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Trump begins Obamacare dismantling with Executive Order
He Man
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10-13-2017 01:29 AM

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RE: Trump begins Obamacare dismantling with Executive Order
Blue Dude  Wrote: (10-12-2017 06:22 PM)
House of M  Wrote: (10-12-2017 06:17 PM)
Bottom line, if Americans end up being WORSE OFF, he has assured Republican defeat in the next election.

That's almost impossible though.

20 million people got sh*t-kicked out of the networks they were happy with, and had to buy more expensive insurance with inferior coverages.
Out of Pocket ballooned.
Coverage increasing every year at double digits.
The CBO's estimate of how many people would be enrolled by now was more than a 100% higher than what happened.
Insurance companies started making record profits.
poor people got dumped on medicaid, but good luck actually finding a doctor.
and the government subsidy fund to offset potential losses due to the obamcare markets was double what was expected.

This sh*t needs to go and be replaced with sensible free-market reforms that can allow markets to lower costs.

Lmao More complete BS from you.

1. 20 million people did not get kicked off of healthcare in the Obamacare transition. that is a pure lie, and you got no link to back it up, because it is not true.

2. The number of Americans covered under healthcare under Obamacare/ACA (OC/ACA) has risen, not gone down. Almost every person that needed to switch providers (which was a small number of people) got into other plans. The few that didn't were the ones dropped from very small companies, in the states that did not expand medicaid. Most employers did not drop anybody.
The number of uninsured Americans went from about 15% of the population to only 9%, and it would have been much lower than that if so many red states had expanded medicaid to their state populations.

3. The coverage in O/ACA is not "inferior coverage", O/ACA expanded the types of coverage to include many new important benefits to anybody insured in the US of A.

These included, no price hike or being kicked off of the plan for any preexisting conditions that any patient had. And the following:

Ambulatory Patient Services. This is the most common form of health care, often called outpatient care. ...
Prescription Drugs. ...
Emergency Care. ...
Mental Health Services. ...
Hospitalization. ...
Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services. ...
Preventive and Wellness Services. ...
Laboratory Services.

More details here:
The Health Care Law's 10 Essential Benefits

4. Out of pocket costs are capped in OC/ACA. Rates did go up in some OC/ACA plans but saying they "ballooned" is not accurate. Out of pocket costs were going up at huge rates in the "free market" plans before OC/ACA, as were the amount of costs being shifted from employer to employees.

5. The CBO score was done before the SCOTUS made it optional for states to expand or not expand OC/ACA in their states. So the CBO score of course was inaccurate after that ruling. Many more Americans could have been covered by heath insurance if their state had expanded medicaid.

6. Insurance companies were making huge profits before and after OC/ACA, the main complaint from insurance companies is now that no fixes have been tweaked by congress to OC/ACA because of Republican obstruction, is that they are not making enough profits, so they want Trump/Ryan care which is a return to unregulated markets where they will be able to insure the healthy and raise prices on everybody else for their pre existing conditions and they will make even larger profits.

7. There has not been a huge shortage of Dr.s for most medicaid patients in most states that expanded medicaid. That is BS. Most hospitals, various clinics and rehab service providers were thrilled to have patients that could pay for services.

8. Government subsidy funds did go higher than expected but they did not double and none of that would not have happened if more states had expanded OC/ACA because more people would have been in the insurance pools. Also if slight reparative fixes had been done along the way there would have been even fewer cost increases under OC/ACA. The Republicans were only interested in killing OC/ACA to let insurance companies screw every American again, not helping Americans.

9. There are zero "free market" plans that have any expectation of lowering costs and increasing the number of Americans covered with health insurance. That is why the CBO keeps scoring Trump/Ryancare plans with huge cost increases and millions kicked off of health insurance.

There is not, and there has never been any existing model of a free market healthcare system that is working anywhere in the world that has low prices and that covers most or all citizens of that nation. Free market healthcare does not work. That is why the US moved to more regulation, the old system of just letting insurance companies f*#k over the US consumers of healthcare and having 50 million uninsured Americans was not a "good" system.

Obamacare/ACA is much better than the old system, it is able to be improved greatly and the problems fixed, if the republicans in Congress work with their democratic colleagues.

You are posting tons of lies. Almost everything you post at LOP is pure lies.

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It's a great year for kleptocratic regimes, oligarchies, plutocracies and autocratic hell holes.
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