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"Lunar Lights"
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11-08-2018 01:57 PM


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abduct "Lunar Lights"
Anomalous events documented in NASA's study of five hundred years of lunar observations, manifested usually as lights moving across lunar craters at speeds up to six thousand miles per hour or hovering over localized areas of the moon for days or weeks at a time before disappearing. These events have been observed by sky watchers during the Elizabethan period in England and during the early colonial period in the U.S.

They have been recorded by the British Royal Observatory in the nineteenth century and were noted by German scientists in the early twentieth century. In addition to the lights, observers have also recorded what appear to be clouds of fog and mist, elongated beams of light, and "rays" all emanating from the moon's surface.

Source: The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia by William J. Birnes page 194

See this for more information, catalogue of lunar anomalies (NASA Technical Report R-277):
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Kaat Naat, the Questioner
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11-08-2018 09:48 PM

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RE: "Lunar Lights"


[Image: latest?cb=20150430135721]

But for consciousness rather than matter. And souls too, don't forget Gurdjieff and Food for the Moon.

They will find many armies to test them, but none to resist.
They will come in their shining ships to conquer and destroy,
Barbarians of gold and feathers and serpents of fire.
-Aztec Century-
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Son Calenda,Grupo Juarez
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11-08-2018 10:02 PM

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RE: "Lunar Lights"

In a certain forest lived a mighty elephant, king of a herd, Toothy by name. On a certain occasion there was a long drought, so that pools, tanks, swamps, and lakes were dried up. Then the elephants sent out exploring parties in search of water. A young one discovered an extensive lake surrounded with trees, and teeming with water-fowl. It went by the name of the Moon-lake. The elephants, delighted at the prospect of having an inexhaustible supply of water, marched off to the spot, and found their most sanguine hopes realized. Round about the lake, in the sandy soil, were innumerable hare warrens, and as the herd of elephants trampled on the ground, the hares were severely injured, their homes broken down, their heads, legs, and backs crushed beneath the ponderous feet of the monsters of the forest. As soon as the herd had withdrawn, the hares assembled, some halting, some dripping with blood, some bearing the corpses of their cherished infants, some with piteous tales of ruination in their houses, all with tears streaming from their eyes, and wailing forth, “Alas, we are lost! The elephant-herd will return, for there is no water elsewhere, and that will be the death of all of us.”

But the wise and prudent Longear volunteered to drive the herd away; and he succeeded in this manner: Longear went to the elephants, and having singled out their king, he addressed him as follows:—

“Ha, ha! bad elephant! what brings you with such thoughtless frivolity to this strange lake? back with you at once!”

When the king of the elephants heard this, he asked in astonishment, “Pray, who are you?”

“I,” replied Longear, “I am Vidschajadatta by name, the hare who resides in the Moon. Now am I sent by his Excellency the Moon as an ambassador to you. I speak to you in the name of the Moon.”

“Ahem! Hare,” said the elephant, somewhat staggered, “and what message have you brought me from his Excellency the Moon?”

“You have this day injured several hares. Are you not aware that they are the subjects of me? If you value your life, venture not near the lake again. Break my command, and I shall withdraw my beams from you at night, and your bodies will be consumed with perpetual sun.”

The elephant, after a short meditation, said, “Friend! it is true that I have acted against the rights of the excellent Majesty of the Moon. I should wish to make an apology; how can I do so?”

The hare replied, “Come along with me, and I will show you.”

The elephant asked, “Where is his Excellency at present?”

The other replied, “He is now in the lake, hearing the complaints of the maimed hares.”

“If that be the case,” said the elephant humbly, “bring me to my lord, that I may tender him my submission.”

So the hare conducted the king of the elephants to the edge of the lake, and showed him the reflection of the moon in the water, saying, “There stands our lord in the midst of the water, plunged in meditation; reverence him with devotion, and then depart with speed.”

Thereupon the elephant poked his proboscis into the water, and muttered a fervent prayer. By so doing he set the water in agitation, so that the reflection of the moon was all of a quiver.

“Look!” exclaimed the hare; “his Majesty is trembling with rage at you!”

“Why is his supreme Excellency enraged with me?” asked the elephant.

“Because you have set the water in motion. Worship him, and then be off!”

The elephant let his ears droop, bowed his great head to the earth, and after having expressed in suitable terms his regret for having annoyed the Moon, and the hare dwelling in it, he vowed never to trouble the Moon-lake again. Then he departed, and the hares have ever since lived there unmolested.


[Image: animated-chicken-image-0128.gif]Chicken Something
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11-08-2018 10:45 PM

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RE: "Lunar Lights"
Well... lunar people also has right to street lighting at night
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11-08-2018 11:05 PM


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abduct RE: "Lunar Lights"
So does anyone here think this is proof of ET habitation of the moon or at least visitation of the moon? I remember reading that the US was warned to stay off the moon. Just a few thoughts.
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11-08-2018 11:27 PM


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RE: "Lunar Lights"
if the moon were in "outer space"... since we see through the front and from behind it... wouldn't it be black and gray all the time?
this is what you see yourself if you look...
the beautiful, wonderfully created see through moon -

and the light blue moon in a very light blue sky - -
and a little darker - -
and a little darker - -
and you guessed it :) a little darker still - -
darker -
total night time moon looks like stone -

< the farther into the sky you can see... the more 'through the moon' you see. in the brightest sky (high noon) the texture of the moon is not visible.
since you can't see into black, you see the moon mixed with black but no depth. you can see all the texture of the moon (not craters) and it looks like rock. All these are taken with Fuji Finepix F500 EXR camera.

moon - sky less bright than "high noon", this is almost 2 hours later.
see how you can just barely see the texture of the moon (not craters).
DSCF3076 -
in the brightest sky the moon's light is very faded and you cannot make out any of the texture, because the moon is the lesser light to rule the night and does not work as well in the daytime. :)

a great daytime see-through moon video by per spective @youtube.
remember i do not agree with any man who does not love YHWH.
never follow men in the world apart from Christ. follow YHWH in HIS Son. :-) - moon daytime. see through and washed out. - moon and jupiter IN blue sky
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11-09-2018 12:31 AM


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RE: "Lunar Lights"
LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-08-2018 11:05 PM)
So does anyone here think this is proof of ET habitation of the moon or at least visitation of the moon? I remember reading that the US was warned to stay off the moon. Just a few thoughts.


What is this...

Giant Leap for Mankind actually mean? I guess looking up is really looking down. Does this mean if one stands on the moon you're actually looking up? Or is it just another platform looking down and all around. Another platform of observation. Maybe this is why man looks down on things so much. Maybe looking up once in a while could brighten the sky a little more.
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