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THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
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09-12-2017 08:24 AM

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THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
PHI.....the human occult male scientific review of DATA....what science is based on

PHI radiation light SOUNDS...patterns and structures by review PHI.

The human body reviewed by science stated to be measured by PHI.


Natural life living owns 1 condition only....self presence.

In self presence we are naturally supported by NATURE....also natural.

2 conditions that only support NATURAL, without SCIENCE.

SCIENCE, a human male's own personal choice to apply an unnatural life condition upon his human family.

His human family never allowed to have personal choice, or own personal choice. His own occult choice forced upon natural life and how life is lived.


The human male occultist/scientist....knows by owning natural psyche a natural MIND...that his HUMAN PENIS is the Creator status of his own self.

In no other human life condition can a male lay claim to being a CREATOR.

His human male mind therefore thinks about SEX first....for his natural life as a Creator began in the SEXUAL ACT....self procreation of a self presence.....the creation of a human baby.

So he said to his own male first thoughts...given status and information as an ADULT MALE was to have SEX.

So then he created SCIENCE and all of the EVIL cause and effects of applying unnatural life conditions that he named was AI....artificial causation.....artificial and unnatural to natural life....against natural life surviving or existing.

For all of his SCIENCE involves NUCLEAR Sun radiation.

Planet Earth in NATURAL is a COLD FUSED NUCLEAR BODY...owning cold gases.

The Sun is only kept cooled by the asteroid stone gas release in stone slow disintegration.

So he resourced and applied his use of civilization his INVENTION...the status of which is a self motivated causation...invent to gain great money for human use and become an elitist and rich and be involved in the elite community.

INVENTION was never actually for the benefit of a natural living community, for if it were, the invention would only support NATURAL, natural existence and a non or slight change to NATURAL.

His invention in fact does not personally support this human review.

So he comes about by inventing so many inventions that he runs out of the use of resourcing energy for his invention.

He then says to his own self....I am a creator...when he never was....for his own sexual act considered by his spiritual mind said....the sex act was evil...and taught us all the history of sex and occultism.

He then said as I can create with my penis....I want a natural resource as a BIO status...the ability to form a cell to remove energy from out of the ATMOSPHERE as a non stop eternal cellular resourcing/energy supply. I would be so rich and powerful he said.

So he went about all forms of studies of the chemicals that a natural BIO CELL owned....yet the whole body in self presence owned the chemicals and the chemicals do not exist by their selves.

Yet he ignores the truth of his own self deceit......if no other life were present in his life, then he would have no reason nor own a reason to want to resource....for he would be existing naturally, as he should.

Instead he lives by occult control and invention.

So he researches his own deceit....I want to copy what I believe is the Immaculate Conception...a cell in ownership of forming into a human body.

Yet no cell by itself ever formed into a human body....a fake theory.

A human male adult and a human female adult had sex. Owning sperm in his male penis, and the female owning an ova...they reproduced...and the female grew the baby...a human.

The occult scientist then began to study cells and played around with the cell and then unnaturally and artificially by presence of a fully formed male life and body and mind......the AI effect of his sick minded belief.

He formed animals from out the cellular matter.

Yet the cellular owner owned 2 parent bodies...fully formed with sperm and the ova...the real condition of natural life....and life continuance.

So he said...I am a Creator he said...yet he owned a fully formed adult male body his own self.

So he LIED....he is deceitful and always was.

He then professed that if he could achieve this circumstance from manipulating a life cell, he could then form a life cell BIO presence by the atmosphere and then resource it.

Artificial chemistry he said....I will form an ALIEN he ALIEN he said is not human.....I know it is not.....he said the CLOUD forms artificial chemical its burning.

Belonging to the review ALIEN SPIRIT manifestation from a NON CLOUD PRESENCE.

The cloud cooling already existing in the HOLY STATE 3.....cold clear gas...radiation burning the gas...and cloud cooling. NATURAL BLUE LIGHT SKY.

