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They Really Want To Destroy Robert E. Lee's Image. What Is The Real Reason?
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09-14-2017 04:48 AM

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RE: They Really Want To Destroy Robert E. Lee's Image. What Is The Real Reason?
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-13-2017 05:13 AM)
It's because Robert E Lee was a devout Christian. Can't be over Slavery because he was Anti Slavery. He inherited slaves and freed them all 10 years before the War and was on record as being an Abolitionist. He was selected by Lincoln to Lead to lead the US Army but Lee chose his State of Virginia. Compare Lee to Mass Murderers like Frant Sherman and Lincoln who sonscripted Slaves to do Manual Labor in the north during the War and then shipped as many as they could to Africa afterward until that program was shut down. Then it was Grant, Sherman and Sheridan who embarked on the Punititive Wars against Indian Tribes that sided with the Confederacy and set out to exterminate them. Plus the fact that Lincoln, Grant, Sheridan and Sherman inspired other Mass Murderers in the next century like Stalin, Hitler, Mao etc etc etc...

"Robert E. Lee: The Man Behind The Statue"
August 18, 2017


"Defenders of Lee to this day are still trying strip away the aspect of slavery, as it regards to the Civil War, and replace it with the old “states rights” line — but then the natural question is, “a state’s right to what?”

Apologists also like to point to a single line in a letter where Lee says that slavery is a “moral and political evil.” They claim this line absolves Lee from any further questions regarding his views on slavery.

The truth is Robert E. Lee owned slaves, and he was even handed down a great deal of them through his father-in-law's will (a very wealthy man whose family's roots can be traced to the Washington's) in 1857. The will stipulated that the slaves be freed upon their master's death or in 5 years if the estate was in financial trouble. He, of course, kept the slaves on the estate, even hiring out individuals to other estates; and in doing so, he broke apart African American families ,a practice that had never been performed under the previous owners, that the Freedmen's Bureau would eventually have to reunify once the war had ended.

When it comes to Lee calling slavery a "moral and political evil," which he did, in fact say, context is desperately needed.
In the same letter that those words were written, Lee goes on to say that, “the painful discipline [slaves] are undergoing, is necessary for their instruction as a race, and I hope will prepare and lead them to better things. How long their subjugation may be necessary is known & ordered by a wise Merciful Providence.

While he deemed slavery to be an evil, it is a necessary evil, as he believed it was a “civilizing” force for blacks, and one that can only be undone by divine intervention (when God allows it), not by emancipation.
It's true that he eventually freed the inherited slaves in December 1862, but this was of course only after a lengthy legal battle where a Virginia court eventually forced him to free them, as the will had originally stated.

Even after the war had been concluded, Lee still defended the institution of slavery and the reasons behind it. In an interview with the New York Herald, Lee is quoted saying, “that unless some humane course is adopted, based on wisdom and Christian principles you do a gross wrong and injustice to the whole Pretty African American race in setting them free. And it is only this consideration that has led the wisdom, intelligence and Christianity of the South to support and defend the institution up to this time.”

Lee, like many others in his day, including northerners, simply believed whites were biologically superior to blacks and, as a result, believed that the South’s peculiar institution was needed to civilize African Americans. He died a member of the Democratic Party, and campaigned against the 15th amendment (the enfranchisement of African American men) because he truly believed African Americans were simply too inferior to vote. He told Congress that, “[African Americans] could not vote intelligently.”

Lee was a general, an American, but also a white supremacist. This, as well as the other hard truth of American history, need to come to light because it is only then that we can start to untangle this complicated business of our past. Understanding the holistic perspective allows us to realize the complex history of our diverse country.

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