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182 horses have died in horse racing this year in the UK
LoP Guest
lop guest
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12-06-2018 07:38 AM


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RE: 182 horses have died in horse racing this year in the UK
If all of you who mock, had the guts to watch the above documentary, you wouldn't find it so funny.

Did you know pigs are processed in a lot of slaughterhouses at 100 an hour, 10% of those pigs will still be conscious when they reach the vat of scalding water, screaming and drowning to death. Have you ever heard a pig screaming in a gas chamber, burning from the inside, just because it's cheaper to have them did this way than use less gas and have them die slower.

Did you know many cows are still conscious when they are skinned and cut up on the processing line, the stun gun doesn't work effectively if they get it wrong with the first shot, have you ever seen a cow crying while it"s face is being pealed off.

Have you seen live featus being cut from cows in the slaughterhouses, pregnant cows are more valuable when slaughtered as those featus whilst still alive have fluid taken from their hearts just for our vanity, this fluid is used in cosmetics.

Have you ever seen mink mutilate themselves, the breeders are kept in small cages for years going insane, the foxes are a sad sight too, there skins are often ripped from them whilst still alive.

Have you seen free range chickens, the one's that are crammed in sheds by the thousands, bred to grow so fast by us, that their skeletons can't cope with the growth, many end up with broken legs as they can't hold their own weight, they are grown so fast, they are still chirping like babies in an adult body when they go to slaughter.

Have you seen the violence, the beatings these animals take on the way down the slaughter line, the fear they endure, the sorry often violent lives they live before even reaching a slaughterhouse,

Did you know horses lead a life of pain because we can't be bothered to wait until their legs are properly developed before we ride them

Until you properly educate yourselves and can be bothered to witness their suffering, you can't mock, you just make yourselves look daft.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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12-09-2018 09:36 AM


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RE: 182 horses have died in horse racing this year in the UK
Here are some more truth"s for you, I"d recommend also watching the happy animals section on this sight, just to see how intelligent these creatures are.
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