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What is The Truth here?
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 397629
07-18-2017 08:44 AM


Post: #16
RE: What is The Truth here?
I think you have to first decide for yourself if you're willing to accept truth. Some people aren't maybe they're afraid accepting the truth will reveal some critical flaw in their projected persona or something, or maybe it's just normal bias.

Meaning some people's normalcy bias is so strong they will reject the truth over fiction if the fiction feels more normal or secure. So at least be honest with yourself if you are willing to accept absolute truths, truths that cannot be brushed aside if they become inconvenient.

If you decide you can handle the truth, then you're realize it's an arduous task without a frame of reference. For me, that frame of reference is belief in God. I believe it's the only logical and rational explanation of truths and who defines truth (God).

For others it may be something else, I wish them good lucking seeking it because I do believe the door is narrow and the road wide.
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