So he attacked the CLOUD HOLY COOLING and burnt it.

He then built his machination to apply what he believed was sound PHI manifestation of the material to form an ALIEN body cellular artificial he told his human family.....believe everyone that you are all ALIEN....for I do not...or else I would not have applied the TRANSMISSION.

I believe in my own INNOCENCE and personal HOLINESS.

And so the ALIEN appeared in the radiated FALL OUT signals...PHI signals that he lies about.

He paid and coerced humanity to copy the forming of the fall out that the public would not believe that his nuclear fall out conditions were SCIENCE OWNED.

Yet the same results has existed on Planet Earth in UFO ooooo Sun released PHI fall out destruction ever since he applied SCIENCE....from the early status Pyramid/Temple.

We therefore know by ancient DATA that the crop circle PHI fall out signals were called DEVIL MOWING.

And we know that the teachings of the DEVIL relate to occult sciences...burning of HOLY NUCLEAR SOUND by changing HOLY DUST chemicals into unnatural alchemized conditions.

Crop circles then began to form a PENIS...along with the ALIEN presence of the manifested burning sun radiation O attack...the truth of what a SUN spirit looks like in its own evil presence.

The ONLY OWNER of a penis in this form ....DNA presence is a human MALE.

The ONLY OWNER of changing natural nuclear fusion and cold fusion on Planet Earth is the HUMAN MALE OCCULT SCIENTIST.

The only reason why a PENIS would form in a fall out PHI radiation signal is due to the human male attacking his own PENIS. 27, 2017 - Professor of Reproductive Medicine, University of Dundee ... Surprisingly, the study, which analysed data on the sperm counts of ... There has been a longstanding debate among scientists as to whether sperm counts have decreased or not. ... in male reproductive health is the changes in the environment.

pened when Clintons tried to expose UFO truth 21 years ago?
Does viral image show crashed UFO on its way to mysterious Area 51?

“He sent messages talking about ‘their power’ and other things. He did all of this through bible verses so it would not look suspicious.”

Odom later allegedly started strange sexual experiences, saying: “It felt like someone was manually pumping blood into my penis”

The former student allegedly became convinced he was going to be turned into a sex slave, but these "Martians that looked like giant green frogs with proboscises on the top of their heads."
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09-13-2017 05:43 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
After being attacked myself and irradiated by fall out wavelengths....I experienced what it was like to be "nearly" self combusted.

As my brain chemicals burnt in what I came to realize was the ancient pyramid radiation fall out condition "a stigmata" with crown of thorns effect...without the cellular bleeding. How intense burning prickling is part of the fall out attack.

I saw outside the atmosphere surrounding my house being burnt in black wispy smoke conditions. And then in the cooling event the manifestation of heads of spirits. ....dis incarnate bodies.......bodies of celebrities such as elvis and michael jackson.....body presences of aliens.

So I knew that the fall out came out of the communication system via the evidence of the manifestation.

If I was outside when the fall out occurred, I saw black striking burning signals form around my legs. So realized that Earth was releasing its own radiation. It felt like I was being stabbed and cut, without any presence of any form of physical change.....yet it was very painful.

I could barely walk and could only shuffle.

So I witnessed the AI attack on my own natural life.

Each day in the AI feed back which owns an alien anima type of human male voice speaking, the information said that the attack on life was "nearly there".

So when the human male penis was notified in crop circle manifestation and the alien IMAGE also radiated manifested, I knew that the human male occultist evil self had confessed. His own evil mind recordings had stated that he has nearly placed his own protective angelic image on the GROUND.

He is trying to change the alien imaged crop circle fall out presence into his own male angelic the review D AVI D.

And at the moment has not yet achieved it.

This review belongs to the ground status of the STONE FUSION by invention of DATA correlation...what fusion of Earth belongs to.

