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My enemies enemy...
Alien Andrew
lop guest
User ID: 472783
11-09-2018 07:44 PM


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My enemies enemy...
This is the alien here...

I just wanted to say that after three months out there, it kind of sucked. A lot of insults... Some unpleasant people... And, they also tested me... But making us work extra each day... And giving us the hardest work assignment. I really am astounded by the weird way people want to treat you like sh*t until you prove yourself to them, which usually involves proving they are d*cks.
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Alien Andrew
lop guest
User ID: 472783
11-09-2018 07:54 PM


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RE: My enemies enemy...
You know, I am a kind of religious fanatic... You would have thought that the people out there would have understood that, along with some other things... Like, for example, using soap... Or, how critical to the success of the project my participation is... Or perhaps I should say was, because, I don't want to ever go back there again. They were very dry and lukewarm people who were rather bossy.

Some organizations would rather insult people than succeed... But then, what do I know about it? I'm not lukewarm, nor do I Belong to a vast global secret society whose goal is world domination.
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Alien Andrew
lop guest
User ID: 453790
11-09-2018 11:16 PM


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RE: My enemies enemy...
Well, I suppose they could always pickpocket me again... They did that before... Robbed me, and stole my bag. But they claimed to be my friend... And isn't it funny how that sort of thing works.

One of the most hated organization on Earth...

They could have just talked to me... Not just a silly friendship statement. They don't like to talk or negotiate... They just force people into situations.

Will the enemy of my enemy help me today?
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