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Insane Man, 69, identifies 20 years younger begins legal battle to change age
lop guest
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11-09-2018 10:12 AM


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RE: Insane Man, 69, identifies 20 years younger begins legal battle to change age
LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-09-2018 08:24 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-09-2018 07:10 AM)
You are such a faggot. Jhikpghf


Ha ha good one.
Same as when muslim master people claim victimhood.
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Registered User
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11-09-2018 10:15 AM

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RE: Insane Man, 69, identifies 20 years younger begins legal battle to change age
LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-08-2018 10:57 PM)
I'm waiting for a sixteen-year-old to claim they are actually 22 so they can drink underage chuckle


Whatever I post online is for entertainment only;and not my actual thoughts.Anon
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Adamic Seed
out-of-the-box meat popsicle
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11-10-2018 11:27 AM

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RE: Insane Man, 69, identifies 20 years younger begins legal battle to change age
Is he in denial, accepting his Doctor's niceness as fact?

His doctor would never have contended that his morale boosting words would ever be construed as a medical diagnosis in a court of law, just an assurance in agreement he is healthy and vital...for his age.

He has to accept the fact we all age differently. Our fathers and mothers aged differently. While it is true we are living healthier and more active lives as we age, we are all doing it, not just him.

Medical science keeps us alive, and many have to continue working to survive. We have more reasons to live, now that the kids are gone, and we have a motivation to explore the opportunities this new world offers.

He could be an example to others his age, if he accepts his age as simple fact. In any case, he's making a statement, and that is good.

My own mother wants doctor assisted suicide, because she says medical science keeps old people us alive, but does not provide us with meaning. This man has found meaning. Perhaps, he is saying, the younger folk could use some meaning too.

So, perversely, but in the eternal way, he lives up to the saying, that as we age, we get wiser.

however, unlike him, i think I am wise, when I clearly am not ( as my late dad revealed by directing me to identify with a certain character in a clever tale.) Since I am a fool, i will talk importantly. And I would like to blather on like an idiot, that as we age, we seem to become out of step with our times. As we learn, we become masters of what I like to call, 'reverse psychology,' and using the tools of drama: reflection, absurdity, metaphor we give lessons. look at my big cock.

Bikers give lessons, something you may have wanted, but never knew it until you got taught the lesson.

Wise people give lessons, as this man is doing, in a tangential, abstract way. He is using the tools available to him masterfully: the doctors words, the court, and social media, to give a lesson.

I would say, he is a wise man.

out-of-the-box meat popsicle
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