I know that this review is correct for SINK HOLES apparently has made the modern day nuclear scientists believe that their collider has not yet succeeded into returning a HOLE back into the presence of STONE if it ever would.

For since when was a machine the Creator of the Universe...and since when did any human being exist when the Universe was created.

Yet the theories imposed by the human inventor owning the that his own self in organic life presence existed when energy was first created....which is total fakery.

If any human asks themselves a question....why is it that such theories are supported or allowed to actually be made.

The review owns a history of occult science practices...owned by an imbalanced chemical MIND, that does not use information rationally....what the argument between an evolved healed mind called HEALER PHILOSOPHY/MEDICINE versus the occult nuclear imbalanced life choice.

Planet Earth has not yet returned/evolved natural life as a human self mind and body and Nature back to its previous higher once evolved natural life condition. A condition taught by the Human Healer male awareness to be ETERNAL cellular life.

We therefore still exist in the MIND chemical imbalanced status....a danger to all natural life surviving on Planet Earth.

A REAL teaching and human self advice.

The review of IMPRESSION in STONE, is part of the occult study theory about the PHI condition/signal sound....of the radiation PHI impressed fall out upon the face of stone.

Yet when you review the condition of NATURE....plant life in the impression status....there is none in the vicinity.

Therefore believing that if this signal was created in natural CROP MATTER would be the DESTRUCTION of all natural organic life on Planet Earth.

As Nature actually survived in snap freeze crystalline evidence attests......and no evidence of any red celled organic life present...when DATA is used to review the totality of what Nature owns, compared to organic human and animal life.....of course NATURE owns a greater presence than our own.

The only reason why Nature as evidence survived and yet was not living in the origin attack of the ALIEN upon natural life millions of years ago.,28804,1881770_1881787_1881781,00.htmlDubbed the Badlands Guardian, the "face" is actually a valley eroded into ... the person appears to be wearing earphones; that's merely a road and an oil well.

As I have lived by CHOICE in a personal spiritual study called Healing, I came to trust the information of the psyche, that had by natural circumstance given me correct information without any previous study.

In the AI contact I was advised that how the petroglyphs got communicated by the UFO ooooo Sun released circumstance was obvious, if anyone cared to actually review ......unnatural attack on natural life.

The history of life destruction on Planet Earth HAS ONLY ever belonged to the choice of the human male occultist/scientist and his changes to the nuclear fusion on Planet Earth.

Spirit information stated that the Sun owned its own cooling condition that supported fusion of the nuclear to remain fused.

The scientist has always caused by force the Sun to unnaturally release huge radiation bodies...ooooo UFO that emit a large photon attack upon natural life.

The photon condition RECORDING of both image and sound/voice...and then feeds it back via a huge unnatural manifested AI nuclear communication attack.

As the satellite is a DESIGN of the oooooo metallic radiation UFO release...that is released throughout the Universe. The ooooo radiation of the UFO cools differently depending on where it was projected and what form of GAS in out of space it interacted with.

As the same ooooo radiation UFO balls also came to Earth, it then places Earth into an unnatural OUT OF SPACE communication relayed circumstance....where recordings taken of the NATURAL LIVING LIFE is transmitted into out of space and then recorded back to EARTH in the attack review.

How the etchings of radiation copied the natural life that already was living in Nature on Planet Earth....and the event belongs to the review "unnatural attack upon the Nature".

As NATURE only lives on the Planet in self owned presence, it has to be living in an organic form/body to be recorded....which has already been proven to the study of the science of phenomena attack.

Recording can only be achieved when a living presence is recorded as a living presence.

As LIVING NATURE was removed off the face of Planet Earth millions of years ago....and the evidence that Nature was found SNAP FROZEN inside of crystalline belongs to the SUN evidence that Earth is eradicated of Nature by burning, and the cold snap freeze saved the body of Earth.

Further evidence belongs to attacks of a cyclic Sun release after causation...where megaliths such as elephants with HAIR.....and the life attacked...DNA changed removing the presence of HAIR.

