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Last week's episode of Dr. Who was hard to watch
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10-31-2018 05:54 PM

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Last week's episode of Dr. Who was hard to watch
Not sure what the episode was called but it was the one with all the spider. Evidently a guy who is going to run for U.S. presidency headed a chain of luxury hotels that also dumped industrial waste into the mines beneath it and operated many other hotels all the same. Genetic engineering got mixed into the waste material causing a lot of spiders to become enormous, so large that the largest one was suffocating from not being able to breath the air so the head of the hotel chain shot and killed it ending the show. Dr. Who then said how horrible the guy was, where the doctor's plan was to simply let the spider suffocate, and her larger plan was to lure all the other spiders into a safe room and let them all suffocate. Not sure what happened to all the other spiders that were spread across the entire city as they were simply left alone and forgotten about.

Anyways, the show stated how the future U.S. presidential candidate was a heartless maniac only about money and greed and killing everything without remorse and how that was the only way to become the president of the U.S.A.. That candidate said something along the lines of how he originally never wanted to run for president, especially after all the years with the worst president ever which was Donald Trump.

I mean what the hell?
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