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Love watching the night sky
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 424591
07-17-2017 03:55 AM


Post: #16
RE: Love watching the night sky
zyx  Wrote: (07-17-2017 02:30 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (07-17-2017 01:54 AM)
Why? It's just a freak'n holodeck ceiling with a lame screen saver always running on it.

each to our own.

back when i smooked weed i was smoking some and stargazing having a good high thinking f*#k this sh*t is wast( wich is my opinon)
thinking how small i was compared to the wastness of the cosmos gazing at stars and feeling it all f*cking fit togheter and i was happy.

Muh. What you are seeing is light from stars that have long since moved on. You're just seeing light from stars from a few to millions and billions of years ago. They're not even where you think they are any more. Heck, half of them could have already blown up and doom could be headed straight for us and you wouldn't see it yet. Youre watching a very old screen saver. chuckle Its all fake, time delayed.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 373362
07-17-2017 06:03 AM


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RE: Love watching the night sky
lunylunatic  Wrote: (07-17-2017 01:07 AM)
For some reason I hate Orion. I want to hunt that hunter. Maybe someday I will catch it.

I love Orion.. and also track it through the night sky as the months pass..

..and his trusty dog Sirius <3

..I would like to catch it too though we have different feelings about it Heartflowers
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