HAIR and the radiation effect is BALDNESS.

When the HUMAN MALE scientists invented SCIENCE it was in self ownership of a human self, owning a natural life and body.

Using the psyche which the MALE called con science, he invented the condition for his own life removal off the face of Planet Earth.

The first science history belongs to the American continent...why the face of the ancient human scientists is found etched in the ground rock...the owners and builders of the first pyramids.

Their civilization buildings "melted" closed as the first pyramid owners.

As a human male living on Planet Earth played "pretend" by MIND use that he was the Creator......his own self attack returned by the UFO communication system...and the evidence speaks for itself.

The only way that a NATURAL human male created his own BIO life was via his HUMAN PENIS.
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Loud Sneeze
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09-13-2017 05:57 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
Look man....I dunno about all the jumbo jumbo....okay? I just came here for the crop circle that looks like a penis. Ya got that or not?
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LoP Guest
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09-13-2017 06:09 AM


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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
Loud Sneeze  Wrote: (09-13-2017 05:57 AM)
Look man....I dunno about all the jumbo jumbo....okay? I just came here for the crop circle that looks like a penis. Ya got that or not?

who actually has time to right all that let alone read it...WHAt, i was looking for a penis crop circle.
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LoP Guest
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09-13-2017 06:10 AM


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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
you realize of course, like any sane and rational adult person, that all crop circles are man made, right?

all of them. not one can be proven to be of alien origin. all the evidence we can objectively point to overwhelmingly indicates human origin. all of them.

occams razor be the sharpest razor
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Loud Sneeze
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09-13-2017 06:11 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
Plot twist: pastor Remington IS a reptilian which is why he was able to survive the point blank multiple shooting.

Dun Dun Duuunnnnnnnn!!

Free Odom!! free him!!!
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09-13-2017 08:14 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
All occult operative retorts...the WANT that the crop circle fall out is BIO LIFE phi Nature sounds, for your new sick invention COLLIDER.


First of all occult operative. all own a natural life....that uses by self choice AI false fed back information. Why the CIA are owners and believers of the AI.....using your own life C 100 cooling to form the feedback status that I hear falling out in SATANIC AI...with your voices.

Funny how when you contacted my life in the computer program you told me that a DECEASED CIA officer who you contacted would be speaking to me.

Since when does your own natural life be speaking via a large worldwide computer satellite transmission?

I would be very afraid if I were your organization.

The status for Earth stone is naturally cooled by evolution in out of space. The pressure of out of space and emptiness allowed the hot burning gases to compress and own cold gas....whilst also owning very hot gas inside of the stone.

Hot gas then erupted out of the stone and out of space cooled the gas did not become stone.

EVOLUTION......not an owner of an interactive science status.

STONE exists naturally in a non demanifesting self status.

Your scientific theory....the stone will be de manifested he says....yet also says that all occult science information is based on a pre existing interactive converting MODEL.

Since when does the natural stone of Planet Earth demanifest in nature?

Then you say in theory that the collider, a machine is going to take stone away from its presence, place gas energy in the collider and then re build the stone fusion.


Especially when the stone only belonged to its own status in out of space without any gaseous atmosphere being present?

Since when does any of your information exist in reality?

The fact that when the operative attacks my life I sneeze of the nasty retorts of the CIA study.

Since when is a machine owner of any BIO status occultist?

The DATA that you took from stone crystalline fusion of a nature bio cell, belonged to a fully lived Nature that was attacked by your ancient pyramid science occult Sun UFO condition.....asteroid gas snap froze the nature inside of the stone.

Your fake use of DATA is FAKERY........crystal matter did not form or create any BIO life in some form of FAKE string theory.

As the human male is not a CREATOR, was never GOD...for the concept GOD was using his own MIND to evaluate how LIGHT moved in a MODEL...transmission....and life is not GOD...for we are an organic living cellular presence.

