017 05:54 PM)
I'm so glad I'm on the home stretch because I don't want to live in a world where this sort of thing is possible.


Home stretch? Not even close.

You haven't even seen the good stuff yet!
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Registered User
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06-19-2017 04:00 AM

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RE: More Scary Technology
More scary stuff.

Police Surveillance Would Target Florida Neighborhoods from the Sky

A plane flying 25,000 feet above can photograph more than 20 square miles at a time, then zoom in on a place and time to track participants in the minutes leading up to an incident, or the getaway after.
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Registered User
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06-19-2017 04:06 AM

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RE: More Scary Technology
Drones for law enforcement. We're Ruined!

Just got back from my dad's. I'm really buzzed. My family if clueless of e-ve-r-y-thinnng.

The banana pudding rocked. Jhikpghf
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-19-2017 04:15 AM


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RE: More Scary Technology
LoP Guest  Wrote: (06-18-2017 06:07 PM)
It seems like the advancements we are getting for the human race are advancing the criminals abilities to steal, rob, rape, murder and destroy.

Technology that would benefit humanity is mostly suppressed.

Technology that increases the power of the ruling elite over us is developed for their use.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-19-2017 06:35 AM


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RE: More Scary Technology
Embrace the future, along with implants, technocracy is medicine for the sheeple.


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LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-19-2017 08:17 AM


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RE: More Scary Technology
pooky  Wrote: (06-18-2017 05:44 PM)
Forget Police Sketches: Researchers Perfectly Reconstruct Faces by Reading Brainwaves

Picture this: you’re sitting in a police interrogation room, struggling to describe the face of a criminal to a sketch artist. You pause, wrinkling your brow, trying to remember the distance between his eyes and the shape of his nose.

Suddenly, the detective offers you an easier way: would you like to have your brain scanned instead, so that machines can automatically reconstruct the face in your mind's eye from reading your brain waves?

Sound fantastical? It’s not. After decades of work, scientists at Caltech may have finally cracked our brain’s facial recognition code. Using brain scans and direct neuron recording from macaque monkeys, the team found specialized “face patches” that respond to specific combinations of facial features.

Like dials on a music mixer, each patch is fine-tuned to a particular set of visual information, which then channel together in different combinations to form a holistic representation of every distinctive face.

The values of each dial were so predictable that scientists were able to recreate a face the monkey saw simply by recording the electrical activity of roughly 200 brain cells. When placed together, the reconstruction and the actual photo were nearly indistinguishable.

Where are we heading with this stuff? Will we lose complete privacy of our thoughts in the future?

A new form of interrogating? Scan people's minds for information? Retrieve memories and read people's thoughts?

Hey Wonka! I want off this ride!!

link to image:

Probably accounts for the shapeshifting in the spirit...would be my guess is that it's like your brain that maintains the image you portray...not always at your direction.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-19-2017 07:58 PM


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RE: More Scary Technology
This is creepy, but it is nothing compared to tech they are using and developing to use against us.

Use your brains, that's what they are for.

Stupid lardballs deserve to be served.
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