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The Hammer
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01-14-2019 07:08 PM


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The Hammer
Obama-era Deep State Surveillance Program Spied on Trump, Judges, Others

That program was used to conduct “illegal and unconstitutional government data harvesting and wire-tapping.” While reading the message from Lyons, McInerney states that Montgomery is the original source of the information. The revelation of “The Hammer” meshes perfectly with WikiLeaks “Vault 7” revelations of a CIA project code-named HAMR that is used to conduct mobile phone hacking for the purpose of turning a target’s mobile phone into a surveillance tool.
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01-14-2019 07:13 PM

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RE: The Hammer
So who gets to be Thor in all this?

Maybe the gods are paranoid (perhaps for good reason) or are afraid of something else.

[Image: animated-chicken-image-0128.gif]Chicken Something
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01-14-2019 07:14 PM


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RE: The Hammer
It might be a key element to the whole thing

A huge part
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