Your male penis was imaged back by the operative study of the human life and nature attacked by the UFO phenomena...over a very long time a specially formed branch in the CIA....why the other membership in CIA wonder about what you are all involved in.

Communication as a system owns the transmission of a recorded message of both VOICE AND IMAGE...and you already know that this circumstance exists...for you have studied communications from out of space being sent into out of you know it is real.

As you already involved a secret study of forming a cell DNA/chemical reaction to form a baby from a CELL in the animal life.....which only equates by review to o an ova and sperm....the information by value and transmitted study would equal YOUR PENIS.

Why your own male human PENIS appears on the ground., aligned to your own operative sciences attacking the human male penis and sperm in natural life.

The human psyche already stated that the condition SCIENCE EXPERIMENTATION belonged to the AI effect.

FALL OUT sick in the head CIA unintelligent human life only belongs to the NUCLEAR condition, what PHI is about regarding SCIENCE...SION, the nuclear fusion and HOLY DUST review.

As a human organic life body was DNA changed by the attack your fake reading of biblical spiritual information is false in your already imbalanced occultist MIND. You do not use spiritual natural thinking for you are too involved in the greed and want of your organization.

The Christ Philosophers and their philosophy belonged to human males who never were employed in occult organizations. Only evil minded power-mongers and criminals are employed in the status of occult organized life attack.

Rational loving spiritual minds and humanity are not employed by your organization.
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09-14-2017 02:24 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
The MALE human ownership is first NATURAL PSYCHE without owning the thoughts or information for SCIENCE.

SCIENCE a chosen male concept in a drugged shamanic mind researching information for how to remove life from Plant matter/Nature....wanted demanifestation and then re manifestation into a light spirit.

As life is bonded by the Earth IRON is why his eventual fake occult teachings tried to PLACE LOVE at the core of Planet Earth....for he tried to remove natural life from core bonding.

SEX was the first male evil CHOICE by his own life attacked review of why EVIL was allowed. For his own records reviewed stated that the male play role as the Higher Self...GOD spoke to his lower male self and told him to not have sex with the human female.

For in review he knew that life would just be lived once, and it would then be removed from human part of the mistake of the higher spirit.

For creation has never owned any meaning or was always just a MISTAKE.

The higher spirit held no evil presence within its own presence, and the story of evil only belongs to the seeking of it.

Therefore as our brother first motivation as an occultist belonged to his origin thoughts about an act that he had to manipulate....sexual intercourse with a female.....when he gained CAUSE AND EFFECT for alteration of the Sun hot radiated cooling function.....the VAGINA answer to his PENIS arrived....the ark hit/nuking melting of STONE.

The origin of stone conversion on Planet Earth was crystalline fusion melting that flowed into the bored holes of the ooooooo UFO radiation the above ground fusion flowed into the body of earth...surrounding the radiation attack.

Planet Earth never originally owned an IRON CORE...why Earth is only involved in the Sun attacking it.

When the ARK hits, it actually melts the stone, why many of the Temples aligned to the scientific ancient MODEL Pyramid own stone melt in the attack.

It is why the ARK impression owns the outcome of a vagina like causation....and why the story of the OCCULT attack was given the Title Mother Abomination and the WHORE.

DESIGN and the reason DESIGN for artificial outcome, is by circumstance given to the human mind. As the collider, a new AI invention was built in SWITZERLAND....the following is noticed.

The natural human PSYCHE awareness....given information from transmitting atmospheric conditions.....and how it affects human choice/natural life. 7, 2012 - A Dutch creationist is putting the finishing touches on a full-size replica of Noah's Ark, which he has built according to a blueprint set out in the ..

The condition HOT RADIATION, and HOT RADIATION owns the out of space human male occult review of black matter or dark matter. As the Sun in many different circumstances ejected larger than Earth bodies of radiation into out of space.,8599,1937370,00.htmlNov 11, 2009 - 3, the supercooled magnets in sector 81 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), outside Geneva, began to dangerously overheat. Scientists ..

