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news Cattle Are Being Mutilated And Killed In Eastern Oregon
news Insider Interview on Skinwalker Ranch History
news Squirrels Can Speak Bird
news US Navy pilot says mystery ‘dark mass’ emerged from ocean and swallowed torpedo
news Cognitive scientist says we see things as we need to, rather than as they are.
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news Organization Says It’s Obtained ‘Exotic’ Metals Unknown to Science
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news Recent UFO Encounters With Navy Pilots Occurred Constantly Across Multiple Squadrons

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batman vs*t just got real
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01-13-2019 03:30 AM

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devil batman vs*t just got real

Whatever I post online is for entertainment onlyAnon
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-Semjaza, Key and Guardian of the Gate-
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01-13-2019 03:31 AM

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RE: batman vs*t just got real
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My Tao is great, but seems odd, like nothing on earth; if it was like anything else,
How small it would have been from the beginning!
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Son Calenda/Fudo Myoo
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01-13-2019 03:37 AM


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RE: batman vs*t just got real
Undertaker  Wrote: (01-13-2019 03:30 AM)

You didn't post anything.
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