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Cultural Dissonance Is a Reality We Must Acknowledge
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11-15-2017 06:07 AM

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Cultural Dissonance Is a Reality We Must Acknowledge
WASHINGTON -- Following the terrible killings on the streets of New York on Halloween, analysts were busy exploring theories about the "radicalization" of Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbek murderer from Tashkent. After only a few hours, they agreed: He had been "self-radicalized."

This is not an entirely new idea. But now it has become a full-blown description of terrorism in America. What does it actually mean?

One can imagine the ominous, feral face of Saipov standing in front of the mirror in his home in Tampa or Paterson and repeating over and over as he vainly pets his ugly long ISIS beard: "Allahu akhbar ... Who is really the fairest of them all?"

Or one can imagine him watching ISIS propaganda on his computer, becoming excited as his "Islamic State" beheads yet another innocent victim. With the sound of the sword on human flesh, he is "called."

The trouble with this self-radicalization analysis is that it is untrue.

Rather, we find the truth about Saipov when we look into his past in his homeland and see, instead of the Muslim version of instant born-again conversions, a culture that offers poor preparation for life in America -- a recipe for disaffection and consequent violence against it. And in tandem, we see promiscuous American immigration policies that not only take little account of cultural origins when granting entry, but actually brought this 29-year-old man here ... through a lottery!

Much of the media coverage here would have you believe that Saipov was poor and miserable at home. Yet, at the family's pleasant home in Tashkent after the Halloween truck attack left eight dead, Saipov's mother described her son to The Wall Street Journal as a studious boy with a degree in accounting who only entered the American "diversity lottery" on a lark.

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