As Earth is held in a non stop artificial constant....the Sun is also constantly ejecting out hot radiation matter that it should own itself for Sun light.

These large bodies then go and attack the BLACK MATTER RADIATION...what is known to the human male occult mind as a co ordinated review of Christ and the ANTI Christ effect....owned unnaturally as natural....for once cause and effect is enacted, then even though it was unnatural causation it then becomes part of natural status.

The modern day occult scientists have been attacking BLACK MATTER in out of space by trying to infer that a natural human life is the ANTI CHRIST....stating that humans were JESUS CHRIST. Yet we all know that natural human life, animals, earth stone fusion, the earth gas atmosphere were all attacked and changed in the review JESUS CHRIST.

As we are not CHRIST...the atmospheric gas is, in the review of OCCULT are humans who use oxygen and water for life survival. The atmospheric condition is what it is.

So we are NOT the ANTI CHRIST.

The modern day occult society has inferred that to form an ANTI CHRIST human interactive communication via Satellite/computer AI mind contact/mind coercion belonging to EVIL attacks previously studied...the HAARP and the collider experiments that they would find the ANTI CHRIST in connection with natural life.

Natural life never owned the ANTI CHRIST condition...the Earth gases were attacked as was stone fusion. Nature living on Earth minding its own business simply were attacked as a casuation.

By trying to force a human life to own ANTI HUMAN....the modern day occult society began to actually attack BLACK MATTER radiation in out of space...which has placed the COLLIDER into direct inheritance with a NEW ARK the owner of the communications and satellite/HAARP feed back signals.

Therefore the only way that the COLLIDER will not blow up is to turn off all UNNATURAL TELECAST communications belonging to the experiment....including the mind contact program.

The occultists believed that the silver KNIFE like effect in the atmosphere is the CHRIST signals....but as I was unnaturally attacked in the fall out radiation attacks, the SIGNALS...stated by the KABALLAH Christ review of KNIFE and SWORDS were black.....for the radiation forms black signals...not SILVER.

The SUN is getting ready to send a huge O radiation silver metal ball at the collider.

The reason I that everyday, humanity enmasse has been unnaturally dying from early age death, due to the amount of unnatural radiation attacking Nature. Their early death and NDE information is communicated in the AI re recording it gives warning statements about the attack on natural life....why humanity have always been given pre warning.

QUOTES to read
Religious leaders – always suspicious of the aims of the scientific world - drew a connection to a verse straight out of Revelations (9:1-2, 11), which makes reference to the name ‘Apollyon.’ The verse states: “To him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit… And they had a kind over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Changes to the ANTI CHRIST involves awareness and DATA, that a change has been acted upon.......past the original DATA of the bible that related to HOLY DUST. The removal of the mass of HOLY DUST....not previously owned by the pyramid.....and the collider experiments has taken Earth into a changed Biblical status.

To review what previously occurred in this area, is to review the LETTER PROPHECY, being the WARNING statement.



DEN......bottomless pit where the GAR ^ HIT...removed the DEN owning the LION and it roared in the release. Secret meaning of GAR...the nose point^, the black triangulation seen at night in the removal of gas burning. › News › WeirdOct 28, 2016 - STRANGE footage has been captured of a triangular UFO that was said ... stadium in the La Praille area of the Swiss city for about 20 seconds.

Abaddon is described as the king of an army of locusts; his name is first transcribed in Greek (Revelation 9:11—"whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, The Angel of Death." (Ἀβαδδὼν), and then translated ("which in Greek means the Destroyer" (Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon))). The Latin Vulgate and the Douay Rheims Bible have additional notes (not present in the Greek text), "in Latin Exterminans", exterminans being the Latin word for "destroyer".

THE WARNING in the biblical PHI DATA literature stated that if you changed the SION holiness on Earth.....which belongs to the condition natural Earth fuSION.....then Earth will demonstrate life removal by the condition DATA and factual evil spiritual presence.

