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The 'Black Awakening'
alert and able
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08-31-2012 07:01 PM

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RE: The 'Black Awakening'
Shakey1  Wrote: (05-12-2012 06:08 AM)
I just came across this topic in the NWO conspiracy youtube video Age of Deceit. Apparently, from what I gather, it's when Satanic Ritual Abuse victims/multiple personality disorder mind-controlled slaves are 'instructed' to go on rampages, kill people or what-have-you. It could also be the NWO proponents and benefiters following orders to instigate chaos...
Maybe we'll see some of this shit in Chicago! If this type of phenomenon exists (it probably does, in my opinion), then I bet they had a few beta trials already as there seems to have been a spike in tragic and disturbing attacks on people by nutters in recent months and years...

the SRA victims/MPD mind controlled slaves with programmed instructions that has yet to be triggered are called SLEEPERS. there are rumors that many of these MK Monarch victims were raised/programmed/tortured in underground DUMB's.

take a look at the Bank of America mural. there is a GIANT SLEEPER who is sleeping underground. my speculation: could it mean that sleeper agents who was 'created' in underground DUMBs be 'awakened', meaning triggered. since the sleeper is a giant, there must be quite a few sleeper agents in real life.
[Image: leftmural3.jpg]

the ground around the giant sleeper is bleeding red. it could mean that many many were sacrificed during the creation of the SLEEPERs.
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