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What evidence Had To Say After Meeting With Theresa May
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06-19-2017 02:38 AM


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What evidence Had To Say After Meeting With Theresa May
What residents had to say after Downing Street meeting...

Residents affected by the Grenfell Tower atrocity were passionate and angry during a lengthy exchange with the Prime Minister, a bishop who sat with them revealed.

Sixteen 'very ordinary people' sat in Downing Street to bring their concerns to Theresa May in an 'unprecedented' meeting and finally felt they were listened to, the Bishop of Kensington, Dr Graham Tomlin said.

He is hopeful the two-and-a-half hour meeting, attended by victims, residents, community leaders and volunteers, was the starting point for a process of 'lasting change'.

He said: 'I'm positive because I think it was a real chance for local residents, people affected by this tragedy, to voice their concerns directly to the Prime Minister so that she could hear them.

'That's why I'm positive about it, because I think in the past local residents here have not always been listened to.'

He said that feeling of being ignored is a source of much 'deep frustration', and told how people have been left feeling 'that decisions are taken about their lives and their homes that they are not party to'.

He described the residents as 'brilliant' in how they raised and explained their concerns to Mrs May.

He said: 'I thought the way they expressed themselves with a mixture of passion and reason was fantastic, and I hope it's the beginning of a process, not the end of a process, the beginning of a process of real listening between Government, RBKC (the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council), local residents, that will bring about lasting change.'

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