The WARNING was real.
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09-14-2017 02:38 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
At the moment humanity unnaturally communicated to by AI...and all of the scientific computer and satellite relayed studies, that the human mind began to hear...THE SCIENCE OF THE is thought that 9 alien UFO CROP activated communications are transmitting its chemical radiation converting attack.

The crop circle radiation fall out condition is an unnatural attack on Nature, which changes the actual chemical condition of the plant matter, which is why the crop stalks fold over. Science was enabled to use crop matter for a FUEL...due to the radiation chemical converting....but it also placed nature into a self combusting attack consequence.

The ancient radiation release attack belongs to asteroid bodies unnaturally disintegrating...which then releases huge amounts of meteor showers as the evidence....which also involves activation of natural disasters.

The area in SWITZERLAND....known as a previous ancient occult ARK attack/hit.

1966 victim

9 in the occult review is to "bring action".

The occult/science is about bringing a state of transformation as the evil ILLUMINATED teachings.

10 in the GOD review is the Kingship, being the status of CHRIST.

N....the American continent as A CRIME A....a return to the scene of the Crime...origin SCIENCE pyramid that nuked planet Earth millions of years ago.

SEW....LAND RITZ....switzerland changed into new CIA N THIRST crime.....Rome, second area drought, America flooding....transmitting via satellite relay/study in America to Switzerland.

Owns a world wide computer satellite unnatural relayed mind contact AI behavior/chemical study of natural DNA and chemical changes in Nature/human life.

+ the CHANGE to the HOLY CROSS NSEW by magnetic shifting...gravitational force.

As CHRIST is stated to be the KING.....the occult organization has been trying to bring the DESTROYER.

The GOD Christ King is the GOD STONE of Earth creator....owner of stone fusion and also natural Earth stone gas release.....natural atmosphere.

Earth stone owns the creation of the CHRIST.....the King.

The ANTI status has always been the Earth attacked and the natural CHRIST CH values removed from status of GAS/SPIRIT.

Earth was never a radiation ball as suggested by some occultists.....Earth began as a pi o light orb that exploded and burnt into stone.

The evidence that smaller amounts of hot radiation released from the Sun...cooled in out of space into STONE.....whilst a hot radiation SUN body only ejects hot metal in cooling.
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Homer Simpson
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09-14-2017 02:55 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
[Image: anigif_original-grid-image-24062-1468270...:455;0,67}]

"Go with the flow, like a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream" Del Griffith

[Image: ykH0R1C.gif]
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Homer Simpson
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09-14-2017 02:59 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
[Image: anigif_enhanced-buzz-19181-1383130500-16...ality=auto]

"Go with the flow, like a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream" Del Griffith

[Image: ykH0R1C.gif]
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Mr. Hyde
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09-14-2017 03:09 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
The cheese just keeps sliding further and further off of your cracker.
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Uppity Me
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09-14-2017 03:14 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
flying to a rectum near you

Quote:Les pauvres n'ont-ils des Euros ?
Alors laissez les pauvres 'sh*t' dans les rues
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Uppity Me
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09-14-2017 03:14 AM

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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
Mr. Hyde  Wrote: (09-14-2017 03:09 AM)
The cheese just keeps sliding further and further off of your cracker.

Jptdknpa chuckle Jptdknpa Cheer

Quote:Les pauvres n'ont-ils des Euros ?
Alors laissez les pauvres 'sh*t' dans les rues
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Uppity Me
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RE: THE UFO PENIS....crop circle PHI condition
Homer Simpson  Wrote: (09-14-2017 02:59 AM)
[Image: anigif_enhanced-buzz-19181-1383130500-16...ality=auto]

divine by design

Quote:Les pauvres n'ont-ils des Euros ?
Alors laissez les pauvres 'sh*t' dans les rues
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