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A Catholic vs A Christian. Showdown
Planetary Christ KAN DAEK
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08-13-2017 12:50 AM

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RE: A Catholic vs A Christian. Showdown
Jules  Wrote: (08-12-2017 10:03 AM)
The bible douche bag was put together by Constantine - The Roman Emperor.

There are many 'gospels' but only the ones in the bible made it in. The ones in the bible were not even written by the people they alluded to writing them ie Matthew mark Luke and John - did not actually write the gospels.

Ultimately there is absolute confusion across the board and no organisation that venerates or worships Jesus as Lord/God can say that they are getting it just right. PERIOD. However the catholic church with over 450,000 clerics and growing and over 1 billion members, has been doing it the longest of ALL organisations. I agree in that it has its problems, but maybe the guy should join it and fight the good fight from within, take up his argument against those that allude to have an education in all this not some congregation member.

Catholicism takes into account the sacred nature of the mother of the Christ and she can be venerated AS SUCH - not as god but no catholic worships Mary as GOD or in any way or form is she seen as or on the same level as Jesus.

She was Holy enough to give birth to the son of God which makes her far more worthy of veneration than you...dont you think ? It also highlights that the teachings of the divine are accessible to the feminine gender. God so to speak isnt afraid of communicating through feminine gender. In giving birth to the son of god would you not be able to say that its a pretty big communication by God ?

'Mary mother of grace please give me strength as I have lost my son. ?' Why would a catholic pray in such a way do you think and do you think Jesus is going to say - they cant do that they cant ask my mum to give them strength they should be asking me ?


and Jesus never taught that any records and writings that would appear long after his crucifixion were the gospel. He never told the followers that in a few hundred years and then maybe 1000 or more years after that .. that some printed books would be his gospel. PEOPLE NEED TO TREASON.

HE SAID.. go and tell the world the good news.. that HUMAN BEINGS ARE SONS OF GOD and that was and IS the gospel.

Nature is returning to equilibrium, the only thing being destroyed was never real to begin with - an artifice that has inevitably lost its hold on the hearts and minds of men. Some wait for the end, others give birth to the new.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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08-13-2017 12:55 AM


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RE: A Catholic vs A Christian. Showdown
Too bad that Jesus didn't write the Bible, there may have been a heck of a lot more truth in it.
Maybe he had plans to, but some people of the Juwish persuasion had him killed.
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08-13-2017 01:11 PM

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RE: A Catholic vs A Christian. Showdown
Planetary Christ KAN DAEK  Wrote: (08-13-2017 12:50 AM)
and Jesus never taught that any records and writings that would appear long after his crucifixion were the gospel.
He said that He had much more to teach and there was much more truth to be told but that they weren't ready to receive it yet. He also said that, after He died, the Spirit of Truth would come and guide people to all truth. So yes, further and deeper understanding of what Jesus taught would come to people long after Jesus died. Jesus said so.

1 Cor 3:2 - I give you milk, not solid food, for you are not ready for it. Indeed you are still not ready.

John 16:12 - I have much more to tell you, but you cannot yet bear to hear it. However, when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.

"They notice that you notice" - Mothman Prophecies doomed
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08-13-2017 01:30 PM

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RE: A Catholic vs A Christian. Showdown
[Image: BABIES.jpg]
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