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Trumps Lawyer Vs The Anomaly
LoP Guest
lop guest
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07-17-2017 01:56 PM


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Trumps Lawyer Vs The Anomaly
Trumps Lawyer: "We will sue you"

The Anomaly: "bit*h I'll kill you"

Trumps lawyer slowly enters his safe-space in Trump Towers

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LoP Guest
lop guest
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07-17-2017 02:08 PM


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RE: Trumps Lawyer Vs The Anomaly
using genetic bio-weapons on these dinosaurs, they will all go into extinction ...
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Caution: Hipwaders required
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07-17-2017 02:53 PM

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RE: Trumps Lawyer Vs The Anomaly
LoP Guest  Wrote: (07-17-2017 01:56 PM)
Trumps Lawyer: "We will sue you"

The Anomaly: "bit*h I'll kill you"

Trumps lawyer slowly enters his safe-space in Trump Towers


This is the new GLP egregore/slave they are trying to build. Best way to deal with that is sh*t in their big bowl of cornflakes. Therefore, from what has been gathered on the Anomaly, the physical characteristics of this character is as follows.

- Micropenis, one inch, to maintain their chastity
- Infertile, they fire blanks.
- Tallish, not a manlet
- Thick wooly hair
- Green tint to skin since their liver and kidney's are failing
- Huge man knockers, D cup. Quality men have giant tits
- Three ass cheeks for an unknown reason.
- Smells like beef soup mix.
- A lazy eye to randomly dart around and seek justice
- One eye is skinned over, according to another thread.
- Unemployed and barely literate.
- Lives at their parents house hoping they are the anomaly.
- The anomaly has bad breath.
- The anomaly has a leathery-looking suntan in the summer.
- The anomaly has ribs poking out in bizarre places.
- The anomaly has "summer teeth", some are here...some are there.
- The anomaly has really long spiky nose, eyebrow and ear hairs
- The anomaly has gnarly toes and really smelly feet since they don't bathe often.
- snorting lines of crushed potato chips
- stacking empty boxes, especially dominoz pizza boxes
- watching the other anomaly maturbate on the CCTV the FBI installed
- making elaborate sock accounts that have their own sock accounts
- claiming PTSD whenever he doesnt like something
- He shape shifts and causes further damage to his already weak skeletal and cardiovascular system.
- He reads thoughts. But can seem to screen any of them so he walks around being driven mad by the sound of all the people around him and their petty, useless, tiny thoughts.
- He's super strong, but only lives to the age of 27 since his body isn't built to correct any of the changes he's done.
- He is a Melungeon, means he's some inbred cracker in the woods.
- He's got a bad heart, prone to cardiovascular problems so anytime he uses his power, he's killing himself in inches.
- He wants to be a vending machine for people because of his very tiny self esteem. He loves abuse and being used like a rubber.
- One of their feet is twice the size of the other foot.
- They sort of look like they have downs syndrome as well.
- Big time mouth breather with a massive inbred overbite as well.
- Wears false teeth made of rubber.
- Anomaly lves the cock....loves it. Can be found at truck rest stops.
- He secretly works at Walmart as a part-time stocker
- He is so lazy that he claims credit for everything
- The anomaly takes no responsibility.

Feel free to spread it around and sh*t up another dumb 'nobody' meme before it starts.

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