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Don't Tread On Me
lop guest
User ID: 414677
11-15-2017 03:07 AM


Post: #1
A message from the Sons of Liberty and the Anti-Federalist

This goes out to turncoats that take secret oaths to the Globalist and Federalist organizations and agencies, including, but not limited to:

Knights of Malta
All Federalist Alphabet Agencies
CIA (equivalent to Nazi Party's SS)
NSA (equivalent to Nazi Party's SS)
FBI (equivalent to Nazi Party's SS)
Pilgrim Society
Club of Rome
Council on Foreign Relations
Knights of Columbus
British Accredited Registry "BAR" Lawyers and Judges
Politicians with Titles of Nobility
Citizens with Titles of Nobility
Lawyers with Titles of Nobility
Vatican Mafia
British Royalty
Crown of England
Black Nobility Families
The Roman Emperor
Fascist, Socialist, and Communist
Switzerland's Central Banking Cartel "Bank for International Settlements"
Crooked Career Politicians related to British Royalty
Foreign Investors

A friendly reminder "Don't Tread On Me!"
No taxation without consent
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Expression
Right to Bear Arms
Let Liberty Ring
Join Liberty, join us the next 4th of July
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