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'Super blood wolf moon' is coming this month
The Ghost Of LOP
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01-12-2019 06:15 AM

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'Super blood wolf moon' is coming this month
[Image: news-blood-moon.jpg]

A lunar eclipse with a rather unusual name will be visible in the Western Hemisphere on January 20th.
The striking astronomical phenomenon, which occurs only relatively rarely, has been at the center of doomsday prophecies and end-of-the-world scenario predictions for centuries.

The term 'blood moon' is a reference to the striking dark red color that occurs when the Moon is in the Earth's shadow, while the term 'wolf' means that it is the first full moon of the year - especially one that occurs in January - a time typically associated with long nights and the sound of wolves howling.

This time around the blood moon will also be a supermoon - meaning that it will appear larger in the sky because it coincides with the closest distance that the Moon reaches in its orbit around the Earth.

Some cultures have come to regard a blood moon as a negative omen or a sign of impending doom.

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01-12-2019 06:17 AM


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RE: 'Super blood wolf moon' is coming this month
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01-12-2019 06:22 AM

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RE: 'Super blood wolf moon' is coming this month
[Image: romulus_2063145b.jpg]

Romulus et Remus urbem condere statuerunt. Uterque enim urbi nomen suum dare et eam regere cupiebat. Fratres auspicia ceperunt. Remus sex vultures, Romulus duodecim aves vidit. Sic dei victoriam dederunt Romulo qui urbem Romam appellavit aratrumque circumduxit. "Nullos hostis, inquit, sine periculo hunc sulcum transiliet !" Remus tamen ejus verba imperiumque contempsit et ridens sulcum transiliit. Tum Romulus fratrem manu sua interfecit et Romanorum primus rex fuit.

They will find many armies to test them, but none to resist.
They will come in their shining ships to conquer and destroy,
Barbarians of gold and feathers and serpents of fire.
-Aztec Century-
[Image: Figura-081.jpg]
Son Calenda,Grupo Juarez
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